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Entrepreneurial activities, depending on the object of capital investment and results, is divided into several types. 


You can Start with Industrial enterprise. This view implies the production of certain goods, services and works for realization of their users. Depending on the type of primary activities of manufacturing enterprise is divided into agricultural, industrial, construction, etc. Large blocks of economic activity further subdivided into smaller, respectively, in industrial enterprise can be identified, for example, machine tools, machinery, etc. And so for each sector of the economy. 

Production type is fundamental for the national economy, as the production of goods and products of mass consumption necessary for the state and its economic growth, not to mention various companies and households. The entities of production and entrepreneurship can produce almost all types of products targeted at specific consumers. Consumers there may be firms, the public or the state. This type of business activity, of course, is associated with other types, but its development directly affects the social level of development of society. 

As it is not always equally profitable to produce goods in a specific country, the international specialization of enterprises producing specific goods. If we consider the types of entrepreneurship in Russia, and specifically its production form, almost half of production and consumption goods imported from other countries. Entrepreneurship development in our country is very slow due to high taxes and duties, the risk of non-realization of output. 


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Types of business include commercial trade business. In order to this kind successfully developed must be sustainable demand for goods and low price procurement. If the purchase price is low, then the entrepreneurs reimburse the cost of trade and get good profit. The level of risk a business is relative, considering that the primary  organized trade in manufactured goods, characterized by long usage. 

Continuing with the business, it is worth mentioning the financial and credit area. It's quite a specific type of business activity, since the subject of sale are not goods and services, and currency valuables, securities, etc. For maintenance of the activities there is a whole system of special institutions, such as banks, stock exchanges (currency, equity), financial and credit companies, etc. as an entrepreneur in the securities market may also be a state, subjects of the Russian Federation and other municipal entities. 

The Activity of financial-credit organizations is strictly regulated by the law on the state level, in addition to its own regulations and instructions. One of these laws clearly define concepts such as financial organization, financial market, financial service. There are several financial services markets (securities, financial, banking and insurance services) that implement this kind of entrepreneurial activity. 

Some authors identify other types and forms of entrepreneurship, but the above classification “business” is used most often. 

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