Ust-Katav car-building plant. S. M. Kirova: description, history, production, and reviews


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Ust-Katav car-building plant operates since 1901 and today is a branch of the FSUE «GKNPTs im. M. V. Khrunichev”.

Iron Empire in the Urals

Ust-Katav car-building plant was first mentioned in the records of the merchant of the College in 1758. At that time it was located among several dozen Zelenodolsk enterprises and produced iron bloomery.

Pugachev's rebellion destroyed 68 the Ural, Ust-Katav was looted and burned, at the same time was destroyed three surrounding villages. The suppression of the rebellion allowed in a short time to restore production cycles.

The release of the metal lasted, in total, more than 140 years. In addition to genestelle, the plant launched production of bricks from local clays. In the late 19th century the company, under the concession contract, was transferred to Franco-Belgian company, which redeveloped the production in favor of cars.

Ust-Katavsky car-building plant

For their own needs, the aliens built housing. A complex of 10 spacious houses located on the right Bank of the river Yuryuzan, one of them held a Director of the company. This house still exists today, now it is a kindergarten "birch". The two banks of the Yuryuzan tied to a railway bridge, which is preserved almost in its original form and having undergone only minor changes, the people called him “French”.

The Belgians were planning a long stay in the Urals and within 2 years built 10 brand new shops. In 1901 the factory gate went the first tram, intended for Tiflis. In 1903 the production was transferred to the issue of covered cars and platforms for railway operations.

Ust-Katavsky carriage works Kirov

Soviet period

Ust-Katav car-building plant was nationalized in 1919 and up to the beginning of the great Patriotic war the enterprise produced rail cars for 150 units per year. The war has made adjustments, and in the rear of the manufacturing giant was transferred to the platform of guns, bombs. Employees were ordered as soon as possible to master the production of shells and mortars to rocket launchers type «Katyusha».

During the war of Ust-Katav car plant named after Kirov was put in the army more than 12 thousand tank guns, was released about 13 thousand platforms for anti-aircraft weapons, the number of sent mortars over 3 thousand units. The legendary «Katyusha» made his first shots, firing on the enemy ustralasia the shells of the first victory salute on the red square held the gun carriages made for UKVZ.


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Ust-Katav car plant named after Kirov

Post-war creation

After the war, in the factory, since 1948, the restored lines for the production of trams, their production continues at the present stage. To modernize the outdated models on Ust-Katavsky carriage works Kirov in 1960 he organized a design Bureau. In 1969, the company has released the most popular model of the tram – 71-605. Its production lasted for 20 years, and today the cities of all the countries of the former Soviet Union drive these cars.

The New model (71-608К) was developed by the design Bureau in 1991, the first cars sent to Moscow, and total output was almost 900 cars went to CIS countries. In 1995, commissioned by the “Mosgortrans”, created a modified car later became the base. On its basis was developed training models, narrow-gauge and high-speed trams.

Federal state unitary enterprise Ust-Katavsky car-building plant


The Federal state unitary enterprise Ust-Katavsky car-building factory – city-forming, dynamically developing modern enterprise. The total number of employees is more than 5 thousand people. At the manufacturing facility produced trams, popular in many countries. Designers have developed models of wagons suitable for use in Northern and southern latitudes.

Collaboration with Siemens has allowed the designers Ust-Katav factory to create a car series 71-616, but in production it has not been started. Following the achievement of the tram model 71-619 - a breakthrough enterprise. In design these cars take into account all modern design trends and many technological innovations. So there was a hinged swivel door with microprocessor-controlled modern lighting system, tinted glazed Windows, comfortable driver's seat heating.

Currently, the Ust-Katav car-building plant (UKVZ) develops several activities:

  • Aerospace and military products.
  • Light rail.
  • Travellounge.

In addition, the plant mastered the production of components for the aviation industry, equipment for ground infrastructure of space complexes of direction. Regularly held events at the technological renewal of production lines, replacement of obsolete machines to high-tech equipment. Over the years the Ust-Katav car-building plant produced from the conveyor more than 28 thousand tramcars manufactured on full production cycle.

Ust-Katavsky car-building factory trams


Ust-Katav car-building plant has the following structural units:

  • Tram production.
  • Bureau.
  • Process services.
  • Production of special equipment.
  • Tool production.
  • Metallurgical production.
  • Economic unit.
  • Sales.
  • Support services.

The Plant has always been led by talented managers, they have managed to create a diversified, well-known brand – “Ust-Katav car-building plant». Director of Omegav Boris led the company in may 2017 and believes that UKVZ has all opportunities to increase sales and expand cooperation with many companies in related fields. Confirmation of this was the launch of a collaboration with the Corporation «Roskosmos» implemented a contract to supply trams in Saint Petersburg and other cities.

