What you need to manicure at home? A set of tools, description and recommendations of professionals


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Manicure at home can vary greatly depending on the method of treatment of nails. Every professional has a special case, in which he picks up the tools, convenient for himself and his clients. Accordingly, the at home kits may vary. What tools you need to manicure in different occasions, see below.what do you need for a manicure

European Manicure

Edging manicure, which is quite enough on manicured hands with light skin and a thin cuticle. In this case, the cuticle grows slowly and looks neat even without circumcision. Moreover, circumcision can be in these cases, even contraindicated because creatinie skin close to the capillary forces the epithelium to launch protective provisions and, therefore, grow faster. So, what you need for a manicure the European

  • Orange stick, or ceramic pusher "hoof". These two tools are interchangeable, but many professionals have in the Arsenal of both. Pusher convenient to clean up pterygium at advanced nails, ceramic "hoof" - the instrument more sensitive. For very thin sensitive nail is better to take an orange stick.
  • Very disappointed cuticle. Professionals call them keratolytically. The tool can be a different force at home can take, for example, very disappointed from Sally Hansen (for reviews, he is one of the most effective). Thin and well-groomed cuticles can be softened normal emollient (liberally apply the cream, leave for a minute or two). For more intense softening used at the same time very disappointed with the tub (applied to the nails very disappointed, dipped in warm water).
  • The Bath water. Many prefer to do without pre-soaking the cuticle. This is reasonable because not every nail favourably disposed to the water. There is a type of the nail plate, under the action of water begins to stratify.
  • Nail File, scissors. Professionals almost never use scissors for trimming nails, simply use nail files with a high degree of abrasiveness, if you want to remove length. However, it is permissible to remove the length with scissors. You can then give shape with nail file. Basic rule: only sawing dry nails, cut only softened (immediately after the bath, for example).
  • Buff - burnish . If the nails are quite thick and their surface is uneven, it can be treated with a buff and Polish. By the way, if you only take a high Polish, it is very useful: it decreases the risk of occurrence of microcracks, which eventually can lead to breaking, cracking, peeling nails.
  • Brush-to remove dust and residue of the skin.
  • Cuticle Oil. They complete the processing of nails. The most advanced ‘lukmanji” are also specially selected moisturizer. Apply it on the cuticles several times a day – it allows you to hold it moistened, elastic state, slows down its growth and leads to the next nail cuticle does not require serious treatment.what do you need for a home manicure


What you need for a manicure of this type? The set is almost the same, you will need all the same as in the list above, but further:



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  • Scissors or tweezers. He and the other tool requires some dexterity. Professionals teach special hand positioning and proper balance in the hand.what do you need for nail Polish gel lacquer

Hardware manicure

Not Necessarily follow the list above and choose, according to him, all you need for a manicure. Tools can be replaced by one device. For hardware manicure at home you will need:

  • Apparatus for the treatment of nails. At home this device can be rarely seen, but there are affordable devices that are easy to handle.
  • Antiseptic. The treatment of nails and cuticles apparatus is carried out only on dry skin, so for the preliminary preparation of the nails is better to use rastrospinosus tool is alcohol-based.

Choose the machine with the speed up to 15 thousand per second, lightweight, compact and affordable. The nozzle then can be purchased separately. Will fit the following models: Vital System Zepter, SPA VT-2209 from Vitek, MP-7010 F0 from Rowenta, the machines from Victory, Strong.what you need for manicure tools

Coverage conventional varnish

The Cuticle is treated, nails are ready to apply the decorative coating. To regular nail Polish is well kept and the manicure does not require too much time, you should approach the issue intelligently. You will need:

  • Base.
  • Decorative lacquer.
  • Top drying.

What you need for a manicure with gel Polish – see below.what you need to manicure the gel Polish list

The Sequence of execution of a regular manicure varnish

Regular Manicure varnish is as follows:

  • Preparation of cuticle, its softening. The cuticles applied very disappointed or put their hands in the bath, or both at the same time – from 10 to 20 minutes. If manicure – this step is not needed!
  • Cuticle push back (or cut, or processed) round cutter.
  • Remove pterygium - those particles of skin and dirt,that accumulates directly under the cuticle. If a lot of them and hands well-groomed, the cuticle can be like "adherent" to the nail plate. With a good softening its easy to remove. If it is very rough, “dead”, it is better to only use the device.
  • During the processing of the nail plate dries, you can apply a base. Watch carefully so the nails were completely dry! If they are even slightly wet, the paint can “taposiris”, and last long this manicure will not.
  • Wait for drying of the base and apply a decorative coating in one or two layers as needed.
  • Apply a top drying. what you need for manicure tools

Manicure gel Polish

What you need for a manicure with gel Polish? List below:

  • A Set of coverages (more about it-below).
  • UV lamp 36 watts (4 bulbs each for 8 W).
  • Nail file or buffs.
  • Liquid to remove the sticky layer (cleanser).
  • Wipes lint-free.
  • Liquid for removing gel Polish.
  • Foil.

