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Impeccable manicure for every day – meta every girl. Neat and groomed nails are always the center of attention, no matter what pattern or color, chosen for the everyday look.

Everyday manicure

Manicured nails have long been a hallmark of man. Hands are judged on neatness, taste, sense of style and the attitude to yourself. It is therefore important to regularly take care of hands and nails. Self-care of nails and skin around them can each woman, and to do it at home not so difficult. However, this is sometimes not enough – from time to time, like to the hands and nails design complements the complete way and also become an integral part of the image.

manicure for each day

Everyday manicure – this is a special kind of nail design that would be appropriate in any situation. The main thing when creating it - avoid bright, flashy colors and flashy experience.

Long or short?

The Eternal problem of modern girls. Fortunately, to afford claws “a La Catwoman” can each person, and the time it will take not so much – only 60 minutes in the salon, and manicure for each day ready. But here's the catch: long nails – a highly controversial phenomenon. There is an opinion that most men prefer short but neat nails, not the fingers with blades at the ends. However, even long nails make a modest manicure every day. Photo speaks volumes about the fact that even a slightly elongated nail plate can look quite modest and harmonious.


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manicure for every day photo

The Short nails – this is not a reason to be upset. Modern technologies allow to create an original design that is both subtle and creative. So, for example, shellac has long established itself as the perfect alternative to artificial nails. Besides, it's the right decision that allows you to create a manicure every day. The gel has no negative impact on the nail plate, and also allows you to create extraordinary design for everyday wear.

Rules for a flawless manicure

As has been said, beautiful nails – manicured nails. Therefore, you first need to take care of beauty and grooming hands and only then to fantasize about the unusual design.

  1. To create a beautiful manicure every day, you need to choose the correct form of the nails. Now popular square shape, however, really harmonious, she looks great on long fingers. If lady's finger is not music, it is better to give preference to an oval or almond-shaped form.
  2. Definitely need to remove unwanted skin around the nail plate. There are several ways of getting rid of cuticles: using trays or special tools, softening rough skin.
  3. All claws must be of the same length, otherwise the manicure for each day will look asymmetrically.

In Addition, you need to choose the right skin care products for your hands. Wrinkled, chapped, or weathered, it's gonna be the fly in the ointment, which spoil the perfect manicure every day. Photo demonstrates how refined may be the easiest design.

beautiful manicure every day

Short, but very attractive

To create a harmonious everyday nail design, you must adhere to certain recommendations that will help to create a truly beautiful manicure.

  • Round design with a lot of small details will not look good on short nails. Sleek design in style Feng Shui (decor only on the ring finger)– the best decision. All remaining claws must be coated with lacquer, neutral colors.
  • The pattern on short nails should take no more than 1/3 of the nail plate. You should avoid complex geometric patterns.
  • Don't forget about the magic of color. So, some of the shades can visually lengthen the nail plate. If the nail itself is broad, it is not necessary details to paint the side edge – it is better to leave them without nail Polish. Vertical pictures will also help to make the claws a little longer.
  • Creating a sleek design for everyday wear, it is better to limit ourselves to two colors. An otherwise plain manicure every day will look ridiculous.

Perfect for discreet manicure are: color cover, classic French or sophisticated pattern on one finger.

manicure for every day gel

The color palette

Plain manicure – this is not always boring and banal. The current fashion industry offers incredible shades that will give odds to any sculpting on the nails. Metal, matte, Ombre, and more – with the help of modern varnishes can at least every week to show off with bright and unusual claws. In addition, do not forget about the classic shades, which allow you to create exquisite manicure every day.

Gel Polish, which has become popular in recent years, is securely held in the nail plate, makes it easy for you to do any homework, and not worry about the safety of the nails.

French manicure

This design is versatile and allows you to create original variations, which are suitable for everyday wear and for social events. Master nail salons and creative girl create truly unique masterpieces on the nails, based on French manicure. Even a simple Matt coating is able to bring a certain twist to the usual French.

manicure for every day gel Polish

This trend is popular for several years. Experts argue that the French manicure will long serve as the basis for creative flight of design ideas.

Even the classic French manicure will be the best solution for those who are already tired to come up with a variety of options for creative design. Besides, it's a good idea that will allow you to create a classic manicure every day.

Do Not forget also about the latest trends of the French manicure – its lunar variation. It is already possible to play on contrasts, as well as create original compositions that emphasize individuality and will be harmonious completion directly of the image.

The Most fashionable and the latest shades of the season

A classic is a Classic. It always remains in trend. Therefore, the modern fashionista can quietly painting your nails in classic shades. Deep black color, the whole palette of red and matte white – a win-win solution for everyday manicure.

a simple manicure every day

50 shades of grey – no, it is not the name of acclaimed film and book of the same name, is a palette of fashionable shades this season.

Gentle and romantic girls can continue to paint his claws pink and pastel colours – no one can reproach them for inconsistency trends.

Whatever everyday nail design, you need to follow only one rule – a natural and well-groomed. And all the rest – it's a matter of taste.


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