Broilers ROSS 308: features and characteristics of the breed


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In most cases, to obtain the broiler chickens on poultry farms using two main varieties: meat cocks breed white Cornish and chickens from meat-egg breed white plimutrok. Then the offspring which turned out to be crossed with a meat breed white Cornish. Can be used for broiler breeding such breeds as Rhode island, Kuchinsky, new Hampshire and others.

This implies that broiler chickens - a hybrid, in other words called a cross, not a breed.

Currently, broilers are bred not only on poultry farms, but also private breeders. This is because this kind of chickens does not require special care, but is rapidly gaining weight.

broilers Ross 308

Breed of broilers ROSS 308

Broilers of ROSS 308, the description of which we propose to consider are the breed:

  • Ripening;
  • Rapidly growing;
  • Consume a small amount of food;
  • High performance.

ROSS 308 broiler: reviews

According to the reviews, this is a strong, fast-growing breed of broilers. The owners of private houses and experts note that it has effective normocaloric and relatively high meat performance.

broiler Ross 308 reviews

Potential of broilers ROSS 308

The Potential of this breed is simply unique. At the age of six to nine weeks the Chicks can already score. By this time they weigh about two kilograms. This is not surprising, as during the day with proper feeding and maintenance they gain in weight from 52 to 58 grams.

Broilers ROSS 308: description Features

1. The chickens quickly gain weight, which gives the opportunity to score them before.

2. Well-developed muscle mass, which is formed at an early age.

3. Leather has a light color.

4. Broilers ROSS 308 is very well as adults lay eggs, which is robust to the life of the offspring.

Contents, temperature, and humidity

Before the broilers ROSS 308 will be populated in the room should be disinfected and washed. The floor should be white-washed slaked lime. When all this is done, the floor is sprinkled with sawdust and shavings. The thickness of the litter depends on the time of year. So, in the warm season, the thickness should be from 5 to 7 cm in winter to 15 cm Temperature before planting him with the chickens should be 34ºC during the landing, not above 28°C, after it should be raised again to 34ºC and then reduce each week by 2.5ºC. Humidity: 50 - 60 % in the first two weeks, 60-70% of 14–28 days and 75% in the last days content in this case, the litter will be in the right condition. The room should be well ventilated, to incoming fresh air and Vice versa, removed harmful gases.


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The Light for the first time should be all the time as they get older it should be reduced. For not very large livestock feeding for the first time used boxes, made of plywood or cardboard, in which the sides of bore holes for ventilation. There is a mesh to which is attached the bulb with a capacity of 75-150 watts, Power depends on the time of year and area you want to heat. As soon as the chickens broilers ROSS 308 attains a weight of 200 grams, the lighting is reduced in two times.

broilers Ross 308 description


Chickens should be unlimited access to the feeders with food and water immediately after planting. Those Chicks that do not eat in a few days, weaken, or die. Such youngsters is deposited and fed individually, manually pouring the feed into sabiki. This will help to make them cheerful, and they have to make food. When broilers ROSS 308 reach the age of 4-5 days, they must be accustomed to the automated system of feeding and watering. Food needs to be easily digested, to have the necessary nutrients and be fed in the right amount. Feeders and waterers should be placed directly under the heat source. One drinker and one automatic feeder should be designed for twenty-five chickens.

Veterinary medicines should be stopped to give fourteen days before slaughter. During this period, allowed only clean water and food.

Broiler ROSS 308, which was discussed above, is derived to meet the high demand of consumers.

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