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Job quest – a very interesting and popular entertainment. Players are given various riddles and clues with which they move from one point of a specified route the following in exchange for pleasant surprises.

The Questions asks participants, often United by one theme, which is dedicated to this quest. The main requirement for their preparation – the diversity and singularity. How difficult they will be, depends on the degree of excitement of the game. But while inventing tips it is also important not to overreact and not make them overly complicated.

Basic classification

The Most basic level of training tasks for quests – questions in the notes. Encrypt them on the leaves, which participants need to find or earn in each stage of the competition. There are many varieties of them.

    1. The name of the next point of movement is cut into separate letters, which folded correctly, participants will learn where to go next.
    2. Use riddles and charades. They can combine pictures, numbers, letters, punctuation, which is correct if the interpretation given hints about the further route of movement.
    3. Puzzles in logical series. For example: "Heat is born in the oven, and where does the cold?"
    4. Option in the best spy tradition - the clues written on paper using melted wax. To know the answer, you need to paint the leaf with colored pencils.
    5. Accommodation for the whole route signs. But it does not necessarily have to be a regular arrow. You can use the flowers of a particular species or traces of the animal. In this form, often made the job for the quest for children. For example, you can say to them: "follow in the footsteps of the lion and will find a pleasant surprise".
    6. In the phrase, which consists of the tip can be jumbled words. Players need to place them in the correct order. Just so they know what to do next.
    7. The Job spelled backwards, and it needs to be read correctly.
    8. Tip is applied to the paper using lemon juice or milk. Together with leaf participants are given a candle and a lighter, thanks to the warmth from the fire which the words should appear and guide players to the next item.
    9. Uses digital encryption words. For example, instead of each letter is written its number in the alphabet. The key to unlocking the need to guess or to win one of the previous stages.
    10. As a job for the quest in the room you can use an item in the room in several copies, one of which is hidden instructions regarding further action. This can be a book, box, bedside table and things like that.
    11. Another interesting option – the use of prompts recorded in the mirror. Their decoding isn't easy, but it is very fascinating and interesting.
    12. Puzzles can be encrypted with the help of pictures, each of which symbolizes part of the name, the next item followed.
    13. The Message is laid out magnets on the refrigerator door.
    14. The Notes are hidden inside the cookies, candies and other products.

job quests

So that the participants have successfully passed all stages of the competition and received the maximum amount of fun, the prompts must be interesting and original. For winning in each stage and the game in General, you need to prepare prizes.

As the tasks for quests directly depend on the selected theme of the competition, consider the most popular options for the vote.

You can get lost even within the four walls

To host this game, do not have to go out. The job for the quest in the room no less exciting than the outside. There are several varieties of games of this type.

  1. Escape from the room. Already in the very name of course, where is this contest. Its essence is that the parties locked in the whole apartment or a separate room, and they are using the tips must find the key to get out of it. This is a very unusual and interesting way to entertain guests who came, for example, for a birthday celebration.
  2. Objectives for the quest in the office great way to surprise the boss. If the firm is small, each employee can come up with one puzzle for the chef and enjoy watching him as he rushes through the building in search of clues and your gift. Office – the perfect place to ensure that it can be hidden a lot of clues, the solving of which will be an unforgettable entertainment.
  3. Interesting. Examples of tasks for the quest in the Mall. And if he is still large, it is possible to organize a truly unforgettable game. Indeed, in the large shopping complexes often can get lost, even just shopping, and that really there to talk about finding clues and solving puzzles! For example, you can give the participants a picture of the dress, and they will need to know its price. But first you need to find a boutique shop that sold this particular model of garment. Still, as an option, hide it with the following task in any jacket which you will also need to find the photo. But in the case of this task you will need to alert the store personnel that no one inadvertently no one sold this thing.

Exercise your brain full

Who said that intellectuals can be compared only with their knowledge?They can be as nimble and active than others. If among your friends there are several such "bookworms" make them get out of their littered with textbooks of rooms and unwind in the fresh air.quests for the quest in


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Arrange for them to quest in the style of TV programs «Who wants to be a millionaire?”, “smartest” and “What? Where? When?” Prepare encrypted messages hint at the knowledge of different facts from history, geography, physics, biology and any other science. Be careful to answer each question served as a key to the next destination.

Can arrange such a test for its second half on the anniversary of your relationship or any other holiday. Only in this case, the questions must be tied to dates, places, and events of life together.

If your "victim" loves the show “big Bang Theory”, connect to his main character Sheldon Cooper. Confusing note written by the abstruse style the style of this eccentric physics, pretty cheer any lover of intellectual humor and make it a good smash his head on riddles.

For the kids

Children's tasks for quest game can be no less exciting and interesting than adults. To organize this competition for your child and his friends use favorite cartoon characters or computer games. Questions write on the leaves with the image of a hero. Can use images from a single cartoon, organized whole quest in his style, and several.

A Great source for inspiration can serve as a computer game "Klondike". Quests and tasks devised on its basis, are to search for various artifacts associated with the Wild West theme. For a more realistic look at the children can wear cowboy hats or completely dress them in the best tradition of westerns.

