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Brand was founded in California, USA, our compatriot Ksenia Voronovoj. What determined success? Bright, fruity shades, color, outrageous.


The Range includes the following products:

  1. Lipstick Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick, presented in 19 shades in the style of the brand.
  2. Velvet liquid Matte lipstick Velvetines, which will be mentioned below.
  3. Glitter Glossy Lipstick.
  4. Pearl lipstick with a metallic sheen Perless.

Of Course, regularly there are new shades of lipstick from the "lime Crime". In what store can I buy them?

On the official website you can place an order and see who is the distributor of the brand in Russia – online store Ilovemakeup. In this store, guaranteed can you buy the original.

Lipstick "lime Crime" "Aliexpress" – it is a fake. In several important respects it is very different, although the gain in price, of course, significant (the original is 1990 rubles, or$ 20 "Aliexpress" buy "lime Crime" for 150 rubles.). But, in the opinion of those who took the trouble to acquire the original and Chinese version, and compare them not only on a photo, – the difference is not only in technical characteristics, but also in shades, while they look similar to the original and have the same name.lime crime lipstick

The lipstick "lime Crime"

The Original lipstick not tested on animals and contains exclusively vegetable and synthetic components. It is labeled on the packaging Vegan/Cruelty-Free, which means “no rigidity”.


  1. Isododecane (isododecane) – safe and comfortable softener, analogous to vegetable oils obtained from oil.
  2. Trimethylsiloxysilicate (trimethylchlorosilane) – water-resistant silky silicone.
  3. Cyclopentasiloxane (Cyclopentasiloxane) – volatile lightweight polymer-silicone, typically used in care cosmetics.
  4. Kaolin-white clay.
  5. Dimethicone – known natural silicone, common in modern cosmetics.
  6. Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (hydrogenated polyisobutene) - synthetic oil with properties similar to mineral.
  7. Synthetic Beeswax – synthetic beeswax.
  8. Silica Dimethyl Silylate (Iliad dimethyl silicon dioxide) is a safe synthetic component with a complex action, often used in decorative cosmetics, as well interacts with pigments.
  9. Tocopheryl Acetate-vitamin E.
  10. Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate-chemical UV filter.
  11. Disteardimonium Hectorite (disteardimonium hectorite) - extracted from a rare silicate mineral that is completely safe, gives stability to the pigments.
  12. Propylene Carbonate (propylene carbonate) solvent, in cosmetics it a bit, often found in care products for the skin.

As well As lipstick contains flavorings and pigments.


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lipstick lime crime

What is a good lipstick "lime Crime"?

Reviews and analysis show that the lipstick I love for what it is:

  1. Velvet.
  2. It Has very small neat brush, eliminating unevenness of coating, lint or fingerprints.
  3. Really persistent! Women say this is the best of all the resistant lipsticks.
  4. Unique color, drop on each girl on its own. Precisely because of this advantage many of the customers forgive her some flaws (like the price).

Just below we'll see what the matte lipstick "lime Crime" according to reviews.

liquid lipstick lime crime

How worn lipstick?

What do bloggers liquid lipstick "lime Crime" is incredibly resistant to water, and to fat. The latter is especially noteworthy, because, as a rule, any cosmetics, even the most persistent, soluble in fat. Usually resistant lipstick perfectly kept, if you drank the juice or ate the salad, but ice cream or dinner, they will not stand. Lime Crime Velvetines are able to withstand even the dinner, of course, provided that you eat carefully. The only thing that she's a little blurred in the center, but the circuit will remain in the order.

Many girls are faced with the fact that a lipstick is not updatable. The second layer is hopelessly spoils its appearance, it becomes similar to the old plaster: cracks, delaminations pellets. Lipstick "lime Crime" looks great and second, and even third layer.

Application and texture Velvetines

Texture - very pigmented liquid water. Do a liquid lipstick, once applied it dries within 2 minutes to a matte state, which is not terrible neither water, nor kisses. A wearer note a very nice feature of the lipstick after drying, she is surprisingly slim and nice gentle layer like a veil. If the tool in the tube has a creamy consistency - it is a fake.

Comfortable if the lipstick?

According to atzum, "lime Crime" Velvetines not for sensitive lips. The lipstick feels on the lips, tightens the delicate skin and dries. However, many of the wearer's note that used to this texture and not consider this a disadvantage. After a few hours do not feel, and all compensate for a very bright, expressive and clear color.

