How to open a child development center from scratch? You need to open a child development center?


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Today becoming more commonplace goods and services, or otherwise associated with children. One of the first places in this area is a preschool educational centers. In connection with the catastrophic shortage of places in public preschool institutions, as well as their widespread decay and impoverishment, various educational centers for kids — great idea.

That is why many moms are concerned about a lack of quality development of their children, and who are in search of opportunities of earning “without departing from the child” are increasingly thinking about how to open a daycare center. What you need to do this in the first place and how many forces and means have to be spent initially. For these and many other questions will try to answer within this to open a child development center

Market analysis

So, you decided to open a child development center. Where to start and what to pay attention in the first place? As in any other business best to start with the analysis of the existing market. To forthcoming the enterprise was successful, you first need to look around attentively and soberly assess the presence of potential competitors. Before they open a child development center, find out if in your area the following institutions:

  1. Public kindergarten. the advantages of this institution can be attributed to the relatively low cost of services and the fact that the children are supervised all day. Faults — a large number of kids in the group, which negatively affects the quality of learning. In addition, the qualifications and level of interest of teachers is often poor.
  2. A Private kindergarten. Of the good — small groups and high interest of the teachers. The negatives include the high level of payment.
  3. Sports. Pretty narrowly focused development, besides the children there usually be no earlier than three to four years.
  4. Gym. About the same as sportcruiser, however, the cost of their visit is much more expensive.
  5. Mugs in various clubs. the advantages include the low payment and the ability to frequently change direction — not like one-try another. By cons be ranked “the age limit” — in such places usually take children aged 4–5 years. In addition, educational level of the staff does not always meet the expectations of parents.

If your area already has a sufficient number of the above institutions, think about whether you will be able to offer its customers something that will withstand a heavy competition.


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How to open a child development center: business–plan

what you need to open a child development centerAs you know, any good business starts with careful planning. Of course, to draw up a detailed business plan within the framework of this article does not work, because each region, town and village their prices, and start at all different. But some General recommendations can be considered. Before they open a child development center from scratch, you should:

  • Develop a concept of business — to think about what services you will provide;
  • Prepare and issue all permits;
  • Choose and arrange the documents for the room in which to house the centre;
  • To buy the necessary equipment, teaching AIDS, toys and so on;
  • Define what kind of professionals can help you to arrange the casting for recruitment;
  • To carry out a competent advertising campaign, to arrange a presentation of the new educational centre;
  • To establish a working process to eliminate minor problems that are impossible to figure out until then, until the center had not started to work;

Now let's look at some of these points in more detail.

Choose room

open child development center how to startOf Course, the choice of the facility primarily will depend on your financial capabilities and the availability of offers. However, someone who already knows how to open a child development center from scratch, can confidently affirm that there are several mandatory requirements that must be followed when selecting areas.

  • If you are planning to open a full-fledged kindergarten, even with the prefix mini-, you need premises with total area from 50 to 100 m2.
  • Pay attention to the height of the ceilings-not less than 3 m.
  • The Room should be divided into several isolated rooms: the locker room/waiting room, a place to conduct classes, games room, toilet/washbasin. If your centre long-stay children, it is necessary to provide a separate room for sleeping and eating, as well as room for staff.
  • Walls and ceilings in all rooms shall be such as to allow regular wet cleaning. Conventional paper Wallpaper is not suitable, will have to make repairs.
  • In bedrooms and play rooms need to comply with temperature is 19-21C.
  • All switches and sockets should be located not less than 1.8 m above floor level.
  • The Room must havefire exit and be removed from the housing stock.

Hire staff

Before they open a child development center from scratch, think about what services you will provide. We can say that recruitment is the most important stage in the process of opening. How skilled and committed are your employees, depends on whether the successful and popular will be your center. The minimum set of employees that you will need looks like this:

  • Director/upravlaushiy;
  • Buchhalter;
  • Prepodavateli/educators number of selected areas;
  • Assistant teacher/nanny;
  • Nurse.
  • Guard;
  • The maid;

open child development center franchiseIf you plan to organize food, you will also need a cook and a dishwasher. Of course, in order to save employees can work part-time: security guard, for example, may perform the duties of a plumber and an electrician and a nurse to combine the care for kids with working dishwasher. If as staff you at first, relatives can help, for the selection of teachers (educators) should be treated with special attention. If the kids in the classroom would be boring, and moms are not satisfied with the level and speed of development of the child — your center very soon will be without customers.


Now on to the next stage. What else you need to do to open a child development center? How to start attracting clients? Well, of course, with advertising, she is known to the motor trade.

