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Girls with gorgeous hair always want to straighten them, and those which are endowed with straight hair, are looking for ways of Curling. This age-old paradox troubling many contemporary fashionistas, so solutions there are several. Now especially popular this device as Styler for hair. What it is - I know many ladies, because this device can satisfy practically all their whims. Forceps for the new generation of locks of any type will help to make luxurious styling that will lead its owner and the people around them in Styler babyliss pro

Styler for hair: what is it

Not long ago, conventional forceps were available only functions create curls and waves that did not allow fashionable women to implement all my ideas. But over time, this device has gradually perfected different artists, so in the end, the world had a hair Styler. What is it and how to use it - even know the young beauty, after all, such a device can be used even on children's strands.

Externally, the Styler like an ordinary Curling iron, but in this case it has additional attachments. Its novelty lies in the fact that when you purchase one instrument bundled with it are free to set the mounted parts. They not only allow you to curl or straighten hair, but to do the invoice.

Why you need this device

The Styler of hair is really a multifunctional device, for which girls like. He has a number of advantages that reflect its purpose. These include:


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  • The ability to create a variety of styling options, replacing the Packed part;
  • Innovative coating guarantees respect for the locks;
  • Device copes with any type of hair;
  • With it you can easily create any modern hairstyles (vertical and horizontal curls, retro style, beach waves, and so on);
  • Savings on the services of a stylist.


To Deal with the fact that it is hair Styler, better help description of the varieties of this device. This device is not only convenient salivales, but also a great innovative device which performs the function of hair care. This is done by using safe materials used in creating the fixture.

Today there are the following types of Styler for hair:

  1. Multistayler. This option performs several important functions, so it can be used both in the home and in the salon. It is perfect for those girls that do not suffer from boring and monotonous styling.
  2. Specialized device. A more budget option may not perform more than two functions. For example, the most common stylers of this type are devices that can straighten your hair and do styling steam.

babyliss Curling iron hair babyliss

Selection Rules

The Variety of goods on the shelves comes as a shock to buyers, so how to choose a suitable Styler is not always easy. Not to be mistaken with the purchase and receive from it the maximum pleasure and benefit, remember those moments that you need to pay attention. These criteria should be taken into consideration when buying the device in a real store and when ordering online. These include:

  1. Capacity. To use the Styler at home, you can choose the device with not too high power rating - up to 0.1 kW. Such a device will help to make a light Perm and straighten the hair without damaging their structure. But for more sophisticated hairstyles you will need to choose a model with a capacity of 0.1-1.5 kW.
  2. Number of nozzles. The effect of iron depends on the kinds of Packed parts. Conical fretboard is capable of making curls of different sizes, a nozzle width of 2 cm allows you to perform a large Curling iron smoothes strands, ripple creates a fluffy volume, and spiral neck gives more structured curls.
  3. Additional features. Design of certain models gives you the chance to not only make a chic styling, but also during the basic procedure to provide the healing effect. As additional features can be, for example, infrared radiation, amplifying the effect of smoothing, or static charge, giving hair silky.
  4. Coverage of the plates. Today you can find such options covering: ceramic (can evenly distribute the heat, is harmless curls), keratin (the ability to close the hair scales and glide through the hair more smoothly), and tourmaline (creates obstacles for the formation of static electricity on the strands).
  5. Manage. Stylers can be heated from 180 to 230 degrees. Thanks to the electronic temperature sensor you can set the temperature with maximum precision and to match it to a specific type of hair. Mechanical control has only two modes, but is considered outdated.
  6. Price. Hair Styler that performs one or two functions and is suitable only for home use, will cost about 3 thousand rubles. But if you want to buy a multifunction model should be ready forthe price tag, which will indicate the value of the order of 6-9 thousand rubles. Of course, there are more expensive options, but they can only be viewed by professional stylists working both at home and in salons.

How to use the Styler for my hair?

To Do elegant hairdos with the help of this tool as Styler, can each girl. This needs only to change the nozzle and set the required temperature.

Most Often, ladies want to make my curls, but few people can quickly determine their size. Because babyliss does not harm the hair, you can use it every day, and so there's a chance to try all new types of to use the Styler for the hair

Beautiful curls can be done this way:

  • Vertical wave - to create them you will need to separate the strands of 2-3 cm at a time to stretch them across the Packed part, which consists of three working surfaces;
  • Horizontal curls - the first step is to separate the strand the desired length, clamp the forceps horizontally, to wind and release in 4-6 seconds;
  • Spiral - you can make them by allocating a single strand, secure it on the cylinder by rotating the Styler in a vertical position.

