Hijikata Toshiro is a character from the animated television series Gintama: description, biography


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The Animated series Gintama – this is a special tape which combines a serious plot, charismatic characters with an unprecedented degree of revelry and madness literally in each series. This kind of anime a bit, which makes the work Hideaki Sorachi even more memorable. Each of the characters of the tape are unique and completely unpredictable. Largely because of this picture turned out so popular and famous. One of these characters is Hijikata Toshiro ("Thorny"). This fan of mayonnaise can bet on the number of adherents with the main characters and remains one of the “business cards” “Gently”. He is honest, neat, cruel, and encourages everyone to do the seppuku (ritual suicide), because the current Deputy must be an Executive.


Hijikata ToshiroHijikata Toshiro never betrays the form “We”. To see him without a uniform can hardly a couple of times throughout the narrative. In addition, in contrast to Sogo and other brothers in the dojo, Toshi prefer to fight a katana from a weapon, even at night. He has black hair, eye color – lilac, pale blue. Smoke, therefore, sometimes forced to “shoot” cigarettes, for some reason, always find next to a mayonnaise, which became one of the standing jokes on the theme of the character. What is your favorite color of the hero, as well as your preferred style of dress is unknown. Toshiro, apparently, prefers to lead the lifestyle of the samurai of the era of the Tokugawa Shogunate. In his movements, gait, manner of speaking, the visible style of a proud warrior.


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Personnel and the manner of communication

The Devil's Deputy commander difficult to communicate. Often he is cold blooded, has a lot of exposure, and therefore straightforward to communicate. Hijikata Toshiro prefers to Express in the face of the person everything he thinks about him. Only trusts his commander, Kondo Isao, but also wants to fight him. Usually sticks to a very straight posture and does not tolerate criminals of any kind. Do not betray your words, that even became one of the reasons for the long enmity with subordinates. Real emotions that samurai's only showing at the sight of mayonnaise, your favorite drama or being angry. In this state resembles the cliché of the Berserker, does not mince words and is smashing everything around. In the relations of cold and secretive, however, is only the beginning.


Nakai KazuyaIn the dojo Condo Hijikata Toshiro got as a child. He butted into a serious brawl, was severely beaten and with severe wounds fell ill. However, the style of combat and his boys have a crush relished Condo, which eventually put Toshi as his Deputy. Of Kazuo Nakai, the seiyuu voicing a lover of mayonnaise than once notes that his character, like Zoro from “Big score”, all kind of reminds of a true warrior. Subordinates are afraid of his commander, as opponents. For them, Toshi – the embodiment of a swordsman, a man of honor. For this reason, Hijikata doesn't like to show emotions or true feelings in the company of fellow organizations. In addition, he created all the rules “We”, the violation of any of which is punishable by seppuku. Other people have Toshiro almost no friends because everyone is ignoring the cold of the samurai.

Toshi and Thorny

Each of the characters of the animated series Gintama has its weaknesses, the distinctive qualities and rich history. Toshiro is no exception. Hijikata Toshiro and Gin, called Thorny, who may have acquired the skill of handling a sword as a result of training. Once Gin (White demon) was one of the heads of the terrorist organization “Za”, which is opposed to “We”. In one of the battles he met swords with Toshiro, which later became a symbol of the equal fights of two legendary swordsmen. Themselves Thorny themselves geniuses do not consider and confront the Elite talented fighters from birth.

gintama animated seriesToshi – second “form” of the hero, she has a strong emotional outbursts, and often carefully hidden protagonist. Hijikata usually extremely intelligent and acts as the brains of the organization, but losing control of emotion becomes stupid and even naive. The hero hates the nickname, and encourages all fans to use seppuku.


All Toshiro divided according to two categories: contempt and something vaguely akin to friendship. They are hardly two, including commander “We”. But openly hates the samurai, his assistant – Okito Sogo and Gina, the main character, and the worker “employment”. With him also wants to fight again. Condo has replaced the protagonist's father, causing Toshiro respects his commander and takes his orders literally with a fanatical zeal. Hatred of Hin dictated by terrorist and radical past of it, but Sogo Toshiro despised for the love of sadism and laziness. The aforesaid, however, reciprocates.

Hijikata Toshiro biographyThe Tension between the two men is also due to the sister Sogo Okito Mitsubai. She loved Toshiro when he was in the dojo, but he answered with a refusal. Swordsman believed that nothing will be able to give to the beloved, moreover, did not want to leave her alone, knowing that he could die in any encounter. The words “an eloquent devil”could only say that the feelings of the girl – it is a private matter. Sogo heard of such treatment and hated Toshiro, who had not previously suffered for the hard work.

Love to mayonnaise

If Toshiro and able to enter into a serious relationship, then they can be considered love for mayonnaise. Without equivocation, the hero is able to swallow an incredible number of this sauce literally anything. Dessert, entree, tea, coffee... Mayonnaise goes with everything. The cause of this strange passion one does not know and to ask the commander directly afraid, knowing that Toshiro soon on the massacre of subordinates. For some inexplicable reason, the hero always finds a bottle of mayonnaise, even in those situations where it is threatened or imminent death. He even earned the nickname of Major-13 for the specific gun, fully loaded with mayonnaise. This can be attributed to the love of a strange drama, able to evoke emotions from anyone but a hero and cigarettes.

Extracts from the biography

the devil's Deputy commanderWe Know that Toshiro is 27 years old and his birthday falls on may 5th. Character seiyuu Nakai Kazuya remarked that the hero doesn't reveal her past. He says it is not happy. Biography Hijikata Toshiro is very scarce on details. It is said that he caused troubles to the entire dojo, interfering even in a losing fight. Later, when the Condo took him on as an apprentice, the boy is shunned and not made friends among his colleagues at the dojo. In the afternoon he just watched the workouts, and nights spent in private lessons. He also hates terrorists, it is assumed that such hostility has personal reasons, but he Toshiro does not apply to this account.

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