In addition, there is a customer with sensitive skin, who noted that they are able to feel good only with this sustained lipstick: it does not dry unlike other brands.

How to make lasting lipstick "lime Crime"

Options, which were found in the reviews:

  1. Wetnapkins for removing make-up.
  2. The Usual micellar water.
  3. Natural oils such as apricot.

lime crime lipstick in any store

How to choose

All shades, without exception, very expressive and is able “to make the image”. The appearance of the colors varies greatly in different women. Skin, color of hair and eyes play a huge role. Effect after application can be quite different. Another caveat – some tones are very difficult to grasp digital technology. And given the fact that all women of different monitors and their settings, choose lipstick "lime Crime" photo is possible only in advance. Ideally, it is desirable to try it on myself personally, and not on the hand and face, checking how it looks in different lighting and makeup. In addition, it makes sense to try and totally different shades. For example, many girls are afraid of dark colors, but in vain – they can look quite rude, but elegant and sensual, it all depends on the nuances of appearance. So it's worth a try.


Lipstick Velvetines includes today 37 stunning shades.

The Most popular lipstick "lime Crime Cashmere." Reviews about this color are so numerous as contradictory.

Cashmere – complex cold purple beige nodoby hue, which quickly managed to gain the glory of “capricious”. Even unstable such lipstick tones complex in application, it's all in the characteristics of the pigment. The difficulty here is not just that the lipstick dries and tightens her lips, but in fact this tone requires careful selection. According to the mass of reviews, there is a risk to blue, frozen lips in the painful and tired look. However, this shade is wildly popular because it can look very gentle, natural and yet elegant and unusual.

lipstick lime crime cashmere

Other bright shades

  • Buffy. Almost perfect, almost all going Nude. Not dark, but not webalive lips. Shade similar to butterscotch. Buffy is close to Cashmere, but much warmer, and looks very natural on warm skin with a slight tan. On girls with cool fair skin and gray-purple nuances in color of eyes and hair may appear to be red, but overall it is quite neutral.
  • Teddy Bear. Lipstick "lime Crime" so Teddy called – a chameleon, like all tones of mauve. Pink-purple-brown tone may appear more purple, then go to Bordeaux, then suddenly to give out warm chocolate tone. It looks easy enough apart from other shades of lipstick and may be appropriate in correct business makeup. Color requires careful testing because it is neutral and can appear either cool (purple, purple, maroon) in the twilight or warm (brown, chocolate) in the sun.
  • Marshmallow. A very delicate pink-beige color that calls associations with marshmallows and other confectionery “snacks”. Complicated in application – the lips should stretch, apply lipstick with a very thin layer and wait until it dries, otherwise the lipstick will fail in all possible folds, even about which nobody suspected, and will highlight the relief so that it will look, to put it mildly, unattractive.
  • Bleached. Light and clear peach color. Good on the girls of the color type spring, but because the pure type can't find, it makes sense to thoroughly test. Even on slightly tanned skin can be too light, vypilivaem that some find beautiful and others find totally unacceptable. Some believe that this color is very natural, gentle, but playful and Flirty. Lipstick "lime Crime" in this tone like shoppers in a twist.

lipstick lime crime reviews

  • Shroom. Nude, but very peculiar. Reminiscent of mushroom cap, light beige-greenish tint. Depending on the color type skin the greens can emerge stronger, and can be barely noticeable. Beautiful sparkle in gold and copper environment. Some customers called it lipstick for girls rocker, a lover of experiments, but some just love it for how unusual.

lipstick lime crime reviews

The Universal tone

  • Faded – this new 2015 perfect for brunettes, especially winter, with cold skin tone. This color is pink roses in the photo slightly purple, may be appropriate in any situation. Very natural, and looks quite bright on many “official” the images, but it all depends on the intensity of the skin tone, fair-skinned seems dark enough.

lipstick lime crime reviews

  • Polly. Deep pink with purple undertone shade, but not deep in the lilacs. Is associated with vintage roses. Very feminine.

