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Poultry farms and household farms divorce can chickens of different breeds. Popular with Russian farmers use poultry meat direction of productivity, and egg. Broilers bred on many farms, villages and cottages. One of the best meat breeds is Brahma.

The Procedure is purely technically quite complicated — breeding chickens at home. For beginning farmers hard may seem like feeding the birds and getting the young or care. Brahma — the breed is unpretentious. And if you want familiarity with this quite profitable business, such as breeding chickens, you can start it.

dawn light

Breed History

Bred Brahma was in America in the XIX century on the basis of imported from India Asian birds. These powerful upland farmers chickens crossed with Chittagong, Cochinchine fight and Malay. Presentation of the breed took place in 1850, it was Originally named a grey Chittagong. But in 1952, one of the farmers gave a chicken the Queen of England. In honor of the Indian ancestors Birdman called the Brahmaputra, which subsequently transformed into the abbreviated “gate”.

General description

The farmers Appreciated the breed not only for its excellent meat productivity, but also for original appearance. The characteristic features of the gate include, for example:

  • Fluffy and very thick plumage;
  • Strong yellow beak;
  • The head is very small in comparison with body size;
  • Red earlobes and yellow eyes;
  • The presence of the fluffy tail including the paws.

breeding chickens at home for beginnersThe Constitution of the body of the light Brahma has a very strong and muscular. Many other breeds of chicken meat (Dorking, chinchin etc) in this respect it is much inferior.


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Invalid faults

Like any other breed, the Brahma has its own features that characterize the purity of blood. Unacceptable defects, these chickens are considered such characteristics:

  • Short or stocky figure;
  • Short spin or narrow chest;
  • “hawk” heel;
  • Form the body of cochinchina;
  • Weak pubescence of the middle front toe;
  • White earlobes;
  • Loose plant tail;
  • The availability of the toe to the crest.

chickens light Brahma

Breeding chickens at home for beginners may seem relatively complex. However, when selecting the farm, purebred, good gate, half of the company's success to its owner will be guaranteed.


Color in chickens Brahma can be very different. This files most often on farms divorce:

  • Yellow gate with the Golden plumage, black tail and necklace of the same color;
  • Bright with silvery-white plumage, a black tail and a necklace;
  • Dark with black and grey plumage and pattern.

Dark and light Brahma as a breed was approved in 1874, fawn (buff) — in 1924. In the 60-70-ies of the last century and was officially recognized two varieties — yellow-black and Kuropatkino-belt. Still later adopted Kuropatkino blue color.

Brahma light: description

Often farmers bred this kind of rock. Light Brahma it is called Columbia. The plumage of these chickens, according to the standards, should be completely white (with the exception of necklaces and black tail). If instead of a silver bird has a yellowish tint, it is recognized defective. The necklace and the tail of these chickens must also be present green glow.

chickens light Brahma

On the hocks and the toes are such chickens have black stripes. Of all the varieties of light Brahma has the proud bearing. Breasts these chickens powerful, back — is short and the wings are not too large and pressed firmly against the body.

The Distinguishing peculiarity of the light of Brahma is the rather light bone. The torso of these chickens has a square shape. Legs have light Brahma's thick and very bushy.

Performance data

One of the undoubted benefits the hens of this breed compared to many modern, is the fact that they have kept a very strong maternal instinct. Hatching light Brahma alone and take care of them just fine. During the year the hen of this variety can yield up to 140 eggs. Usually farmers collect 120 pieces in the first year and about 100 in the second. In subsequent egg production, like most other breeds, bright, Bram begins to fall. The color of the eggs of the birds of this species cream. Dimensions they have a rather large (about 60 grams).

The weight of the hens of this breed are gaining 3.5 to 4 kg, males — 4-5 lbs. Chicken (light Brahma) have a yellow or fawn color. Young light Brahma is developing quite slowly.

cock light Brahma

This kind of Concerns as all other specimens, the group of late. Also some of the weaknesses were light Brahma and considered to be not too high palatability of meat. Gain weight these chickens well. However, their meat is pretty tough structure and is not very juicy. But it is believed that the use of it not only for soups but also for main dishes.

Character chickens

Appreciated by this breed from the farmers, among other things, and that to keep it in the yard is possible with any other commercial bird. Temper these chickens differ calm and balanced. Cock light Brahma does not fight with any members of their same breed, with no other commercial bird. Hens are white-silvery varieties can safely and without quarrels is from one trough to chickens of all breeds, turkeys, quail, etc. Tamed this gate is very easy even in comparison with other varieties.


In respect of conditions of detention chickens light Brahma are considered to be relatively undemanding. This hardy bird is well adapted to almost any climatic conditions. The quality of the feed gate also does not require any special considerations. To heat the shed with the bird in winter is not required. Egg production in the cold season, these hens are almost not reduced.

Bram Contain often outdoor method. But too much walking for them to equip not required.

How to make shed light varieties

The Aviary gate a white and silver fit the usual (2-5 chickens per 1 m2 meter square). Install the heaters, as mentioned, not necessarily. However, to insulate the shed for this bird, of course, is. Often such buildings do frame-solid. As insulation using mineral wool. You can also build a shed from b/sleeper or foam.

Brahma light description

In the aviary for the birds breed Brahma light, and for hens of any other breed, you should install:

  1. Way. They do their pole cross-section 40 mm and set at a height of 80 cm from the floor level.
  2. Sockets. the Sizes of these structures should be such that the chicken was placed in them freely. No problems in laying hens should not cause and the entrance to the nest. It should be made quite wide and high. For best egg production nest to beat on the wall next to the perches at the same level.
  3. Drinker. Under the water in the house, you can use any capacity — buckets, old pots, etc. To prevent overturning, watering should be slightly prikopat in the ground.
  4. Feeders. This equipment usually knock of the two boards so that in cross section the structure resembled a letter V. On the bird feeders on poles set short rotating pole. Its presence prevent the chickens jumping inside and throwing food.

Also in the shed should be set several basins with ash and a container of small pebbles. The floors in the henhouse to do the plank. To dawn light not freezing in the winter, cover them with a thick layer of sawdust or straw.


Near the house is to make a small cage to chickens during the warm days was able to walk. This has a positive impact on the health of Brahma. To gather a range best with a East or West side of the house. This will provide plenty of sun and at the same time the presence of the shadow in which the chickens can hide in the heat.

A few Feeders and drinkers during the summer time of the year usually bring in the paddock. You can fence enclosure netting (height — 2 m). Like other representatives of the breed Brahma light does not require much walking. However, an aviary for this bird should have a larger area than for dark or pale yellow Brahma. These chickens are somewhat more massive and active.


As the dawn light belong to the breed of the meat direction of productivity, its diet must include sufficient amount of foods containing proteins. Grain (preferably wheat) that give chickens at least twice a day-morning and evening...

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