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Shaped articles of iron and steel is widely used in installation of pipes. Without these elements is hardly possible to design any sewer or water system. It should be noted that the range fasanini so wide that it is possible to make tubes of almost any configuration.

Today there are companies that provide clients with all the necessary fittings. To see the range, it is enough to visit several specialty shops, pay attention to product catalogs.


What materials are suitable for production

Any fittings tubing made of steel (also often used cast iron ductile iron). A lot depends on exactly what kind of tubing is used – made of the first or of the last material. It's simple: if steel, the fittings must be steel.

As practice shows, the cast iron fasolino do mostly with sockets, which is why it is believed that it is the most popular connection pipes together. Although flanged cast iron products also exist. If we talk about shaped steel parts, they can only be flanged.

what shapes

Suggest That modern companies

As a rule, any firm with a good reputation has in its Arsenal manufacturing Department, where they make shapes. To get fashino of cast iron, used material brand ductile iron (high-strength, alloy spheroidal graphite). The parameters of the products of such materials so that the products can be used for a very long time – for at least fifty years.


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Top fittings cover different compositions. If steel products, outside they are treated with a layer of soil, thus use enamel, which is resistant to corrosion. The inner side surface is not processed-it is forbidden SNiP to avoid negative impacts on water quality, which is necessary to the population. If you consider cast iron products, here everything is different – from the inside they are processed by a cement-sandy composition, with the outer part – zinc paint or lacquer coating.

Not to mention that the sizes of sockets and flanges fittings fully comply not only with the GOST 5525-88, but also ISO 2531. This product can be used even for construction works involving pipe from manufacturers.

fittings for mounting

Classification of fittings

We understand that the fittings, now we should talk about the internal classification – it is in every type of product. That is, the common name “tee” combines several types fasanini, “issue” two, “transition” four.

Consider the main groups – everything depends on the destination of the connection details:

  1. Bends, elbows and corners.
  2. Collectors and tees.
  3. Transitions.
  4. Plugs.
  5. Flanges.
  6. Coupling iron coupling.
  7. Other elements.

Fasalina: etymology

In General, fittings are a lot of different names. It is worth noting a few expressions that denote the same products.

  • Fittings for installation (assuming that we are talking about the parts from which is made, for example, water).
  • Fitting – this concept came from the English language, can be translated as "mounting and installation".
  • Fashina – the most laconic and capacious designation range of products that are in demand during installation of pipelines.

The Term “hugunin” there is also – is the word used to denote the connecting elements of cast iron, but the concept is not fully correct. It has long been referred to as decorative ornaments for fences and gates, and casting for Russian stoves. Entirely of cast iron, not cast fittings, since their surface is rather complicated.

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