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The Potato is the most popular crop. The process of cleaning has its technological complexity, which can be eliminated through the use of special equipment-potato harvester. Modern agriculture can not do without this machine, which saves not only costs but also time.

What is potato harvesters?

This is agricultural machine designed for harvesting potatoes. Some models may have additional devices, allowing you to pick up onions and beets from the windrow.

Potato harvesters are designed to get maximum yield with minimum damage to the soil and adjacent areas with a different crop. These machines possess high maneuverability and can be easily deployed even in difficult conditions in small areas.

All current models of combines have the side type of undermining. This means that the tractor moves away from the ridge, not behind or in front of him. This allows you to use larger tires for the wheels and, consequently, reduce the pressure on the soil.

potato harvesters

Working Principle of potato harvester

The Combine is equipped with a special digging up a device that consists of two blades with adjustable angle of tilt of the roller for adjusting the depth of immersion, spring-loaded cutoff discs and rollers to remove the tops. During operation, this device digs with a certain depth a layer of soil with the tubers and tops and feeds it to a screening mechanism. Then the tubers along with leaves and wholemeal soil residues go on a feeding belt. Around this mechanism there is tape to remove the tops from large cells and 5–6 rows of ridges for cutting away the leaves, soil and stones.


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After all these stages the potatoes with a rotating rubber "fingers” and a restraint cushion is directed to sorting the panel and the tape to remove the small potatoes and waste. Sorting panel is in a horizontal position. It is well protected from dust and provided with comfortable conditions for the workers. Can work from 5 to 7 people on both sides.

After sorting, the potatoes are sent to tapes to upload in a special bunker with movable bottom. Adjusting the height of the bottom, it is possible to reduce the height of fall of the tubers and hence reduce their damage. Also, the hopper gives you the ability to upload products on both sides. Tuber small size potato harvesters have a small bunker with the possibility of discharge.

potato harvester grimme

Possible options

Potato harvesters can have the following additional tools:

  1. A Mechanism for collections of onions and beets.
  2. Sun canopy.
  3. Funnel for discharging products.

Types of potato harvesters

All potato machine is divided according to the following parameters:

  1. The size of the processed field harvesters for large, large and medium, medium and small areas.
  2. Hopper capacity: machines with a two-ton, three-ton hopper, etc.
  3. Design: Elevator and hopper.
  4. Method of attachment: trailed, semi-mounted, mounted.
  5. Number of concurrently processed rows: single row, double row, four-row harvesters.
  6. According to the method of digging soil: combines the Central and the side tunnel.

Most popular in Russia, it is single-row potato harvester. This machine is ideal for processing small areas, as the volume of the hopper between different models up to 10 tons If the harvest is good, much better to use the harvester Elevator type. Much less frequently used four-row machine. Basically, this type of harvester used in potato-growing farms.

In addition to the technical characteristics, the majority of farmers pay attention to the quality performance of the processor. In most cases in agriculture using combine harvesters side of the tunnel, which is much less damage to the tubers. The fact that this machine Assembly is located on the side of the tractor, which travels on already cleaned areas. Also, this type of combine is of the highest quality potato handling and more performance.

potato harvester price

How to choose a processor?

Buying potato harvester, be sure to consider the size of the treated field. To use the machine on small and large areas. But when large volumes of processed products will need a more powerful processor with better performance.

When choosing a potato harvester you need to pay attention to the following basic parameters:

  • Performance;
  • The steps of collecting the potatoes;
  • The method of loading of tubers in the harvester;
  • Presence engine;
  • Design type separating mechanism;
  • The class part stiffness, designed for the removal of soil from the crop.

Modern agricultural machinery manufacturers produce potato harvesters in different models and modifications. They differ in the type of attachment, method of tillage, and other options. So the buyer can choose the best type of machine that will effectively, reliably and economically to harvest.

KPK potato harvester

Major manufacturers

The Modern market of agricultural machinery is presented by a large number of machines of different modifications. In our time, among Russian farmers is the most popular potato harvester Grimme harvester and Dutch-Russian company «Kolner”. More recently, Russia has also produced the potato aggregates on the firm “Agrotekhresurs”. But now the company produces only the model CCP-2-01 and a range of spare parts for previously manufactured types of harvesters.

The Best reputation on the market of agricultural machinery has earned a potato harvester Grimme. It has proven itself in the industrial cultivation of potatoes. In addition, the manufacturer produces different types of cars: hopper, Elevator, self-propelled harvesters with lateral and Central tunnel. Large range of potato units allows you to choose the car for any soil type. Important benefits of the harvesters Grimme – high quality of work and excellent performance parameters.

single-row potato harvester

Domestic appliances

Many farmers prefer potato harvesters manufactured in Russia. Although foreign units have better functionality and more comfort for the operator, they are less prepared to work with Russian soil. Among the domestic models the most commonly used machine CPC. Potato harvester of this type is produced by enterprise “Ryazselmash” since 1987. First, the plant manufactured three-piece unit. And after some time managed to launch the production of two-row combine harvester, which is produced to this day.

mini potato harvester

The Cost of potato unit

There are many factors that affect how much it will cost potato harvester. The price of this unit to date ranges from 850 thousand to 20 million rubles. Most affordable combines domestic production. And for European multifunctional potato harvester will have to pay a little more. Among the harvesters of the trailed type is the most expensive segment of the market represented by the assemblies from the Grimme company.

Basically, the cost of the harvester is affected by the level of performance, dimensions, type of machinery (self-propelled or towed machine), the tunnel, the number of harvested rows, the quality of cleaning of tubers and other parameters. If the processor you plan to use over large areas, then it is better to choose a more powerful machine with a large hopper. And for the treatment of minor areas the best option will be mini potato harvester, the average cost of which amounts to 850 thousand rubles.


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