Bright shades for summer

  • Suedeberry. Another version of the crazy coral. Very similar to True Love, but a little more red. This is perhaps the canonical coral neon that simulates school marker pink-orange hue. Goes well with a tan.
  • Pink Velvet. True neon pink. The photo is difficult to capture the hue, may appear to be a bright coral or even red in warm lighting and the flash, but this is the real color of the pink Panther.

lipsticklipstick lime crime

  • Flamingo. A bright pink color without impurities. Close to Pink Velvet, but a little easier, beats neon. Rather, it is a natural pink color, but very expressive.
  • Rave. Purple-lilac-pink neon. Carnival shade, very picky about the skin tone. Capillaries, vessels, pale complexion – all this he will emphasize. According to some reviews, capricious in application.
  • The Pansy. Purple neon. Near Rave it will seem more blue, but the external impression is close. Suitable for theme images, the day looks too outrageous. However, there are girls that use it daily.

Set "True love" (True Love Set)

This set contains three shades, quite versatile and in demand, at least, all the customers who decided to buy this trio, I wasn't disappointed in either. Of course, lipstick "lime Crime" in these shades are sold separately, though the kit is cheaper.

  • Saint. Neutral and raspberry-red tone. The most serious and “adult” in a trio. Moderately warm and moderately cold. Very good on brunettes. It may seem almost black in several layers and in dim lighting. Fairly quiet, although busy.
  • True Love. the Most insane of the three. This dazzling coral-red shade that makes the lips the center of attention. Some Amateurs do crazy extreme find it rustic, although it can be considered a niggle – the color is really striking.
  • Cupid. Girlish and romantic. It is a cold pink hue, of medium intensity and looking quite delicate in the line of lipsticks Velvetines. Although the level of expressiveness is not inferior to others. Neutral looks appropriate for almost every girl, but you should still remember that he may seem different depending on the environment.

Sexy, feminine tone

Any lipstick "lime Crime", thanks to the velvet finish makes the lips sensual, but the hues, described below, is distinguished by a particularly deep color.

  • The Raven – a rich eggplant. It may seem almost black. Plesivec the first layer, however, lies beautifully in several layers.
  • Fetish – sensuous Burgundy red, the color is very dense red wine. The official website is described as a deep plum. Very similar to Jinx, only a little warmer.
  • Jinx – a very saturated color of violet, magnetic, evokes associations with magic and witches. It may seem almost black, but it's really a very rich colors, playing with shades of velvet black and purple roses. According to reviews, the color of the noble and very beautiful, but few dare to wear it every day.
  • Beat it – beet full-bodied, dream of brunettes. Very bright, expressive, but without frivolity. Looks appropriate day or night.
  • Riot - warm red-brown, fairly calm tone, but can be heavy. According to reviews, is not suitable for each, particularly bad and good choices can look great on girls with fair skin. Very pretty red and those with warm or neutral skin tone, – in this case, the enthusiasm of others secured because the shade looks interesting and attracts the eye.
  • Pumpkin – red, with a pronounced orange tint. The official website is described as brick red. The richness of color is revealed as very good on tanned and light skin. He is cheerful, lively, southern, but, as they say in the reviews, may well look for every day, if you collect the image.
  • Red velvet - a classic red that goes to everyone. The most popular lipstick "lime Crime". Reviews about it are more common than others. Almost everyone is talking about its increased durability.
  • Wicked - very thick rich red color. Formal, elegant, classic, light skin will make white. Customers find this shade appropriate for celebrations, restaurant, evening outs.
  • Salem – a popular and well-known shade. Memorable rich chocolate red color Indian spices. Sensual and discreet at the same time. Perfect for the intriguing, languid images. Different will look on girls with fair or tanned skin. The same goes with both.

The Shades are to bold, and very courageous

Few people dare to wear these colors every day. Most who wrote reviews bought these tones to create themed images, for example, on Halloween.

  1. Squash – tangerine color.
  2. Peacock - blue-green lipstick.
  3. Teacup – blue.
  4. Alien - neon-green.
  5. Zenon – gold.
  6. Trouble – marsh, reviews - failure idea even for lovers of the outrageous.
  7. Cement-color cement grey
  8. Black Velvet – pure black.

New items

The Last set of five original covered shades includes:

  • Prairie – Nude evokes associations with a pink marshmallow. Very similar to another shade of the brand, which is called – Marshmallow, but the Prairie is slightly more purple.
  • Wisteria – a misty purple, bright and soft velvety pink-purple hue.
  • Thistle – glossy grey-blue, Indigo.
  • Rustic – a deep shade of red with a faint crimson tinge.
  • Saddle - rustic brown, rich, warm red-brown tone.

Opinions about these shades yet, but everything indicates that these colors will find success and love of buyers.

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