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The founding Date of the cognac factory «Sevastopol» is considered to be 1962. However, at the time, he wore a completely different name. The farm «Komsomolskaya» specialized in the production of champagne and sparkling wines. Also in his range were fine, dessert and ordinary drinks. At the beginning of the nineties the company first released the cognac products.

brandy factory Temryuk

Quality assurance

Their goods brandy factory «Sevastopol» regularly presents at international exhibitions and gets high marks from world-class experts. Merit Taman winemakers are confirmed by medals and diplomas of the contests «Golden Gryphon" (Crimea), “snacks” (Anapa), “cornucopia” (Stavropol), «South» (Krasnodar).

Flagship designs, which have become a symbol of the enterprise are prepared with the addition of the alcohols of four - and five-year exposure. The lion's share of grapes used in production are grown on the Taman Peninsula.

To Purchase branded drinks in the stores of national retail chains and in their own shop. Address brandy factory «Sevastopol», and the tasting room: 27 Sep, building No. 21.

Odessa brandy factory address

Raw materials

The vineyard Area of the company exceeds 400 hectares. An abundance of clear and hot Sunny days, mild Maritime climate and experience of agronomists can increase the volume of production. Special climatic conditions, which differ Taman, recognized as one of the most comfortable for cultivation of technical grades of grapes.


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The Professionals of the cognac factory «Sevastopol» actively working on growing and improving wine-making qualities of varieties such as ‘ruby golodryga”, “Isabella”, “dunavski Lazur”, “Moldova”. Usually mass removal harvest begins in mid-August and may be delayed until the last days of October.

For collection of raw materials is used exclusively by the manual method. Field work involved about seventy people. In order to improve palatability of the final product, the company's management has long abandoned mechanical treatment of the vines.

Total weight berry weight grown for the year, exceeds three thousand tons. To peresource start in the middle of winter. The duration of this process is 180 days.

Temryuk cognac factory wine


With the onset of the first sultry summer days, the procedure for the preparation of cognac distillates is completed. Typically, the transition to a new stage is no later than April. For the distillation of raw materials, time-tested machines PU-500. Going this equipment at the factory in Italy.

The Basis for future drinks bottled in wooden barrels. For their production using oak barrels that are older than a hundred years. Bring them from the protected area of the next Adygea. Among the features of the formulation used in the Temryuk on the plant and brandy wines, there are the following aspects:

  • Special extraction cake, eliminates impurities;
  • The integrity of bones, which allows to minimize the bitterness of the grapes.

For more than fifty years of successful and fruitful work the company has established the optimal duration required for the fermentation of sugars contained in the berry mass, in ethyl alcohol. The fermented juice is distilled twice. Thus is achieved the claimed technology fortress. The aging period exceeds four years.

products cognac factory Temryuk


A Symbol products brandy factory «Sevastopol» is the eponymous drink, produced over several decades. He has an authentic and rich aroma. Its merits – the softness and harmony of flavor.

Tasting note bright notes of vanilla and sweetness of fruit fruit. The heart of cognac-a floral arrangement. It allows you to experience not only the aroma, but the taste and generous gifts of Kuban open spaces. To get the desired result, winemakers need to put a lot of effort. The recipe of this drink is kept in the strictest confidence.

On the counter of the shop brandy factory in Temryuk is also represented “Trainers”, “Marshal”, “Prince Temryuk”. The cost of alcohol produced by the company range from 100 to 9 000. Bottling is done in bottles of 100, 500, and 700 milliliters. These drinks are aged for four years.

In Addition to their Arsenal KZ «Sevastopol» sweet wines and liqueurs "Peach brandy”, “Isabella”, “Cranberry cognac” and other names.

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