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Makeup is a great way to improve the appearance and make the girl more attractive. A variety of cosmetics today is in the Arsenal of every woman. However, expensive equipment is not enough, so that the appearance was perfect.

to do makeup at home


To look perfect, it is important to know how to apply makeup. And the cornerstone is to prepare the skin. Here not to do without special base. It should be chosen depending on skin type. Girls with oily skin will approach the Foundation with a matte effect. Those who have dry skin, you should pay attention to moisturizing. Base under makeup applied with fingertips with light patting movements.

How to apply makeup, to create the perfect image? You must follow the rule: between applying the Foundation and the next step should take at least 5-7 minutes. During this period of time cover “sit down” and will be virtually invisible.

You can then start applying Foundation. This can be done with fingertips or a beauty blender. Consider both options.

natural makeup

Applying Foundation with your hands

How to apply makeup, namely Foundation? A lot of professional makeup artists advise to apply the cream directly with your fingers. So the coating is distributed most evenly, the makeup is neat and unobtrusive. To apply Foundation with fingertips, should adhere to the following tips:

  • Before the makeover, it is necessary to wash your hands, otherwise you may worsen the skin condition.
  • Fingers preferably warm, a little stretch. Heat will help warm the cream and the coating will be more easy.
  • So how to apply Foundation makeup must along massage lines, it should be before coating to learn this technique. Massage lines are shown in the illustration below.
massage lines for applying a tonal pokutia
  • Special attention should be paid to areas with dry skin. On flaky zones it is necessary to apply Foundation easy to drive in motion. So the defect will be less noticeable.
  • No less important is the right shade of Foundation. So how to properly apply makeup without complying with the rules of the tonal coverage is not possible, then this item should be given special attention. Because carelessly applied the cream immediately gives your mistress. The most prominent, outstanding the presence of Foundation on the face – is the hairline and cheekbones. It should be shade of cream as thoroughly as possible.

Beauty blender

How to apply makeup and to make the process neat? A lot of girls use to apply Foundation coverage beauty blenders. In order for the makeup lay better, stylists recommend to moisten this simple cosmetic accessory with cool water. If this is not done, the consumption of resources will increase, and the result is not perfect. Whatever the tool or applied with a blender, it is necessary to moisten under water and squeeze two times. You then leave the sponge for a few minutes to get it finished. Then you can safely use it. Some girls are first applied to tone the skin and then shade it with a blender, but it is fundamentally the wrong approach.


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using the beauty blender for applying a coating

Professionals recommend to use your blender for each of the funds even if their shades are the same. Because the mixing of different products in the sponge can lead to unpredictable results.

Powder or liquid concealer?

How to apply makeup and what kind of Foundation should pay attention to? Makeup artists recommend to make a choice, based on the effect you want to obtain. More harmful, of course, cream Foundation, because he is stronger than clog pores. However, powder can give such effect. Currently, there is a large variety of powders that can be simultaneously used as a Foundation. They usually have a very soft texture. They can be applied with moistened sponge. It works, and harm to the skin – a lot less.


How to apply makeup on the face? One of the important components of the attractive smoky eye – this blush. Daytime makeup technique involves using a small amount. However, they need only those girls whose skin is pale, and the face has a rounded shape. It allows you to do look visually a bit already. It is necessary to apply a little blush on the cheekbones and carefully shaded. Makeup artists also suggest to use a similar technique and those girls who think that they have too big nose. A little blush is applied on the wings of the nose and blend.

How to paint eyes

eye makeup

The Question of how to properly apply makeup on the face, despite the large number of different master classes, remains important for many girls. Especially difficult part of the make-up remains the study of the eye. In the process of applying makeup also need to follow some basic rules.

  • To start, you can apply a base under shadows. This is an optional item, however the base color will last longer.
  • Then with a brush on the upper part of the eyelid apply the lightest shade from eye shadow palette.
  • Bright mother of pearl hue is filled with secondary eyelid.
  • Next, top lid is filled with darker shades. The transition should be smooth, stosowany.
  • On the bottom part of the century also applied a darker shade.
  • On the lashes to apply mascara.

Rules day make

How to apply day make-up – the issue is rather sensitive for many. After all, have to do it almost every day. Consider a few rules that will make the daily make-up by all the canons of prudence.

  • You Must remember that the day is too dark shadows is not entirely appropriate. However, if the girl eyes are bright, then you need to set off – for example, using a deep shade of gray.
  • Dark eyes, however, should be set off with a lighter shadow or pencil, contrasting with the color of eyes.
  • Fan of the natural way, using only ink, should have a light beige shadow. So even in natural style image will look brighter and your eyes will be underlined.
  • Eyes can be visually improved if you apply some eye shadow of a light shade in the corners of his eyes.
  • If the eyebrows are too low, the light shade can also be applied on the top part of the century.
  • Basic rule for daytime makeup – never combine bright lipstick and vibrant shade. Should or eyes, or lips.
  • Day make-up allows the use of pencils and eyeliners. They just do not combine with bright lipsticks or shadows. For example, the eye makeup is quite small arrows and ink.

The Right evening makeup: step by step instructions

Creating an evening look for the many beauties it seems a complex procedure but in reality it differs only by the fact that in this style can be used more vivid, saturated colors. Consider the algorithm for creating make-up for special events.

daily makeup
  • Skin Cleansing. Any makeup is done only on a clean face, so you need to wash and wipe the skin tonic.
  • To Apply Foundation. For evening makeup well suited to coating with reflective particles. If necessary, you can use a concealer that will disguise stains and imperfections.
  • Blush. Evening makeup is hard to imagine without a blush. They help to give the look a fresh and youthful appearance.
  • The design of the eyes. The evening makeup is permitted the use of bright, sometimes even aggressive colours. You can use eye shadow, pencil, liquid liner. They can be dark, and color shades. Ink you can also pick up color. However, the most impressive in the evening light looks black or dark brown. So how to properly apply makeup at home means to be both a stylist and makeup artist before the festive event, it is better to work out in advance the eye makeup. After all, this is the most complex and difficult part of the image. If possible, better to do the desired eye makeup for a day or two before the holiday to get the hand.
  • Many makeup artists recommend to pay attention to eyebrow shaping before the procedure makeup. If necessary, give them the right shape ...

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