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The Most common in metal processing are milling. CNC machines provide high quality products: dimensional accuracy, given the high rate of production. On these machines achieved high degree of repeatability of parts.

The Advantages of automatic cutting

Choosing where to order milling CNC control, check equipment availability and quality of tool. Multiblade cutters will withstand repeated work cycle, if they were made of metals of high quality. Accordingly, the resulting product will be without defects.

milling CNC

Famous tools using which you can quickly carry out milling works with CNC-control, are Sandvik, Vertex, Kemmler. There are cheaper alternatives, but the life is much shorter. Good tooling is also required, and high accuracy characteristics of the machine.

Often it is necessary to combine turning and milling work. A CNC machine is better to choose a universal, and many industrial equipment manufacturers take this into account. So, the latest version of Emco machine tools feature additional axes, which runs the tool against the part.

Machine tools manufacturer Musturn the design includes a turret head for multiple positions with internal driven tools. Additional C-axis provides positioning of cylindrical parts under a certain angle. This is often required for the manufacture of grooves, recesses, pockets.

Vertical construction

For the manufacture of body parts requires only one kind of processing - milling. CNC system speeds up the manufacturing process and increases the accuracy. However, not every machine will be able to provide the stated tolerances. The Asian equipment is often not capable of delivering the required parameters for cutting, despite the introduction in the design of new systems: Sinumerik, Heidenhain, Fanuc, Mitsubishi.


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CNC milling

At risk remain the owners of the equipment from China, Taiwan, Korea. Some models of machines from these countries belong to the premium class. If the declared characteristics of the manufacturers from Asia bought the frame from unscrupulous suppliers for reasons of economy. Latest breaking manufacturing technology of load-bearing bases and doing the welds. Taken several parts and are joined by welding.

High precision can not be obtained with such a manufacturing technology. Only alloy frame can withstand the considerable weight of the equipment without distortion of the exposed geometry. Small CNC machine-control weighs about 6 tons. With such mass frame can bend and the uncertainty of the axial displacement of the tool at a distance of 0.5 meter is up to 3 microns. These values in the presence of a weld in the work will be from the vibration to increase to 2 or even 3 times.

What to look for before selecting a contractor?

It is Important to determine with the required accuracy before will be milling. CNC system on the machine is not an indicator of future quality products. When a large batch of the latest version of e-filling is guaranteed to surpass in speed.

milling metal

Among managers, experienced in the production of several different kinds of machines has formed a definite opinion: when high demands a certain precision can be achieved only with expensive equipment. In this issue leading European manufacturers. Details for the oil companies, spacecraft on an industrial scale is made only on the machines from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Japan. With equipment of the latest country faced difficulties in terms of service from domestic service, so it is rarely interested in buyers from Russia.

At low requirements for precision parts milling metal works you can trust the mechanics working on the equipment the Korean or Taiwanese brands. There are already competitive counterparts from the Russian Federation. But we should remember that most parts come to the Assembly again from Asia.

What to do?

Milling of metal work to allow the grooves, holes, threads, chamfers, grooves. The machining plane can be any. Extend the capabilities of the tilting table axis of rotation. The latter can realize turning function.

cost of milling machine with CNC

Please Bring common types of work in 3D milling machines CNC:

  1. Teeth, complex inner cones.
  2. The Screw groove.
  3. The Complex shape of the grooves made between symmetric walls.
  4. Turning elements, combined with milling.

Advantage of the work on CNC is a rapid creation processing program according to customer's dimensions. Check the resulting size is carried out automatically using a contactless probe. In the process he is cutting in a special shop.

Selecting a contractor by price

Cost of milling machine CNC consists of the type of material and complexity of the circuits. Spent on work time directly affects the total amount. There is a certain threshold in the average amount below which the contractor will not be ready to get to work.

types of work on 3D milling machines CNC

For example, a compoundcylindrical piece 15 cm long with inner liner consists of 3 parts. The pieces interlock by means of a threaded connection. Accuracy of manufacturing is not below 2 microns. For such products the price of 800 rubles apiece would be acceptable. From different customers the amount will vary +/- 200 RUB.

Hull calculation is much more complicated. Counted every entry in the metal and develops with the cost of preparation for automatic cycle.

Before signing the contract

Any contractor interested in obtaining the order. For a full assessment of the capabilities of the equipment should be required to visit job site, where you will be made items. Refusal to pass will mean that the contractor has a production problem.

From the customer needs in a timely manner to do the drawings of parts, according to regulatory documents. Many performers take an advance payment which is not refundable in case of a unilateral refusal to deal.

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