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Today we talk about the movie “Family Svetoforov”. Actors, roles, Director of the series will be presented next. The script was designed by Mikhail Palatnik and Rodion Beletsky. The film's producer Oksana Barkovsky.


series family svetoforov actors and roles

Let's Say a few words about the plot of the series “Family Svetoforov”. Actors and roles are presented in the following sections of this material. The main characters-a happily married couple. Svetlana and Simon are raising together three children. Svetoforov happy together because they help close. Grandma, when free, loves to spend time with their grandchildren.

She conducts guided tours of the Museum of traffic police. Grandpa is a legend specified companies. Stepan busy unusual activity. He and his grandson maintains a blog devoted to the traffic rules on the road. Children cope with the difficulties of adolescence.

Main characters

actors the role of the Director of the series family svetoforov

Simon and Vyacheslav Petrovich are the main actors of the series “Family Svetoforov”. The actors Alexey Moiseev and Valentin Samokhin embodied these images. We'll talk more about them.

Alexei Moiseev has been trained in VTU Shchukin on course Y. Shlykova. Joined the Moscow academic theatre of Mayakovsky.

Valentin Samokhin was born in Moscow. Trained at the acting faculty of GITIS in the Studio of Professor V. A. Andreev. Joined the Moscow drama theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Other characters

series family svetoforov 2016 actors and roles

Simon and the kindergarten teacher have an important place in the series “Family Svetoforov”. Actors Vladislav Vladimirov and Natalia Vihren moved these characters to the screen.

Vladislav Vladimirov was born in Moscow. Trained at the music school of Glier chose piano. Is theatrical Studio called "Little Moon” Sergei Prokhanov.

Natalia Vihren was educated in the Yaroslavl theatrical Institute. Studied on the course S. F. Kutsenko. Played on the stage of the Arkhangelsk drama theatre. Works and lives in Moscow.

Nikolay and Natasha remembered by the fans of the series “Family Svetoforov”. Actors Alexander Nikolsky and L. Baranova appeared in these roles. They deserve the discussion.

Alexander Nicholas was born in the town of Bronnitsy. Comes from a family of teachers. Trained at the Novosibirsk state theater Institute. Has philological education.

Helen Baranova – actress. Has played in the following films: “Street”, “Morozova», «Chesnochnitsy”, “heart of Stone”, “Lyudmila Gurchenko”, “Adult daughters”, “Ticket to life”, “Heirs”.


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Chef Alex and Venice also appear in the plot of the series “Family Svetoforov”. Actors Alexander Koltsov and Fedor Podcetrtek played specified roles. About these people we also discuss.

Alexander Koltsov was born in Rybinsk. Was educated in the Yaroslavl pedagogical University of Ushinskiy. Studied at the philological faculty. Was a student of Academy of theatre arts. He studied in the Studio of G. P. ansimova. He graduated from the international master's programme of rata.

Fedor Podcetrtek was born in Moscow. Place of study chose a music school, class of domra. In SDYUSSHOR engaged in fencing. Learns to play piano, sings in the choir.

Sergey Tereshchenko has played guard Christine. The actor was educated in the Yaroslavl theater school. Participated in the project «the Last hero”. The strongest man in Russia. The champion of Moscow in eventing.

Yulia Akimova played the teacher of algebra. The actress was trained at the Novosibirsk state theatre Institute in the Studio of G. A. Alekhina, A. V. Zinoviev.

Oleg Zabolotnyi has played the Director of the school. The actor was educated at GITIS, the course Elina Bystritskaya. Joined the Moscow theater «Hermitage» Levitin. Participated in the formulation “Dimensionless Kim-tango”.

Svetlana Vinogradova-Bogart played a teacher of technology. The actress was trained at GITIS, the course of L. G. topchieva. Was playing in the Theater of Gorky. Performed at the theatre MEL.

Daniel Semchenkov played Lobanov. The actor was engaged in the centre Svetlana Mirinoi. Attended drama “Improvise”. Played in the movie: “the Latest COP”, “angel or demon”, “Department”, “Beauty”, “news”.

Interesting facts

the Director, actors and the role of the series

Below are some information about the show “Family Svetoforov" (2016). Actors and roles are well known. Directed by Arthur Bogatov. Producer of the series, Oksana Barkovskaya. Spectators characterize this project as an educational children's movie. The series is called informative, because it tells about the rules of the road and not only.

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