Klondike quests and tasks

Participants can go on a treasure hunt, following the instructions on the card. On it you draw next to a house a few streets, and finished style of play “headache”. Quests and tasks of this type involve the search of treasures, opening caches, recourse to friends, etc. This adventure will bring kids a lot of joy and nice gifts. Any holiday with this game will be an unforgettable event in the life of every child.

“gold rush" of quests and missions which is very exciting and diverse, is not the only interesting option of the game. Also great entertainment for the children will be moving quiz in the style of the film “pirates of the Caribbean”. End point of the journey they will be waiting for the man, along with Jack Sparrow, which will award the treasure to the winner.

Hide the answers away

You can come up with the most diverse and interesting tasks for the quest. For example, use your old suitcase with a combination lock. Put in him the top prize. The cipher that helps to open it, let the participants gather on the figure throughout the game.

game Klondike quests and tasks

To come up with tasks for the quests in the apartment, use a deck of cards. Vicariate on its end guidance to the next step and carefully shuffle it. To parse the message, players will have to fold their cards in the right order. Make for them a hint, which says something from the category of “Hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds will reveal to you the secrets of the future”. This way you will give players to understand that they should seek the cards and in what order they should be placed.

Present gifts original

To unusual to present a birthday gift, you can also use this quest. Job birthday can be very different. For example, you can arrange the whole journey through the city in search of a present. The endpoint will be a dressing room with a stack of boxes, one of which is hidden and treasured souvenir, and to find it, you will have to open them all.

It is Also possible to arrange a fascinating quest on the city, which will bring the birthday child in a place where it is waiting for a birthday surprise party. The tour can be started in the following way. Express with nights in the room of your friend's slice of cake with a note containing this sample text: «Well, that's your birthday. Today will be for you, but to get prepared to the amenities, you will have to work hard. After all, nothing in life goes just like that. And even your holiday – not the exception. For a start, dress comfortably, eat the cake, enjoy the energy from coffee. What to do – you'll know soon enough”.

If you're going to give the birthday boy something from clothes or jewelry, can leave in a jar of coffee the following message: “I Hope the cake you liked it and you finally woke up. If so - well done! Now grab a stylish and set off in search of his own happiness”. Even if some things are no surprise, you can just hide in the closet a note with further instructions.

quests for the quest in

If you want an unusual way to present on the day of birth mobile, even at every stage of the gamethe participant receives one digit at a time. Of them will be the phone number to call which, in the end, the birthday boy will find his gift.

Fighting against the insidious figures

An Interesting task for the quest you can think of using in various ways the figures. It can be the most basic of puzzles from the category to count the number of stairs in the house, and tricky puzzles. You can encrypt code in a magazine or book. Participants will have to guess the name of the publication, and then according to the specified numbers of pages, lines and words to find a clue to the next step.

Job quest is often also consist of how to solve the phone number of the person to e-mail the key to the next step. To guess the magic number, you need to find online information about the growth and age of the stars or the dates of famous events. Such a puzzle could look like the following.

Illustrative example

“you finally here? I can't believe that still got! I'm sure you won't pass further, because it is a job you obviously can not do. The fact that the necessary code has been sent to one person whose name I will not say. You can only contact him by phone, but his number you won't get. Like it or not, you'll have to guess who it is. So, the first digit – weight of Arnold Schwarzenegger in grams, you need the second digit. On – the fourth number of the year of birth of Leonardo Di Caprio. Then – the second digit growth of its partner at ‘the Wolf of wall Street”. Birth month Renee Zellweger. Then – the second half the size of the feet of Penelope Cruz. And the last digit – the date when was born the girl Jason of Statham is. So help you are a great connoisseur of stars Google!”

Examples of tasks for a quest of this type can be encrypted, as the soul will wish, and use any wording that comes into your head. Since the implementation of this design involves the assistance of the Internet search engine, may ask questions of any complexity. Including prohibited not to mention stars, the biographies of which your friend-the player is not too strong. But to him it was even more interesting to look for answers, you can make information about its idols.

Hollywood help!

The Job for the quest in the office and on the street you can organize in any style of movies and TV series of a group of people for whom the game is played. Variants of puzzles you can come up with countless.job for the game quest

For Example, it is very interesting to use the theme “Men in black”, starting the competition with this note: “we Welcome you, Earthling! We, Agent K and Agent J, need your help. We recorded coming from space signal, but have not yet installed the planet from which it is sent. This may be a warning to people about the alien invasion of Earth, therefore we must act very quickly. The message is encoded. Over his transcript suffer the best from our agents, but they can't do it without you. We have a separate part of the message, but without help we can't recreate all of its contents. Immediately proceed to the full-text search! You're agent M and get all the necessary data from the agent B. remember that the fate of the planet in your hands! To you!”

More topics

An Interesting hunt for monsters, you can organize during a quest in the style of the series “Supernatural”. For fans of Royal intrigue ideal – competition in “Game of thrones”. And for fans of “Walking dead” a memorable surprise will be meeting with a zombie Apocalypse on the in the city jobs

“LOTR”, “Harry Potter”, “transformers”, “furious”, “Batman”… the list goes on to infinity, because any popular film – just a storehouse of facts, you can use when writing mysteries. The same can be said about online entertainment. For example, for this purpose great game "Klondike" of quests and tasks which will make your holiday unforgettable.

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