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suitable hairstyle for round faceThe girl's round as a pancake, face often suffer from such an ugly comparison. But really it's not so sad. First of all, to know what is considered a round shape. And then to look for options as it is intelligently and beautifully presented. Hairstyles for round face not only to hide the roundness, pulling a face, but also give its owner a special charm, charm and vulnerability.

Before you run to the hairdresser with a keen desire to change the haircut, you need to understand what type your "face". Round is considered to be the person whose distance from forehead to chin and from one cheekbone to the other the same. To hide it you can right styling, haircut, even the length of the hair plays a big role. What hairstyle for round face is better to choose? The mass of options!

For Example, it may be square with a lengthening short bangs or even without it. What good is this option? Ears covered, cheeks also, the person visually in the sky. It ceases to be round, oval becoming that radically changes the way. The hair definitely need to give volume. That is on top can make a small bouffant. Otherwise the face will be flat and nondescript.

hairstyles for round faceAnother good option is laying parted - oblique or zigzag. The amount of hair you need to keep. Hairstyles for round face shapes can be with bangs or without it. For example, well short, or long straight bangs and parted in the middle. Or torn and chaotic strands of hair with a zigzag on your part.

Suitable haircut for round face – those that cover the ears. It can be small curl to the hair is shoulder-length. But short haircuts with small curls are best avoided – this will make the face look even rounder and neproporcionalnaia. Bangs can be thick and long, then visually, the shape of your face will change for the better. The main thing is that the crown has always been the volume. It depends how harmonious the whole way.

Absolutely can not wear my hair up and do the tail - it will only emphasize a bad shape. Too obstinate, it is desirable to straighten hair with a hair dryer and a comb or flat irons. It is not necessary to do a perfectly smooth strands. They can be a little lush, but neat.

hairstyles for round shape facesHairstyles for a round face type do not tolerate the Hoop. Completely bare forehead will make the shape rounder. It is better to comb Bang to one side and secure with Bobby pins or Bobby pins, or tuck the strands behind the ear so that the ears remained hidden by hair. Haircut cascade will give a rounded face, delicate features, hiding all the flaws.

Not to say that is ugly face shape. There are hairstyles that spoil the image. It is important to choose one which will hide flaws and emphasize dignity. Hairstyles for a round face type is quite varied. The same haircut every day allows a new look, should only want! For very obstinate hair, there are special styling products that will make hair manageable, allowing you to give your face the desired shape.

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