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At Patriarch's ponds, in the first house of the Annunciation pereulok Moscow, near the metro station "Mayakovskaya" is the place for endless relaxation and recreation - hookah "Bump". Lounge daily collects in the walls of dozens of visitors who wish to go to the world of hookah under a calm, relaxing background music.

bump lounge hookah Moscow


Crossing the threshold of the institution, the visitors immediately fall into a small room, within which soar, sweet and sour aromas of smoky vapors. The hall has space for Seating, a Breakfast bar and a separate stand which the hookah is working on his next piece of smoke art.

Places are different: there are those which are designed only for two, as well as those that can sit a big company. Sofas and cushions in chocolate tones and bare brick walls, making the impression that visitors are located in the original basement, which barely daylight.

In the main hall, "Bump" the lounge provides the VIP room, which is designed for companies with about 10 people. In this room visitors can watch a movie on a home theater with a huge screen or just listen to your favorite music.

Assortment of tobacco

True connoisseurs smoke cocktails can not but rejoice assortment of tobacco and flavors available in the "Bump" lounge. For magical mixes, often used the tobacco of the following brands: Tangiers ("Tang"), Darkside ("Darkseid"), Argelini ("Angelini"), Nakhla ("ground"), Starbuzz ("Starbuzz"), Vintage (Vintage), Nirvana ("Nirvana"), Al Fakher ("al Faker"), Interesting ("Sherbet") and Adaliya ("Adaliya"), Afzal ("Afzal"), Doobacco Gastro ("Tobacco Gastro") and of course, Fumari ("Fumari").


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bump lounge Moscow

As for the apparatus for Smoking, then the advantage goes to the classic hookah - Khalil Mamoon ("Khalil Mamoun"). Also often of the pile of produce on the mashines manufacturers such as: Amy ("Amy"), Kaya ("Kaya"), Temple ("temple"). It all depends on personal preference and tobacco, which he wishes to smoke.

Bar and service

For the entertainment of visitors "Bump" the lounge has in its Arsenal a number of Board games including: checkers, backgammon, chess, battleship, Domino, vicious 500 cards and monopoly and regular playing cards.

The staff of the hookah pipe consists of the best masters of black Affairs, under the leadership of Ilya Romanov, who is the Manager. The guys are preparing a mind-blowing hookah, making famour all over the city "Bump" lounge-hookah. Moscow has appreciated it.

Also pleased with the level of customer service. First of all, thanks to the professionalism of the staff, guests get the mixes made according to the individual taste of each client. Experienced hookah always prompt and help to understand the large choice predlagaemogo tobacco, are each given attention than "Bump" the lounge is attracting more and more regular guests.

Bar lounge consists of soft drinks and a large selection of teas. By the way, the hookah always help you choose the kind of tea perfect for a hookah.

bump lounge

"Bump" lounge (Moscow) is ready to receive visitors every day: Sunday to Monday from 13.00 to midnight, and Friday and Saturday from 13.00 to 04-00.

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