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Recently on the Russian cosmetic market appeared the anti-aging company Jeunesse. Its products are different from the accounting method of its effect on cells. This article describes the features of the products of Jeunesse are listed and consumer reviews.

About company

Jeunesse Global-famous cosmetic company dedicated to developing unique tools and methods for preserving youth. She was at the end of the last century in the United States. At the moment the company has an extensive network around the world. In Russia also there is an official distributor of Jeunesse Global.

The concept of the company is significantly different from other cosmetic brands. So, the founders chose a different path of research. They use the valuable knowledge and experience in medicine to create remedies for anti-aging.

Collaboration with the best scientists and doctors led to the discovery of completely new methods of rejuvenation. So, the employee of Jeunesse Dr. Newman was awarded the Nobel prize for his outstanding contribution in preserving youth. The company Jeunesse – the world's only brand that produces food and cosmetics for anti-aging, acting at the cellular level.

Now the company is growing rapidly and is constantly improving its products. Hundreds of scientific employees daily conduct important research and tests.

Modern labs and equipment enable scientists to develop completely new products. So, the staff Jeunesse began work on a means of losing weight. Many projects dealt with the creation of products to improve your health.


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jeunesse reviews

Products Jeunesse

The Company produces several product lines. The first series of funds consists of the makeup with the Luminesce growth factors stem cells in the adult.

The Second series is called Jeunesse Global and includes food and different supplements that affect the aging process at the cellular level. The product line includes antioxidants, cleansing the body and maintaining normal levels weight and metabolism. When you create a series of Jeunesse Global, the developers took into account all the factors and causes of aging. In addition to providing anti-aging effect, this line also contributes to saturation of essential vitamins and minerals.

All Jeunesse tools are thoroughly inspected and tested for quality and safety. Therefore, the manufacturer guarantees positive results from the use of products.

jeunesse global

Jeunesse Cosmetics

A Comprehensive skin care – one of the main directions in which the work of specialists of the company Jeunesse. Cosmetics created specifically for Luminesce anti-aging. So, according to the manufacturer, the effect of these anti-aging tools will be visible only when using the entire series.

For good results always need to apply in the morning and before going to sleep anti-aging cellular serum. After that you should handle the skin moisturizer for daily care. And in the evening after the serum should be applied even night repair complex. The tool intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin during sleep.

To reduce the risk of wrinkling and fast combat existing in the series there is a lifting mask which contains natural ingredients. It instantly tightens the facial contours and make the skin more radiant and fresh. Also, the mask contains a complex of vitamins and antioxidants that effectively nourish the skin.

To soften, restore the skin and relieve various irritations in the series Luminesce is lotion for the face and body. In its composition contains substances that efficiently care for all skin types and provide maximum hydration.

The series includes a cleanser that helps maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin, purifies and neutralizes harmful substances.

company jeunesse

Product Benefits

To date, funds from this manufacturer are considered the most effective. Excellent results from use due the unique composition of the products of Jeunesse. Customer testimonials serve as proof of that.

The Company uses the mechanism of rejuvenation through DNA repair and the effects of antioxidants, which help to increase life expectancy of cells. Also, the developers are using new patented technology of stem cell use.

Other benefits of Jeunesse products:

  • The presence in the composition of funds has 248 growth factors stem cells;
  • Quick restore collagen and elastin;
  • Anti-Allergy components;
  • Natural ingredients;
  • Effective face lift;
  • Natural skin rejuvenation;
  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • Nutrition and hydration of the skin for 24 hours;
  • Fix cosmetic defects – cosmetic treats scars, scars, acne and various skin damage;
  • No immunity.

What is the secret of the efficiency of the product?

Rejuvenation by means of Jeunesse happens at the cellular level. This approach is based on the discovery of growth factors of stem cells. They mainly affect the renovation and restoration of the body. Stem cells are found in layers of fat. Special syringe the doctors are doing the fence of the biomaterial and separate the healthy stem cells. Then placed on a nutrient medium where they began to share. During this process are protein molecules which give other cells signal the need for rapid growth and reproduction. Thus there is a natural renewal of the cells in the body. These growth factors are used and scientists Jeunesse.

Each tool contains over 200 such factors. They easily penetrate the epidermis and stimulate the metabolism and recovery. The result is a taut healthy skin.

products jeunesse

Long-term effect of rejuvenation

The Manufacturer promises that regular use of Jeunesse anti-aging remedies will give excellent result that will remain for a long time. Changes will occur not only with the appearance. People who pass at least one course of therapy, you will feel better and energized. Well, if during the application of anti-aging remedies to give your body a little exercise is guaranteed to improve sleep and increase performance.

jeunesse cosmetics

The value of the products Jeunesse

All products from this manufacturer is very expensive. This is due to the unique composition of cosmetic products, the latest technology and scientific research, which was used in the production of the tools Jeunesse.

Prices for the products in the Luminesce range from 3000 to 10000 rubles. Night and day nutrition cost 8000 rubles. And for a set of special capsules for longevity you need to pay 13,000 rubles.

Perhaps the high cost – the only drawback of the products of Jeunesse. Reviews often relate to prices. But the result from using these tools allows you to find it more economical than numerous rejuvenating treatments in the salons.

jeunesse prices

Customer Reviews

About the quality and efficiency of tools Jeunesse customer reviews are positive. Many women quickly felt the improvement of the skin. After a course of integrated use of anti-aging tools oval caught up and evened out the wrinkles. Even changed the color of the entity.

Women who have problem skin, managed to cure her. This makeup is even used for rehabilitation of affected tissues.

Sometimes you can find negative reviews. Some users are unhappy with the cosmetics Jeunesse. Reviews these buyers relate to the high cost. Some customers claim that this brand means not deliver the promised effect. But we must consider the fact that the Russian market this manufacturer came out recently, so many people treat it with distrust. The best way to learn about product quality – try it yourself.


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