Hair, of course, always look beautiful, but I want to straighten them the next day. This procedure will require attachment-pad. Experts recommend to choose the goods where the Packed part has a ceramic coating to minimize the possibility of damage to the strands.

Straighten your hair can be quite fast, but you need to follow a strict sequence of actions:

  • Wear the required head;
  • To connect the device to the network;
  • Wait for the warning about the heat;
  • Good hair comb and divide them into strands not too large;
  • Alternately place prygocki between warmed plates and pull them moving from roots to ends.


On the market Today, you can find products from different brands, which differ not only price, but quality. The best producers were recognized:

  1. Babyliss. The company produces a variety of equipment intended for use in beauty salons and hairdressing salons. French products meet the highest professional standards and undergoes a thorough quality control. In addition, the company has a special Department for development and improvement of an innovation.
  2. Bosch. German brand consists of several industries. The range of goods is large enough. It affects not only the equipment for application in the field of cosmetology, and industrial equipment, and home appliances for the home. These stylers have no complaints about uniqueness and innovation.
  3. The Braun. The world leader in creating equipment for health and beauty has a rather wide range of prices for each category of products.
  4. Philips. This company produces goods to meet customers ' needs. In its assortment you can find the best quality products for any price range.
  5. Remington. The main activity of the company is the product of the products for hair care. When purchasing a product from this brand, you can not even doubt his quality builds and perform all of its functions.
  6. Ritelli. Buyers who are interested in the automatic hair Styler, be sure to contact the manufacturer. Despite the fact that the cost of production of the firm is not available to all, the result the result is stunning.
  7. Rowenta. One of the leading makers of small household appliances and various devices for taking care of themselves also engaged in the production of stylers. Their range is available to every average customer.
  8. Scarlett. Completes the list of the brand, combining high quality, reasonable prices and innovative technology. It is particularly popular among Russian families who are happy to use devices of this brand every day.

hair Styler price

Most Popular models

The Best stylers for hair have their own characteristics and may have included additional attachments. Listed below are the best products belonging to different price segments. These models are popular, therefore they are worthy of attention. They differ not only in cost but in quality as well as functions.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Hair Styler Babyliss Pro always takes the first place in various rankings of the cabin fixtures. It has an interesting design and can be offered in three colors - pink, blue and black.

Amazing babyliss Curling iron hair Babyliss is perfect for professional stylists. This is ensured by the possibility of heating up to 230 degrees, ceramic coating, nylon, and the presence of three temperature regimes for medium, soft and bouncy curls.

The product Price is 6500 rubles. Despite the high price, it is purchased by women not only for salon use but also for stylers for hair


The Styler Babyliss hair always gets to your addresspositive feedback. They girls have expressed gratitude to the manufacturer and point to the following advantages:

  • Presence of timer;
  • The ability to curl your hair in different ways;
  • Ease of use;
  • The rotation of a cord on 360 degrees.

Philips HP 8699

The Budget option is designed for those fashionistas who want to get gorgeous hair without damaging the hair. Styler is equipped with several nozzles, such as:

  • Brush;
  • Device for the spiral curler;
  • Bead;
  • Rectifier
  • Tongs.

The device costs the buyers only 2500 rubles. Because of this prices many people think that the device very quickly breaks down or just won't have the intended effect, but actually it works perfectly and performs all its functions as well.Styler hair


Reviews of Styler for hair talking about low cost, decent set of tools and the modern design of the device. In addition, girls are quite satisfied with the heating time and the availability of pins for the strands that do not need to buy extra.

Remington S 8670

Along with previous models it is necessary to pay attention to the hair Styler, which has several temperature conditions, automatic shut-off and swivel cord. This device provides the following tips:

  • Ripple and ceramic inserts for alignment (located on one of the Packed parts from two sides);
  • Stiff brush;
  • For spiral curls;
  • Device for the elastic wave.

Should such a device about 3500 rubles. To afford such a purchase can a girl, so no complaints about the price they Styler what it is


In their comments about the Styler women customers claim that it is perfectly suited for elastic waves, which lasts for quite some time. In addition, it is a device like ion-conditioning, a great indicator of readiness for the procedure and ease of use.

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