When digging beets and carrots to harvest was excellent and the vegetables remained until spring?


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Many gardeners grow carrots and beets. This vegetable is very useful, and one can cook a variety of culinary dishes. To roots well preserved until the spring, you need to know at what time to harvest.

When to dig beets and carrots – September or October?

When to dig beets and carrots

Some do it in early September. But by the end of the month the roots will grow by almost a quarter. And the harvest will be much higher. In September is still quite warm, occasionally it rains, which creates perfect conditions for the growth of vegetables. So you should think, when to dig beets and carrots to roots increased in size and the crop was more significant.

If the first half of October promises to be warm, then you can transfer this procedure at this period. Usually before the 10th of this month, there is no strong night frosts. Temperature of -1... -2 °With a nice beet, huh and carrots will take. It is better to podatocite their land, to hide in the soil aerial part roots. Then they are not afraid of slight cooling.


Speaking of that, when you remove the carrots and beets, need to focus on weather conditions. If charged rains, it is better to harvest not to collect, as it is stored only well dried vegetables. In this regard, you should monitor weather forecasts. If at the end of September expected prolonged rainfall, it is advisable to dig up the roots before the start of the natural disasters. If the weather is expected to warm, Sunny and it rains only occasionally, then let the fruits will stay in the soil until the beginning of October.


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Cleaning vegetables

After the farmer decided when to dig beets and carrots, you can begin to harvest. In any case it is impossible to pull out the vegetables from when to dig beetsOf the soil, so as not to damage them. To do this, use a shovel or pitchfork. Break side and, holding the tops removed. The ground from the roots it is impossible to shake, knocking them about a shovel and a pitchfork. This crop definitely not long continue. The soil is removed by hand, wearing gloves. After the crop is removed, it is dried in the garden, on a pre-laid plastic-wrapped until the evening. So dig roots in the morning in dry weather, and then with a sharp knife and remove the tops. Well, how and when to dig beets and carrots, we understand. Let us turn to the storage of vegetables.


Before laying on storage of vegetables already dried in the shade for three days. Before you put them in the basement, visiting each root. Damaged is set aside for consumption, the rest put in boxes and lowered into the cellar. If there are no such points of storage, it is possible to try to preserve vegetables at home. Carrots dipped in clay mash, well dried and placed in cardboard boxes. If there is a glazed balcony, the roots put in a cardboard box smaller, wrapped in her old blanket and put it in a big box. At temperatures down to -10 °C vegetables perfectly preserved.

when to remove the carrots and beets

If you know when to dig beets and carrots, and the time to do it, the harvest will be greater and persist it better. A very small root carrots are poorly stored, so they can be sent immediately for processing or to leave in the garden, sprinkled on top 7 cm peat. Then in the spring. will have to wait in the garden vitamins in the form of a juicy carrot.

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