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Today it is difficult to find a woman who wouldn't use tools for styling hair. To simulate any hairstyle will help easily hairspray “twist”. Review and feature you will find in our article.


Intending to go to a party or an important meeting, girls always think about their appearance. Undoubtedly, one of the primary roles played by the hair.

hairspray Taft

A Little to give the hair the desired shape, you need to keep it for a certain period of time. Hairspray “Taft”, which reviews are mostly positive, ensures long-lasting wear and high-quality of your style.

Many believe that its use damages the hair. This is the truth. But if correctly applied, the damage will be minimal.

Lucky “Taft” designed for the different types and characteristics of the hair.

Initially, the girls tried to make such a tool out of scrap materials. Usually it was sugar dissolved in water. They were adorning the hair. But in the middle of the last century was the invention of hairspray. “Taft” became very popular among modern women.

Line "Sensitive"

Some women harms superstrong styling, because they have very delicate skin of the head. But that is no reason to refuse to use a liquid hairspray “twist”. In this case, you can use a ruler “Sensitive”. The mere name speaks for itself. This varnish, and foam and gel this group will gently care for your hair without damaging it and giving a soft elasticity.


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Haircut on long hair to a child. Options for festive and everyday hairstyles

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Emo hairstyles

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But be prepared for the fact that your hairstyle will not last more than two hours.

Hairspray “Taft" (Taft), a review of which is presented in our article, dermatologically the study. All the rulers (and in particular “Sensitive”) received a positive conclusion and can be used daily. But we should not abuse them, because even the “soft” varnish Sensitive is the foolish use of its side effects.

Soft silk

If you need not just to make elastic hair, but at the same time to take care of your hair, then this line will have the way. In the composition of these varnishes are made in natural silk proteins.

hairspray Taft reviews

Thanks to them, the hair becomes strong and elastic. Among the shortcomings noted a sharp and not very pleasant smell. But, as a rule, it quickly disappears. Fixing it slightly, of the proposed five-deuce. Therefore, “silk” varnish is ideal for all those who use it daily without damaging your hair.

A Spray is pretty uniform, no streaks or droplets. And most importantly – it is easily removed from the head. After all, the lower the level of fixation, the safer and easier to use nail Polish.


Some girls, wanting to achieve volume on fine hair, use all sorts of methods. Of course, the best effect is achieved by numerous trial and error. Hairspray “Taft” line “and”, especially in combination with styling mousse, will amaze you with the outcome. Innovative ingredients will make your hair become thicker and more luxuriant.

Taft hair lacquer photo

The Manufacturer promises that the volume will stay up to 48 hours. However, judging by the reviews, this long-term effect is difficult to achieve. First, many wash the head every morning, respectively, carrying the tool head. Secondly, against the effects of wind and rain will not go: for two days we somehow exposed to this. But still, according to most, pomp hairstyle the next day still.


This line of lacquers – a real godsend for those who don't like strong fragrances. This tool has a mild odor. But its most important advantage-creating hairstyles with the effect of “wet” of hair. This advantage is perfect for parties and restaurants.

Hairspray “Taft Ultra” has a strong hold and won't let you down at the most important moment of your life.

hairspray Taft taft review

He Also will be able to please the owners of a “fluffy” of hair. After using the straightener, drizzle a little “Ultra” on smooth hair. The result will amaze you. Unlike other paints, it will leave your hair straight for a long time. And the perfume of its neutral odor kill will not.

This line has gained the trust of many girls. In addition to the above advantages, it protects your hair and scalp from UV rays. And superstrong styling can not but rejoice.

Deficiencies, many buyers point out his bad washout. But don't be afraid. The components included in its composition, safe and no harm when properly used. Just carefully wash the head with shampoo.

Range Power

“Taft” - hairspray, which range will please every girl. The most powerful and strong fixation boasts a variety called Power.

This is the title in English means “power”. It is this quality to him, and ascribes to the manufacturer. The most reliable piling will be created with its help.

Allergy to Taft hairspray

I Can apply it not only on the finished hairstyle, but the hair roots. Thus you will create a good amount that will last a long time.

The Smell of this Polish bluff, but only when applied. In a few minutes you will not feel its flavor.

The Most elaborate hairstyles, insidious strands of hair stack "tuft" (Lac). Hair (photo below) will be if more, the hair gain volume.

liquid hairspray Taft

The question Arises whether it is possible to frequently use this powerful tool. There is no single answer. Many people do so for a long time and not complain about the deterioration of the condition of the hair. Others in the same situation, began to notice how the ends and the scalp has become drier.

In all important intelligence. If you notice any side-effect Polish, simply stop to use it. Maybe he just doesn't suit you.

And of course, you need to give the hair a break from any cosmetics. Just wash at night the head and leave to dry naturally. It will only benefit.


The Red vial varnishes Taft, so common on store shelves, is very prevalent among women. It gives your hair excellent hold, but a unique luster. Many consumers claim that it creates the effect of lamination. Lacquer this line is not hair, but it makes them smooth and elastic. Due to its special formula it absolutely does not dry the curls and does not weigh down them.

Taft hairspray assortment

It is perfect for colored hair, which require special care. Also it is indispensable to short haircuts, giving them volume and strength.

Compact solution

A Good addition to the whole assortment Taft is a line of “Compact”. All the varnishes are produced not only in standard bottles, but in little their copies. Classic spin the bottle is difficult to fit in a handbag. But there are times when you must have this tool on hand. And comes to the aid of “Compact”. Small bottles conveniently fit in a handbag and always be with you.


The lucky company Taft in demand in our country. They have gained the trust of consumers due to its quality and reliability.

Allergic to “Taft" (hair in particular) is uncommon. Only people with hypersensitive skin may have a reaction to it. But in this case not guilty of the manufacturer. Each of us has to look for a tool that will fit entirely.

Due to the wide range of this company you can choose the paint, which will appeal to you personally. If you do not like bright fragrance, use Ultra. The owners of sensitive skin suitable soft "Sensitive".

And for the special moments in your life should try Power. He will not fail you, neither in rainy nor in windy weather. Yes, and the duration of its action much more than in other lines (4-5 hours styling will be unchanged).

In General, the choice is always yours.


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