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The Hair on the female face look obviously out of place. What will be their color, darker or lighter, due not only genetically. Influence is the level of testosterone. For these reasons, many women complain about noticeable "antennae" and are interested in how to get rid of unwanted hair. Forever to solve this problem is not easy, but there are good methods for a long time to forget about it. Wanting to remove anything on the face, it should be remembered that the facial skin is especially tender.

There are several good methods, having familiarized with which you'll learn how to get rid of unwanted hair. To forget about this discomfort safely and quickly clean the face using the technique described below.

1) Wax strips for hair removal face. Many cosmetic companies have released special creams problem areas of the face. Usually it's a small, rectangular strips, covered with wax, suitable in size and shape to problem areas. With stripes also sell creams (oil) that moisturize the skin and relieve irritation after hair removal. The procedure is the same as when waxing legs. This means that the strips are heated warmth of your hands, then apply them in the direction of hair growth, strain skin and dramatically tear off the strip with one quick motion in the opposite hair growth direction. After the procedure, apply the cream.

2) Tweezers. Some women, not thinking about how to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, continue to use the old methods. It is well-known plucking with tweezers and hair removal with thread. The thread is rarely used - not all know how. Get rid of unwanted facial hair with tweezers easily and cheaply, but the procedure is long and painful. Yank the whiskers has one, not all at once. If you do use this method, before the procedure can steam the skin and apply a moisturizing cream that will ease the pain.


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3) Sugar paste. Good and at the same time, painless method of hair removal. How to get rid of unwanted hair by preparing sugar paste at home is not known to all. You will need the following ingredients: ¾ Cup of tap water, ½ Cup sugar ½ lemon ½ spoon of chamomile. Water, lemon and sugar to boil until they change color. Then add chamomile, stir and leave to cool. From the mass to make a ball, crush it well and then apply on the skin. Wait and tear. Then again, to crush, and so on. The procedure is repeated until the complete disappearance of hair. Sugar paste can be a time to store in the refrigerator, not forgetting to warm up before use.

4) To modern methods of radical solutions to this problem are photoepilation and electroepilation. The process of electrolysis involves the treatment of the hair follicle using a special needle. It transmits a weak electric current, penetrate each of the roots of the hair. The procedure is conducted by experienced beautician in a salon. It is long and relatively expensive. However, it is necessary to remember for those who are thinking how to get rid of unwanted hair. Forever or forget about the extra vegetation on the face will help fotoaparate. This method involves the removal of hair using laser, has many advantages. It is reliable, painless, and, at the same time, the fastest. Disadvantage - high cost. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes. During her follicles of hair the effect is short beams of light that trigger the termination of their growth. Depending on  the amount of hair, complete removal of the antennae is carried out for 3-7 procedures.

5) Chemical depilation on the face should be performed with extreme caution, as it may cause irritation. The method is cheap and simple, but associated with a high degree of risk of occurrence of undesirable consequences.

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