Main products

The enterprise produces products in the following areas:

  • Special technique. UKVZ produces the shipping containers for the modules of the ISS, the SPACECRAFT, launch «Soyuz-2». Produces sets of equipment for launch vehicles «Angara».
  • Tram cars of five models and spare parts for them.
  • Gas-Regulating equipment (pressure regulators, safety devices).
  • Pumping equipment (pump «dawn" of the screw pumping unit).

Factory UKVZ worked on government contracts for space-rocket industry and produces trams, for which demand is throughout Russia. In the space direction, the main partner is the company NPC them. Khrunichev. Ust-Katav car-building plant, along with many other high-tech enterprises participated in the projects "ISS”, “Union”, “Energia-Buran” and this stage is a member of the Federal space program as a contractor.

Ust-Katavsky car-building factory ukvz

Qualified staff and modern equipment has allowed the company to become a part of the implementation of project RB “a breeze”, PH «Angara» and «proton", to produce helicopter engines, civil and special products.

Civilian products

The company's Production base consists not only of workshops, which collect the main types of equipment, but also from departments that produce related products, under the brand name UKVZ (Ust-Katavsky car-building factory).

The Trams and buses are combined with such products:

  • Metal, cast fittings, pipe, hoses, valves.
  • Bikes and trailers.
  • Shut-off Valves, wedge gate valves.
  • Trolley train.
  • Machinery for mills.
  • Equipment for bakeries (sieves, mixers, countertops, etc.).
  • Woodworking machines.
  • Instrumentation (pressure gauges, etc.).
  • Kitchen tables, wheelbarrow wheel, truck, etc.
  • Equipment for pastry shops, etc.

Ust-Katavsky car-building factory Director


UKVZ – large diversified enterprise with a complete production cycle, except for the performance of obligations under contracts, provides services in the following areas:

  • Machinesmore: processing of metals and alloys, the manufacture of gears and wheels, cutting and tube bending, cutting and bending sheet metal, manufacturing of products from fiberglass, etc.
  • The Sale of non-core, illiquid assets: scrap metal, machinery, wastepaper, etc.
  • Metallurgical production: steel, bronze and copper casting, the manufacture of forgings on presses, heat treatment metal parts.
  • The non-standard equipment: gauges and controlably, firmware, templates, dies, couplings, etc.
  • Welding: automatic and semiautomatic welding of non-ferrous metals, steels, alloy steels, etc.
  • Electroplating: cadmium plating, chrome plating, copper plating, Nickel plating steel, etc.
  • Services paint shop: powder coating, painting polyurethane materials, paint polyester paints.
  • Department of Metrology is the accreditation certificate for 80 sets of measuring instruments (thermal and temperature, pressure, vacuum measurement, mechanical quantities, electronic, magnetic, and other values).
  • Central laboratory (laboratories – mechanical, chemical, corrosion, metallographic, Bureau of indestructible control).
  • Carriage, motor, rail services.
  • Installation and commissioning of firefighting equipment and subsequent maintenance.
  • Design and construction work.
  • Print wax models on a 3D printer.

Ust-Katav car-building plant in Chelyabinsk region contains the balance of the educational complex for training of young personnel for UKVZ. College students learn to manage software welding machines, learn the technology of welding work, study science and other Sciences, to join the friendly team of the company.

Ust-Katavsky car-building plant


Ust-Katav – a small town in the Urals with beautiful nature andseveral businesses, most of which is UKVZ. Reviews about work at the factory was nothing left, and no reviews of conditions of work in the Trade House of the enterprise, which is located in Moscow. But there are stories of travelers who gladly visited the city. Most of the tourists enjoyed a Patriarchal and comfort of the city, was surprised by a tram line that runs close to private homes. The rails were laid long ago, and some time it cruised the city tram, but with the collapse of the Union line performs the function of staging the way for new cars.

Visitors are admitted to the company with the aim of exploring the process of creating trams to talk about the huge factory where the cars are produced in large quantities, which in Russia are not present. Liked that almost all the parts for plating, Assembly, cars produced in neighboring shops, there's also dye and loaded on a railway platform customers. The visitors felt that to do high-quality equipment with modern design in the country is not only not forgotten, but brought a lot of new things in the process.

Ust-Katav car plant named after Kirov

The City of Ust-Katav according to the local standards – a very prosperous place, a comfortable place to live. Administration UKVZ pays much attention to the social sector – a sports hall with modern equipment, where you go not only plant employees, but also citizens. Children in summer are regularly sent to the seaside to camp, parents pay only part of the cost of the permit. Under the tutelage of UKVZ is a public high school, which carried out repairs, updates, funds and more.


The Railcar plant located in the Chelyabinsk region in the city of Ust-Katav on the street Factory, building 1.

In Moscow, the company is represented by the company «Trade House "Ust-Katav car-building plant»». Located at street SKOLKOVO-Meshchersky, building 25.

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