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Mastitis – one of the most common diseases of dairy animals: goats, cows and sheep. He is often the cause of culling of dairy animals from the herd. The fact is that even after successful treatment, the productivity of the dairy animal is often not fully restored.

Causes and prevention

Of Course, like any other disease, mastitis does not occur just like that, out of nowhere. Its primary cause is hypothermia. Treatment of mastitis in goat – the procedure is quite complex and not always effective. So to prevent this, it is important to take different kinds of preventive measures. First, you need to ensure that the shed was not draft. Second, the most common cause is infection through the dirty litter. Change it as often as possible.

treatment of mastitis in goats

Another common cause of mastitis in dairy animals, including goats, is incomplete are milking-off of milk. This is also need to know. Remaining in the udder colostrum over time, “burnout” and its decay products start to decompose, causing inflammation.

Hidden form

Treatment of mastitis in goats begins with the definition of its varieties. A few weeks after lambing due to hypothermia or due to the contact with the udder infection often develop serous (hidden). With early diagnosis and proper treatment, the animal usually recovers fairly quickly (about five days) and without reducing productivity.

The Most dangerous kind

Gangrenous goat mastitis-a very serious disease, treatment amenable with difficulty. It can proceed in hyperacute or acute form. In the first case, to save the animal is usually not possible. When infected acute mastitis to try to heal the goat. The survival rate is about 65%.

mastitis in goats treatment

Other types

There are also such forms of this disease, as:

  • Serous;
  • Fibrinous;
  • Hemorrhagic.

This is the most common mastitis goats. Serous mastitis-the mildest form – more common than others. If you suspect the occurrence of any of the varieties of this disease, the goat be sure to show the vet. Because it refers to severe enough to treat the animal yourself is not recommended. The probability that the goat will die too much.


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how to treat mastitis in goats

Serous mastitis in goats: symptoms and treatment

As already mentioned, this species is not considered too dangerous, but requires timely treatment. Serous mastitis is an inflammation of the udder with the attack of the exudate into connective tissue. Its signs include:

  • Reduction of milk yield milk;
  • Depression of the animal;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Fever;
  • Increase in volume of the affected part of the udder;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Increased local temperature;
  • Increase nadymskogo lymph node.

In the initial stage, milk from goats is normal and the yields are usually not reduced. With the development of the disease it becomes watery. Irreversible changes in the tissues of the udder of serous mastitis usually does not cause.

treatment of mastitis in goats

Be Sure you have the goat of this disease is quite simple. Yourself this can be done by buying a special preparation called "Mastitis". When you add it to the milk indicated on the package quantities, it minimizes or turns into a gelatinous mass. Treatment of sick goats is usually carried out as necessary medication and symptomatic.

Symptoms of purulent mastitis

Now let's look at how to define purulent mastitis in goats. Signs (diagnosis in this case-the procedure is simple) when hyperacute form are as follows:

  • Increased body temperature to 41.5 gr.;
  • Rapid breathing and heartbeat;
  • Selection of a hot painful udder blood of exudate.

A day after the disease onset, the udder becomes swollen, painless and cold. His skin becomes bluish color. Usually when this development of the disease by the end of the second day the animal dies in agonal condition.

mastitis goats serous mastitis

In acute mastitis disease in goats about the same, but they are developing slower. In this case the animal usually stands with his legs apart. The udder in goats in the first day hot, and in the second and subsequent - cold and edematous.

How to treat

With precision to determine what kind of mastitis sick goat, vet. Show animal doctor be sure. Treatment of mastitis in goats is usually carried out comprehensively. Most likely, the doctor will prescribe the introduction of special preparations and the performance of certain physiological processes.

In the affected lobe of the udder usually inject a solution of penicillin or streptomycin. After milking vnutrisustavnogo administered antibiotics. This can be, for example, the drugs “Mastered” or “Malisan”. At a very painful conditionudder frequently use the ‘Masterin”, which includes lidocaine. The main distinguishing feature of all the antibiotics used to treat mastitis in goats is that they are made oil-based (usually vegetable oil). In addition, the doctor may prescribe the treatment of mastitis in goats by the introduction furatsilina 1:5000 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

mastitis in goats symptoms and treatment

After the injection using any drug in the udder of the animal is slightly massaged from the bottom up.

Drug treatment of mastitis in goats must be accompanied by frequent divaniye milk. To produce this procedure every 4-6 hours (except night time). First slivayutsya healthy share of the udder, and then – very carefully – patient. After this procedure the skin of the affected part is rubbed Ichthyol ointment (1-2 times a day 3-4 days). If desired, it can be replaced by salicylic or camphor.

In Addition, the vet will usually charge and symptomatic treatment. On the first day of the disease to the udders of the goat apply a cold compress, all subsequent – warm. Also give the animal a diuretic and laxative.

Thus, you now know about how to treat mastitis in goats. The procedure is quite complicated. Sick animals requires greater attention. The recommendation of the vet, the hosts must comply completely. In that case, if the udder is very painful condition, it is necessary to RUB more and anesthetic ointment. To prepare 1 g of novocaine mixed with 20 g of petrolatum and 4 g of boric acid.

Before you sure are milking-off by a massage of the affected quarter of the udder (in the direction from bottom to top, along the lymph vessels).

Feeding a sick animal

Mastitis in goats, treatment of which is complex, is usually accompanied by severe swelling of the udder. In order not to provoke further development of the disease, the animal's diet should exclude all food, is able to stimulate lactation. For example, give the goat juicy vegetables and fruit as well as potatoes, or drinking her milk is not. It is not necessary to give the goat fresh grass or twigs. It is also recommended to reduce the daily amount of feed consumed. The main food for sick goats should be high quality hay and brooms.

What to do with milk

Thus, in diseased animals should be performed with meticulous care. Of course, to eat the milk from a goat is impossible. This rule applies even if she doesn't have a serous threat (hidden) mastitis. The children of such a product, for example, you may develop diarrhea. Before re-use milk in food, you need to conduct a thorough treatment of mastitis in goats. You can drink it only after it will disappear all the signs of the disease.

mastitis in goats signs diagnosis

The milk from the affected quarter of the udder after divania utilized. It is advisable to degrease. Milk from a healthy quarter of the udder with serous mastitis is allowed to boil and fed to other animals.

Internal damage

So, we figured out how to treat mastitis in goats. However, the above-described method is usually effective only when you are serous mastitis. Cases of purulent variety goats often save fails. The dead from this disease the animal is observed the following pathological signs:

  • Slight rigor Mortis;
  • How anaemic mucous membranes;
  • Enlarged lymph nodes;
  • Pulmonary edema with hemorrhage;
  • Saturated with exudate subcutaneous tissue;
  • Swelling of the perineum;
  • Flabby spleen;
  • Filled gallbladder;
  • Flabby kidney.

Thus, the disease is very serious, requiring immediate action – mastitis in goats. Treatment it should be made in a timely manner. Take your goat to the vet and follow their recommendations.

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