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Every woman dreams of always and in any situation to look perfect, especially the hair. But what if the creation of complex styling or visiting the salon almost no time? In this case, the loose hair hair will be a good alternative. To create these hairstyles will take no more than 10 minutes, but thanks to her you will look “100” in any situation.

flowing hair with a braid

What you'll need

Before making flowing hair with a pigtail, you will need to do a little training. It is in these actions:

  • Wash the hair;
  • Original styling with round brush or hair dryer;
  • Straightening tresses with a straightening iron (optional).

To create such hairstyles, like loose hair with the braid, you will need a minimum of accessories, but should prepare them in advance, so that in the future from "creative process". Tools needed:

  • Ordinary brush;
  • Comb to separate the strands;
  • Clamps and clips.
  • Bobby pins, elastic bands, studs;
  • Hair;
  • Hair ornaments or ribbons as desired.

To loose hair with the braid looked effectively, it is necessary that the minimum length locks of hair reached shoulder level. In other cases, this styling is unlikely to succeed.

flowing hair with shaggy


Long hair with braid trim-the hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. With this styling you will look spectacular in your favorite jeans and an elegant dress. How to French braid your hair:

  1. Comb hair Well, separate single curl over the ear. The rest of the head of hair is better to collect into a bundle and secure with a rubber band or barrette to not interfere.
  2. The Selected strand braid better than “French” method. To do this, divide the lock into three equal parts and create a braid with adding strands from the main head of hair. We should not try to twist the strands too tight, as “easy” braid will look bigger.
  3. The Resulting hairstyle dockable invisible and comfortable elastic band.

If desired, such styling can be decorated with beautiful pins with beads or pearls or a bold bow.

flowing hair with a braid on the side

Simple headband, or Greek weaving

To create such hair will require minimum effort and time, and in return you will get a fashionable hairstyle in a Bohemian style. This will separate the curl behind each ear and braid two simple spikelets. Then wrap the braids around your head in headband and secure them with the Bobby pins, tucking the ends behind the main mass of hair.


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Imitation shaven temple

This styling is extremely popular with Hollywood stars. Loose hair with braids on the side allows you to create fashionable styling without major changes. After all, the shaved head will be a long time to grow. But the fashion for such styling can pass very quickly. How to do hairstyle

  1. Comb the hair on the large side part.
  2. Separate a wide strand from the other side where you will do a simulation.
  3. Make a tight French braid way up to the neck level.
  4. Attach the resulting braid at the nape with Bobby pins arranged perpendicularly.
  5. Lightly curl hair with a flat iron or Curling iron.
  6. Fix received the hair with lacquer.

If you want to “rocker” option shaved a temple, instead of one braid weave three French braids, but they do not lead to the neck to the nape.

flowing hair with a pigtail in the back

Braiding gallery

Long hair with a pigtail in the back – a very popular styling in recent years. Would require some skills, so if you want to create a similar styling yourself, first practice on other people's hair.

Instruction netting:

  1. Comb hair Well.
  2. Divide the hair oblique parting.
  3. Take a small lock of hair with one hand and divide it into three parts.
  4. Proceed to the process of weaving, and this top strand to the center point, then transfer to the same lower part.
  5. The Following curl, which should be woven into a braid, you need to leave, but instead separate the new strand from the top and enter in a pigtail.
  6. Therefore, you should go to the middle of the head. In order not to lose the end, you can continue weaving in the usual way. The principle of creating the "waterfall" is that the top curls intertwined with the capture of new strands, and the bottom remain free.
  7. Start braiding the other side.
  8. Once you get to the middle of the head, to fasten the two braids between them invisible. If you want to hide the connection, decorate the hair barrette in the shape of a flower or bow.

flowing hair with a braid trim

Long hair with shaggy

There Are situations in which you need to look perfect, but the weaving of braids or create a different hairstyle. In this case, a great alternative will be a stylish fleece on flowing hair. To create this hairstyle you will need ten minutes of free time anda minimum of effort.


  1. Well-Washed hair and blow-dry.
  2. Locks lubricates heat tool and lightly tighten up the ends with Curling irons.
  3. Detachable small lock on the crown and fix it with clamps.
  4. Immediately after the curl is formed on the other side.
  5. Free the lock from the clip and laid it on top.
  6. Moving the entire head of hair on the left side.
  7. Fixed rear locks with stealth.

To make the maximum time retained its shape, sprinkle the end result with lacquer or other means for fixing. Delicate romantic styling ready.

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