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Probably one of the most difficult but at the same time interesting places for business development is the village. How to earn in the village? Many entrepreneurs refuse to even think about this, citing the fact that outside the city limits of opportunity for real earnings with virtually no. But is it? Especially for you we have reviewed and selected the most promising ideas for business development in the village.

Idea # 1. The mill

Despite the fact that the sawmill – this is not the most profitable business in the village, not to mention the option of earning it would be just blasphemous. After all absolutely no difficulties in terms of organization in this case will not. All you will need – a woodworking shop, machinery and trained staff-woodworkers.

the village how to make money in the village

Idea # 2. Mobile shop

It – another interesting way how to earn money in the village. Particularly relevant this idea is in warm season – in this period the population of the village could increase significantly due to the citizens coming to rest. Typically the local retail outlets in the late spring and summer simply can not cope with a huge influx of customers, and therefore mobile shop will be able to bring you a good income.

Idea # 3. Tourism

For residents of modern cities, the only place where you can enjoy the proximity of nature, to relax from the constant hustle and bustle, is the village. How to make money in the village, knowing this? The answer lies on the surface – the tourist business in the province has always remained one of the most cost-effective and lucrative enterprise.


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Business activities. its essence and basic functions

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Of Course, those who are ready to escape from civilization altogether, there are not many, but because the presence of the Internet and mobile communication will be a huge plus to a picturesque lake, green, full of the freshness, the woods and the possibility of skiing in winter days.

It is fair to say about some of the cons of the business – in particular, you'll need a fairly large investment in rent rural houses and advertising. In addition, there is some dependence on the weather and other factors – there is always a risk not to find customers for the entire season.

business village

Idea # 4. Breeding animals

Animal – a lucrative business in the village, although quite difficult. Much depends on the scale: in order to reach a high level of income, you will need to build farmyard area of not less than 100 square meters, to buy pigs or other animals feed. Optional – to open a processing plant. However, income will have to wait quite a long time, for several years, as it will have to wait until the animals grow up. To increase the profit due to the purchase of the smokehouse and sale of smoked meat.

Idea # 5. Mushroom cultivation

Of Course, nothing beats a stroll through the morning forest, and an independent gathering of mushrooms. However, urban residents prefer to buy ready-made canned and packaged mushrooms, with no time for such outings and trusting those who are better versed in different types of forest berries. And because their cultivation for sale-really good earnings in the village with minimal cost and a sustained average profitability.

Idea # 6. Beekeeping

It's Amazing how many opportunities open to entrepreneurs village. How to make money in the village on breeding bees? Despite the complexity of his own apiary, this business is worth it 100 %. Before you begin, you should consult with experienced beekeepers, and even better – to take a special course. The arrangement of the apiary of 40 hives and purchase all the necessary equipment and on average it takes about 70-80 thousand rubles. With each hive you can get from 20 to 50 pounds of high quality honey.

how to make money in the village

Idea # 7. Crop

Agriculture – one of the oldest human occupations. Its development it began before our era. In our days the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and grains is no less important. All calculations are based depending on those cultures with which you plan to work.

A Rough idea about costs and profits can be obtained, for example potatoes. Major investments are needed to buy potatoes. 10 thousand pounds in the fall can be purchased at wholesale price - 10 rubles per 1 kilogram. The result is 100 thousand.

On average, one kilogram of potatoes planted out 5 pounds on top. Remember that to calculate the profit, you will need otminusovat the cost of purchasing or leasing a large plot of land, as well as transportation and diesel fuel for planting and subsequent harvesting.


Idea # 8. Milk production

Milk production – another interesting idea for those who are thinking about how you can earn in the village. The main expense in this case – purchase of cows. On average, one animal can be purchased for 8,000 rubles. To such business in the village will bring you a significant income, you need at least 10 cows – this will allow you to receive up to 10 liters of milk per day from each.

Among the main advantages of this type of activity it is necessary to highlight the fact that in summer you don't have to spend money to buy food – it is possible to deduce animals on pastures that are near any village. If you hold the billet feed for the winter on their own, the costs can be limited to transport services.

Roots, straw and grain for animal feed can be purchased at wholesale prices or raise on their own or rented plots.

In Addition, you'll need the car for storage and transportation of milk, specialized equipment (separator, churn, etc.).

how can I make money in the village

Idea # 9. The earthworms

Surprised? Meanwhile, it is – a very profitable business in the village, because the demand for certain breeds worms and their waste products used as fertilizers, is growing every year. Especially popular Californian worms.

Idea # 10. Opening an online interior

Disregard the “traditional" ways of earning in the village and talk about how you can earn in the province of those who are not attracted by agriculture. One of the options – the opening of the Internet club with a high-speed network access and a fairly large number of computers. High technologies have become increasingly embedded in the life of modern man, and if a few dozen years ago the village was like “disconnected”, now the situation has changed dramatically-people communicate in social networks, looking for useful information, play and work online. This means that the lack of customers you will never be.

Idea # 11. Crafts

And this option will suit creative types, people who like to do something with their hands. At your disposal – priceless gifts of mother nature, beautiful and “live” materials. You can choose one of the numerous directions. Here are just a few ideas that should adopt:

  • Weave furniture and making crafts from straw, willow, willow;
  • Create cute Souvenirs from wood and pebbles;
  • Trade garden ornaments and holiday figurines made of polymer stone and plaster.

To Learn these lessons fairly quickly, and in cities such handmade are sold very expensive. You can start mass production of Handicrafts and decoration items – for this you will need to find interested people, train them and equip in his home work space.

In Addition to the General monitoring and guidance on your shoulders also fall advertising campaign management, search the market and establishing contacts with the points of sale.

earnings in the village

Idea # 12. Eco-camping

In contrast to conventional agri-tourism, in this case, you don't have to spend money on renting or buying houses, we are talking about an unforgettable camping that is so highly valued by the residents of busy cities. It is noteworthy that register and register their activities officially in this case is optional – except that in the case if you plan to hang around the area bright posters and signage advertising.

However, without good advertising cannot do: the most powerful source of clients will be served by the Internet. You can create your own small website or blog, promote it in your region in well-chosen key words. An important psychological aspect – location quality, large and truly beautiful photos. You can place ads on third-party resources: specialized forums, blog platforms, social networks and so on.

It is Important to consider additional services and activities: they will be your trump card in competitive struggle. It can be a variety of trips and excursions, exciting games and quests for young people, the implementation of the unusual residents of the rural R...

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