For the treatment of cuticles, you can use any of the tools listed above, that is, a list is formed individually.what do you need for a home manicure gel lacquer

Set coatings for manicure with gel Polish

A Set of coverages for manicure gel-lakom

  • Prep.
  • Bond.
  • Base.
  • Gel-Lac.
  • Top.

At perhaps the most important thing you need for a home manicure gel Polish, in addition to lamps. Especially carefully it is necessary to approach to the choice of varnish (everything else choose from products of the same brand, to avoid conflict funds).

A Brief overview of gel varnish

Professional laki road (price 15 ml bottle – from 700 to 1500 rbl.), a home to collect a wide range of will be expensive, but consider that the difference between gel polishes in different price ranges can be enormous. It will be noticeable in durability, manageability, security for your nails, even brightness and color saturation.

CND Shellace from many masters think best, although there are negative reviews: varnish is very badly kept, and ugly flies. However, in most cases, praise him: thick, rich color, smooth, thin, but dense in this application, resistance to chipping and scratches, and durability on the nails. Of bottle 7.3 ml, enough for 15-20 manicures.

In the’Garden So naturally – the ambiguous option. Have gel Polish of this brand great bright colors, durability, care properties, but it is not easy to remove – mechanical preferred option, however not every hand will be able to remove gel Polish so as not to damage the nail plate. In addition, there is feedback about the yellowing of the nails, after all.

Colour Couture – an interesting, though not too frequent gel Polish. Pros: very good texture, a huge palette (shades 140), vitality (three weeks of perfect form), carefully designed brush and a convenient bottle. This paint allows you to make a quality manicure very quickly.

Sherilyn – rare and mostly among professionals, feedback from regular customers about it a little, but the brand with truly German quality worthy of attention. Plastic and durable, it perfectly fixed on the nail plate and keeps fresh and neat look throughout the process of socks.

Ways to save

Need to buy everything you need for a manicure with gel Polish, professional shops. There are opportunities to replace these materials and thus saving:

  • You Can meet the recommendation to use only lint-free wipes, it allegedly excludes nail debris, but with the same success it is possible to use ordinary paper napkins, still in the wetting liquid of any pile crush. You can use a normal cotton handkerchiefs.
  • Foil your regular food, a roll is cheap, but it will suffice for a long time.
  • If the gel Polish single-phase, base and top are not needed.
  • Also don't always need prep. It is designed for degreasing the nail plate and is quite a powerful tool.
  • Special very disappointed Instead you can use regular liquid nail Polish remover.
  • Liquid to remove the sticky layer can be replaced with alcohol.

How is a manicure with gel Polish

We understand what you need for a manicure with gel Polish, and how to use all these tools?

  1. Cuticle Treatment one of the methods above.
  2. Polishing the wafer surface. So better achieves the adhesion of the coating with a fingernail. Do it very lightly, the plate should be just rough, not thinner.
  3. Applied the prep easy, very fast movements. For treatment of all nail enough of a brush.
  4. Bond coupling is something like glue that will allow the coating to stick better to the nails. It is usually applied to the tips. But you can handle and area near the cuticle, if the varnish on your nails in General badly kept.
  5. Application database - drying in the lamp 2 minutes.
  6. The First layer of gel Polish drying for 2 minutes. The number of layers depends solely on the varnish in some cases will be enough and one. Gel Polish is a little different in consistency from the ordinary, so if there is enough experience, it is better to apply thin layers. A thick layer can easily crawl ugly.
  7. Put the following layers, drying each.
  8. Application of top - drying for 2 minutes.
  9. Removing the sticky layer.

It is Better to treat hands alternately: while one hand inthe lamp, on the other varnish is applied. But even if you have everything you need to manicure at home step-by-step treatment is rarely possible, so be prepared for the fact that self-manicure gel Polish will require more time than in the cabin.

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