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White smile today – this is not a luxury but a Testament to how seriously the owner refers to their appearance. People not smiling the rest, it's hard to generate sympathy for the person. A beautiful smile – it is a symbol of success and positive attitude person. Unfortunately. Not everyone can afford whitening in the walls of the dental clinics, and some the procedure is contraindicated. This does not mean you have to give up and to walk around with a scowl on her face. To partially solve this problem, apply toothpaste with a special whitening composition.

Conditionally in this category, the funds to care for the oral cavity, it is possible to distinguish two types of pastes: containing abrasive particles and those composed of enzymes and other chemicals that break down plaque. The first group has a high degree of efficiency, because the result can be seen almost from the first application. Typically, such a tooth whitening toothpaste consists of ordinary baking soda. Unique whitening properties of this substance are that it just removes the top layer of enamel, which is the plaque. Dentists do not recommend the use of such pastes often. Ideally, brushing your teeth they should place a 2 – 3 times a week. Constant use will lead to scratching, increased tooth sensitivity and easier penetration of bacteria in them. Abrasive tooth whitening toothpaste is more likely to be a radical restoration of white than the permanent way maintenance.  


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The Second group of resources to make the teeth uses natural colors in its composition, the enzymes and chemicals. They break down plaque without damaging tooth enamel. These include glister toothpaste containing fluoride. The presence of this component caused conflicting opinions about it from users. Some say about her wonderful whitening properties, while others assert that the pasta became the reason of emergence of problems with their teeth, increasing their sensibility. In fact, here both sides are right. The reason for this is ordinary tap water. If it contains large amounts of salt, if you use the tooth  whitening toothpaste with fluoride, it turns out the overabundance of this substance, which leads to the deterioration of the teeth. In the case where water is not saturated with them, the buyer does not feel any discomfort. In the use of such funds does not occur mechanical effects on the enamel, but some chemical substances are destroying it significant.

Paste the new generation in its composition are natural bleaching components and special polymer granules that without scratching the surface perfectly clean it. They are practically harmless and some of them contain substances such as liquid calcium or minerals which have a beneficial effect on the teeth.

Despite all the obvious advantages and development even the best toothpaste is able to whiten teeth more than 3 shades. It is not comparable less than the results obtained in dental clinics. The explanation for this fact is simple, the paste gives the teeth natural whiteness. In other words, if the person had a yellowish tint enamel by nature, then no cleaning product will not make its owner smile. Most of the negative reviews about this product line, as just written, not taking into account this fact. Another important point is the regularity of their use. Constantly clean your teeth whitening toothpaste is impossible! Professional cleansing of the mouth suggest that they will be used no more than twice a week. Ignoring this rule will make any person a regular customer the dentist.  

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