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The Modern restaurant business is hard to imagine without the crepe machine. Almost every place catering the menu includes pancakes with different fillings. For their preparation using special equipment, which completely replaces the pan.

What are a crepe makers

This is a kitchen equipment intended for cooking pancakes and waffles. The pancake machine has the appearance of a large metal disk on a stand with control buttons.

Key features of this device:

  • Fast warm-up of the surface;
  • Minimal use of oil;
  • Uniform baking of pancakes across the diameter;
  • High performance
  • Easy application.

The Design of modern blindit makes it easy to clean the unit and work surfaces, efficiently removing traces of products. The use of such devices is hygienic and practical.crepe makers

Types of blinis

Today, crepe makers are available in two basic types: electric and gas. The first work from the mains. The advantages of such devices are compact in size and able to install them in any place where there's an outlet. Gas apparatus linked to the gas network, therefore, usually set in one place. They heat quickly and therefore are more economical than electric models.

Depending on the preparation technology machines are available with single and double frying.

The number of working surfaces there are single and double disc crepes.

The surface type crepe makers are:

  1. Cast Iron.
  2. With stainless roasting surface.
  3. Non-stick coating.

Manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment produce crepes to pancakes round, square and rectangular shapes.


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pancake machine pancake

Pick the pancake machines

The Standard equipment for cooking pancakes includes:

  1. Unit with stove – work surface with the control panel.
  2. Mechanical dispenser – allows you to accurately measure the amount of dough for the baking of one pancake and maintains the test in a hygienic environment.
  3. Dispenser test – is a T-shaped wooden tool that enables you to evenly distribute the batter on the baking surface. With the help of dispenser manages to bake pancakes of desired thickness.
  4. Instruction manual.
  5. A recipe Book.

Device pancake machine can optionally be equipped with lighting and roller for download of the finished pancakes.pancake machine RK

How to use

Work with a crepe maker does not require special skills and knowledge. Even staff with no experience can use the pancake machine. Instruction involves observance of safety measures and provides guidance on the use and care of the device.

You must First connect the machine to the network and turn on to warm it up to the required temperature. You need to set the appropriate mode. Modern crepe machines typically have multiple modes for baking and heating of already prepared pancakes. When heated should illuminate the red indicator.

When the bell will warm up, lubricate the shaving surface. It is better to use regular vegetable oil. You then pour on the plate the batter and spread it in a circular motion.

If the pancake is cooked on one side only, it should turn over for a second. The finished pancake to roll it up and gently move to a plate.

Each time to coat the surface with oil is optional. Sufficient immediately after switching on a well-heat the machine and to coat the disk with fat.

After using the crepe maker should be cleaned from traces of the test and degrease.

pancake machine instruction

Camera “Mardi Gras”

High Quality crepe machines for professional use produces a Russian company «Atesi”. The units are presented in different models with different technical characteristics. Pancake machine “Mardi Gras” designed for quick pancakes in cafes, restaurants and bistros.

For small food establishments are issued a single hob model with a capacity of 30 pancakes per hour. Powerful models have 2 burners, allowing you to bake for 60 pancakes per hour.

The Body of blinis made of stainless steel. The burners are made of heat-resistant cast iron with non-stick coating. The diameter of the frying surface is 36 cm

Depending on the model machines “Mardi Gras” can be equipped with dispenser for smearing dough and a spatula for turning pancakes.


  • Presence on the top strake, which protects the device from ingress of liquid test;
  • Non-stick coated plates;
  • Large diameter of the frying surface;
  • The presence of a temperature controller;
  • Easy care.

pancake machine auto

Pancake maker RK

Great demand for crepes RK, produced by Russian firm "Sik". They allowbake pancakes rectangular, square and round shape. For the preparation of each of these types of pancakes there are separate copier rollers.

The Company “Sik" produces crepes of several models. The most simple modification of the RK-1.1 allows to bake the pancakes in a rectangular shape. The device is equipped with a large, stationary frying surface for cooking pancakes size 22 x 22 cm 22 x 47 cm

A More powerful and effective is the bell of the ROK-2.1. The yield is 280 pancakes per hour. The device is equipped with a baking pan round, rectangular square and even products.

Pancake machine RK has such advantages:

  • High performance
  • Compact size-the device does not require much space on your desktop;
  • Versatility – on the crepe maker you can not only bake, but to reheat prepared food dough;
  • Low energy consumption.

The Frying surface of the devices of RK is made of steel with Teflon coating. Tray, carriage and tools for working with the dough are made of food stainless steel.

The kit can include the Bain-Marie for fillings, glass containers for test and a special stand with a shelf and doors.

crepe makers reviews

How to choose

Today, a variety of crepe makers. The choice of an appropriate model should be based on the patency of the cafe and the planned production volumes of pancakes. So, for small cafes and restaurants suitable for a single hob crepes manual or semi-automatic control. Institutions of public catering which serve per day several hundreds of visitors, more efficient use dvuhkonturniy pancake machine automatic.

Next, you should pay attention to the type of coating and frying surface. The best are the crepes with a cast iron burner. They are resistant to chemical and mechanical damage.

device pancake machine


Many cooks and Housewives have appreciated modern crepe makers. The reviews are mostly positive. Users liked the ease of use and excellent quality pancakes. On blinnitsu batter evenly fried and not burnt, as happens in conventional pans.

The buyers Also noted the high efficiency of such equipment. Crepe makers allow to cook pancakes in large quantity.

Some Housewives bought crepes for home use. According to them, the device with one burner does not take up much space in the kitchen and helps to cook pancakes for the whole family.

Good comments the owners have left the pancake machine with non-stick coating. While cooking, the dough does not stick and easily detaches when you need to flip or pick up a pancake. To keep clean such devices is very simple.

Many buyers when choosing crepes preferred models for domestic production.

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