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Makeup in any woman's life plays an important role. It allows you to emphasize the beauty and hide the flaws. It is sometimes not only necessary, but indispensable procedure. The secret of a beautiful make-up lies in the subtleties of its application and quality of cosmetics and materials. To create a unique image it is not enough makeup and a pair of hands. Makeup brushes-the best helper in the uniform and proper application of paint on the skin. In the article a detailed look at the famous brush MAC.

About the manufacturer

The MAC Brand was created in Canada in 1984. Literally the name translates as “makeup for makeup artists”, i.e. the aim of the manufacturer was the production of high-quality professional cosmetics which would meet all the requirements of beauty. The creators – make-up artist and photographer – knew how it should look impressive woman. Their communication with other known people in the beauty industry and the shooting quickly spread among the new production models and stars.

The Design of cosmetics was developed by professional artists and performed in black tones. One of the first instruments on the shelf in the MAC store Toronto became intensely red lipstick. It was a breakthrough: the market has ever seen! Later it was used for his photo shoot Madonna.

Why you need a brush?

How can an artist work without their main tool-brush? Of course not. And what about the girls when creating the image? After all, even the most simple daily makeup includes applying a light BB cream or powder, and blush. If the liquid tone you can still blend with a sponge (though not very convenient), then the right to inflict a crumbly substance is impossible.


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mac brushes

In the end, every woman, even the slightest care about their beauty and appearance, is a cosmetic set a minimum of 2–3 brush. Thus they are used almost daily, which requires high quality due to constant wear and tear. Brush MAC – the best choice for both Amateur and professional makeup.

Types of brushes

The Modern beauty industry offers a variety of cosmetic products. How many of their types have many brushes created! In addition, there are special brushes (MAC) for certain areas: eyebrows, nose wings and area under the eyes and eyelids. Get acquainted with the basic types of brushes depending on their purpose:

  • For a Foundation and primer – flat and rounded, often made of synthetic fibers. Allows you to evenly apply the product and blend it absorbs funds. Using a brush is easy to achieve a smooth tone.
  • Beveled for tone medium – used to draw the individual parts. Has a small size and a bevel at the edge. Perfect for drawing a nose.
  • For blush – medium round shape, or beveled, is used for dry correctors, which are applied on the cheekbones or whiskey.
  • For powder-fluffy, soft and large round brush shape copes with the powder and applies it evenly. It is believed that the larger the size of this brush, the better the powder.
  • For correction make-up – flat in the form of a fan; it removes particles from chipped tools from the face, while not smearing makeup.
  • Concealer – a small flat rounded brush to correct small areas of the face.
  • To draw arrows – a thin brush with a small pile.
  • For the shadows – flat and rounded brush with short bristles created for applying eye shadow, and beveled or tapered brush of this size is well suited to create a smooth transition between colors, smooth borders and shading.
  • Small brush with very short bristles are designed for the lower eyelid.
  • Flat angled brush helps in eyebrow shaping and creating arrows.
  • For lips – thin and pointed, allows you to create a perfect contour.
  • Comb for eyebrows and eyelashes.

Each of the brushes is important and necessary when applying makeup. Of course, for everyday preening need not all fit, but master will definitely be without the whole set. Brush MAC will amaze with its variety and quality. Will just have to decide which of them will be needed?

Wrap everything, please!

Created special sets of brushes for makeup, consisting of 7–24 tools. The best choice for home use, and a professional, too, is usually a set of 12 brushes. MAC 12 brushes consists of the most basic and necessary of furry assistants in the execution of the visage. Handle each of them made of wood, and the transition to NAP – metal (Nickel plated brass). Numbering and logo designer drawn font in silver paint.

makeup brushes mac

MAC brush Set is Packed in a pouch made of synthetic leather. Additionally, the kit provided a small size cosmetic bag made in black color. It has a middle button and zipper.

Makeup Brushes MAC have their own code, which is indicated on the handle. To make it easier to navigate in numbering, the manufacturer adheres to this rule: code 100 designated brush for the face, 200 – for the eyes (and concealer), 300 – for the lips. In the set are brushes:

Brush Set makeup MAC (12 pieces)










The Foundation


Brush pencil for shadows.


Eyes (flat)





The Eye




Shading and creating arrows (angled)



The Set is universal when applying any kind of makeup. The pile of the brushes are made of natural materials (goat). Colored bristles, it turns out after painting. The structure of the metal part of the brush is such that a user can easily hold it in hands. Besides, a little rounded part makes the brush shedding, grip the pile.

Brush for blush and powder (No. 168 and 134)

Wide rounded brush # 134 made specially for applying powder and other loose pigments. Soft bristles evenly distributes the particles, not driving them deep into the brush. The handle is made of wood. Design – black color, cylindrical shape handle (without contractions), turning into a rounded metal part and a pile of goat hair.

mac brush set

Brush set makeup MAC (12 pieces) also includes a special blush brush No. 168. It allows you to simulate cheeks and properly apply circuit. Makeup artists recommend to have this in my purse: it will never go wrong. Holds its shape, moderately soft and dense, with high accuracy apply a proper amount of blush and it is good to shade them.

Bronzer or toner (No. 187 and 190)

MAC brush Set (12 pieces) is a convenient tools for applying pigments of different textures and appearance. Brush No. 187 made of natural and synthetic textures, forming a pile. The handle is shortened. The thickness and density of bristles average. Ideal for shading powders and other pigments, as well as when applying bronzer. Distributes evenly and leaves no sharp transitions or boundaries. It makes the makeup more natural, and the complexion is even.

set of brushes for makeup mac 12 pieces

Makeup Brushes MAC are several items needed when applying liquid Foundation. In the set are No. 190. It is a flat brush with a rounded end to the bristles and a short handle. It is convenient to mix colors and smudge tool. Shape brush No. 190 allows the ideal cover even difficult areas (for example, the area of the nose wings). The lint brush is made from a hypoallergenic synthetic material that repels moisture. Foundation is not absorbed into it, which allows efficient use of the tool. Brush # 190 is suitable for both beginners and makeup artists.

Eye Makeup brush No. 212 and 231

MAC Brushes (12 pieces) includes a number of different devices, which execute the eye makeup. For example, brush # 212 flat is made with short pile rectangular in shape, consisting of elastic synthetic bristles. Top cut, which allows you to apply shades on your eyes and draw the outline. Designed to work with all types of textures: powder, liquid and cream.

analogues of brushes mac

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