The "shielded hair" – what is it? What are its features?


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shielding hair That's thisThe Modern beauty industry offers women a new procedure that will protect the hair from harmful effects of the environment, whether the frequent use of chemicals (paints, varnishes) or thermal effects (hair dryers, Curling irons, Curling irons). It is called "shielded hair" (what it is, we will explain below) and is carried out using special means, which, according to trichologists, do not contain any chemical additives and are created exclusively from natural components. Let us know more, what is this procedure and how it will be useful for our hair.

Screening hair growth - what is it?

The hair is applied To a special composition, which makes them more smooth and manageable due to saturation of nutrients and necessary moisture. In addition, it improves the appearance of the curls, is the strengthening of their internal structure, which is important. Women already tested this procedure in salons, note that the hair become more soft, manageable and healthy-looking Shine for quite a long time – up to a month. Repeat screening of hair as soon as you feel that the hair has again become brittle and dry, because it is absolutely harmless.

Tools for screening hair

 Tools for shielding hair

As mentioned earlier, for the implementation of this procedure requires special tools. It is desirable that they were all one brand. So, what you will need: lip balm (with the help of which is coating the hair with protective film), a fixing composition (helps to anchor the film on the curls), shampoo (prepares hair for treatments). In some cases, if a woman has a desire to not only heal your hair, but give it some shade, use a coloring pigment. In the same way as film, he will act in the period up to one month (usually it's two or three weeks).


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Screening hair. Price

The Cost of such services in the salon can vary depending on hair length. For owners of long hair – 900-1000 rubles, the average – 700-900 rubles, short-500-700 rubles. It should be noted that this procedure can be done at home. You can purchase a special set of (what it includes, we are told above) and follow the instructions which you will find when you purchase funds.

Screening hair. What it is - a really effective tool or waste of money?

As with any means or procedure, the screening has its advantages and disadvantages.



The Hair is smooth and flat.

By strengthening the structure of hair becomes more stringent.

Acquire a healthy glow.

Protective film on the hair lasts only 2-3 weeks.

Become more obedient.

Protective film protects the hair from negative environmental influences

Protective film also preserves the color of hair for a longer time.

As we can see from the table, the advantages of shielding much more, and so it makes no sense to abandon it.

escaping hair. Price


So, shielding hair - what it is, we have already found. It remains to conclude that our hair is simply necessary protection, because almost daily we use a variety of styling products, Hairdryer, hair Styler and so on. All this is reflected in their health, and therefore, over time, hair becomes more fragile, and pale. Shielding will help to protect the hair from the negative influences and make them more attractive.

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