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Mascara – an important attribute in women's purse. Modern tools have many features: color, lengthen eyelashes, make them three-dimensional. It is important to use cosmetics is not showered and does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eye. Many mascaras come in and nourishing ingredients that protect the eyes from negative environmental factors.

mascara Leningrad

In modern cosmetic stores represented a large variety of different means. Among them you can buy quality mascara that is water-resistant, to increase the amount of different colors. Every woman can find the right cosmetics for yourself. But in 1980-e years the country has produced several brands: "Evening", "Terry" and ink "Leningrad". The last is now. Many women prefer to use it, even with such a large range of other funds.

About the Soviet mascara

"Leningrad" mascara at that time was considered a deficit, as it was difficult to acquire. Because of this, women have used different substitutes with vaseline, soot, burnt matches, crushed pencil lead. All this served as a cosmetic. In Soviet times, the ink "Leningrad" had a specialized issue. It was produced on the theatrical factories to make-up. With it made and other means, for example adhesive moustaches. That is why the products are impossible to find in conventional stores.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Soviet ink has many advantages. Thanks to these women choose this proven tool. The advantages of the product include:

  • Rich color eyelashes;
  • Safety;
  • Natural ingredients;
  • Affordable price;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Long service life;
  • The effect of lengthening eyelashes;
  • Odorless.

a complete disappointment

Cons include:

  • The inconvenience of use;
  • Navigationnode;
  • Lack of in stores.


Black ink is great for evening and everyday makeup. You need to apply it correctly, because it affects the accuracy of the face. The end result is a voluminous fluffy lashes. In addition to decorative function, the mascara has a protective effect: protects from dust, wind, sun.


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Products have been produced in blocks, complete with brush. In this form it is released now. Still, it was called "ink-Spitter "Leningrad". This is due to the fact that for dyeing eyelashes a means to soak, and women use their saliva to.

mascara reviews Leningrad

The Brush is not very easy to evenly applying mascara. Moreover, the tool is not always homogeneous, and therefore the lashes stick together. For the separation used a needle or sharpened match. But this method of application is not very secure. Now, many women do not enjoy and take for painting individual brush.

Ink "Leningrad" gives lashes a rich color and volume, making its use now. To the lack of products include a burning sensation and irritation if it gets in the eyes. You need to quickly repair the tool, or during the day the eye will be red and inflamed.


"Leningrad" mascara, a photo of which is presented in the article has its composition. It includes:

  • Soap;
  • Stearin;
  • Beeswax;
  • Ceresin;
  • Mineral oil;
  • Soot;
  • Flavoring.

Leningrad mascara photo

Cosmetics do not contain harmful components. Compared to many other means ink "Leningrad" is a natural product, since it does not include preservatives and other compounds. Only soap can cause irritation and redness of the eyes, but if it is messy to apply makeup. Other consequences of the treatments will not. Therefore, the "Leningrad" mascara reviews, which are only positive, was in demand.

Modern tools

Mascara was very popular in USSR, and now it can be found in the market. Its cost is much lower than any other cosmetics. But if you read the composition of modern tools, it includes other components, compared with the same time. Cosmetics include:

  • White wax;
  • TEA stearate;
  • Acacia extract;
  • Water;
  • Methylparaben;
  • Fragrance composition;
  • CI 77499;
  • CI 77019;
  • CI 77007;
  • CI 77289;
  • CI 77891.

Modern ink "Leningrad", where you can find different, has not such quality as before. Although the tool is cheap, not waterproof, dry, it is quite difficult to apply. Fans of classic mascara is easy to distinguish this version of counterfeiting.

Types of brushes

In Order not to damage the ink, it is necessary to choose the right brush. It is important that it was convenient to use. Common types include:

  • Curved brush is necessary to curl the eyelashes, which serve as tongs;
  • Silicone is carried out eyelashes but not meant for creating volume;
  • Plastic make lashes voluminous, but they need to share with a special comb.
  • Spiral need to scroll a bit when applying mascara, this type is ideal for all types of eyelashes;
  • With long and dense bristles make your lashes and separate them;
  • With short bristles used for short cilia, which must be carefully paint over.

ink Spitter Leningrad

It is Necessary to choose not only the ink but also the right brush. This will allow you to create a beautiful makeup without compromising health. And included with this fixture are not suitable for all.

Helpful tips

If the selected ink and brushes, you should pay attention to several important factors. Whatever products or has been tested, you should be familiar with composition and manufacturer. It is important to consider the shelf life. No need to take cosmetics from the shop window, as it is likely that it is often opened and used. Apply mascara for 3 months and then it start bacteria. Therefore, it is better to purchase sealed tool.

It is Necessary to remember about the composition. Often, the ink includes carbon black, water, alcohol, soap, oil, resin – it all depends on the kind of cosmetics. Many tools include vitamins that maintain the health of the eyelashes. You should pay attention to the smell. Quality products has a weak flavor and rich might have something to hide.

Leningrad mascara reviews

Apply mascara, you should be careful. Required thin layers to avoid gluing eyelashes. It is advisable to take a little money, and it is necessary to eliminate excess cloth. After the first coat must dry and then you can apply a second.

Makeup should not go to sleep because eyelashes fast break. Mascara need to remove the toilet milk or a special tool. The skin around eyes must be treated regularly with cream. The person must at least sometimes to have a rest from cosmetics, so you should not put on makeup every day.

From one of the carcasses do not need to wait for superior results, since each tool performs its function. There is one for lengthening and another – to give volume. You should carefully choose the products, as this will allow you to purchase high quality ink. And it will make a great makeup.


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