Of Course, it all depends on your financial capabilities, but in General terms, methods of attracting customers can be:

  • Colorful leaflets-invitation (distribution on the street, distributing to mailboxes, you can negotiate with the teachers and leave in the changing rooms of kindergartens or clinics);
  • Banners and banners on the streets of the district;
  • Advertising on transport (the routes passing through your area);
  • Organization of children's activities with invitation of entertainers for the residents of the neighborhood, children's play areas;
  • The creation, development and promotion of own website;
  • Creating social media groups and forums in the region;
  • Viral advertising;
  • Advertising on the local TV channel or radio station;

Payback Period and profitability

how to open a daycare center you needBefore to open a child development center, to study the activities of competitors, but also to carefully calculate the costs. Basic monthly expenses are as follows:

  • Rent of premises, costs for utilities;
  • Wages of the hired personnel;
  • Taxes;
  • Security in the daytime and at night;
  • It is Also possible one-time costs:
  • Repairs the building;
  • Purchase of furniture, toys and sports equipment;
  • The cost of registration of documents and resolutions of various authorities (SES, firefighters, etc.);
  • Acquisition of household and office equipment (boiler, TV, computer, stereo, etc.);

Based on the experience of people who have already opened such centers, we can say that depending on the region in which you reside, the total cost can range from 50–70 thousand rubles (20–25 thousand UAH) to half (150–160 thousand UAH). Recoupment of such projects is estimated at 2–3 years, and profitability - 20–25%.

So if you are dreaming of quick profits and high income, you should find another way to achieve the desired.

How difficult is it to open a child development center franchise

If all the above sounds too complicated and you still afraid to take the first step, you can consider buying a franchise. This means that for a fee, already existing and successfully operating company will provide you with all their achievements. You will only have to repeat step by step the path. Specialists of the company-the franchisor (one who passes his experience) will accompany the opening of the centre from the first to the last day will bring you, so to speak, “result”.

So what is needed to open a child development center franchise? In the Internet you can find a lot of offers, it remains only to carefully study them and choose the most suitable. In this case you must carefully study the terms of the franchise, as some companies may put forward conditions, which can then be unacceptable. For example, it may be too large monthly payments (royalties).

What do I need to open a center in Russia

how to open a child development center from scratchBefore you start your work, all you need to formalize and get the appropriate permissions. Here is a list of what you need to open a child development center:

  • Place your individual enterprise;
  • Select NACE codes suitable for your business, it can be: 93.05, 85.32, 92.51, which means personal services, Babysitting and childcare, and organization of establishments of club type, respectively;
  • Execute and open a Bank account;
  • To register (sign up) in the tax service by place of residence;
  • Choose the tax system — many suggest in this case to choose the simplified tax system, this allows you to save onthe services of an accountant;

If the activities of your institution will be linked to education, in order to open a child development center, require an additional license. The case is quite troublesome, however there is one unwritten rule — if the full official name of your center no words “training”, “educational”, the license can not be issued. But best of all, for each specific case to obtain the advice of a qualified lawyer. It is not too expensive, but will allow in the future to avoid trouble and fines.

Features the opening of the center in Ukraine

Honestly, the opening of this centre in Ukraine differs little from the Russian counterpart. The biggest difference is that it is quite difficult to open such a centre, without taking out a license. So before to open a child development center in Ukraine, it is necessary to obtain legal advice. Often advised to select from the following NACE codes:

  • 47.90 - retail trade not in store;
  • 96.06 - all other personal services;
  • 93.29 - other types of recreation and entertainment;

In Ukraine you will also need to apply for a private enterprise, or rather, sole proprietorship — a natural person-entrepreneur. For work it is best to choose the second group taxation, have to pay less taxes. And another little thing: in Ukraine, the contract of employment of the employees of the tripartite — they definitely need to register at the employment center.

Some tips

what you need to open a child development centerNow you at least know in General terms how to open a child development center from scratch. In conclusion, I would like to add a few useful tips that will help you save some funds and reduce the payback period of the new company.

  1. If you selected "unlicensed" NACE, writing in labor books of employees “teacher” or “teacher”. Use better wording “consultant” or “instructor" the same applies to the employment contract.
  2. Make up for your center highlight — something that will be beneficial to distinguish it from other similar institutions. For example, let you every first of the month are the clowns, or in the month when the child's birthday, he will be entitled to a discount on the ticket. Anything — if only it were memorable to people.
  3. Conduct monthly/quarterly surveys of parents. Find out what other skills they want to develop in their children, that they are ready to pay extra. Maybe mom wants to invite the instructor of children's yoga, and classes with the teacher of French are not interested in them.
  4. To partially recoup the cost of rent, it is possible to rent hourly in the sublease for sessions with a psychologist or a speech therapist.
  5. Introduce a bonus system prompts according to the principle: «bring 3 friends and get a discount on next month». This allows you to provide your center an additional influx of visitors.

And, of course, love your new endeavor. Remember: in order to open and successfully develop such a center, you first need to love children.

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