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In the modern world every minute on the market new products. XXI Vek was not without reason called “era of consumption” - people constantly buy and sell. If you live in a city, then most likely you are not alien to the desire to update things or car, replacing the old and boring to new. So why not earn? The Internet website "Craigslist" provides such an opportunity to everyone, and about how quickly to sell our products, you can read in this article.

The benefits of selling on "Craigslist"

In our time the phrase from the famous cartoon “in order to buy something unnecessary, you must first sell something unnecessary” takes on a new meaning. You want to buy a new car, but before that you need to sell the old. Or got your eye on a new smartphone, but why do you need two? Or the store has a new collection of clothing, a wardrobe is not already closed? It is in such cases come to the aid of sites intermediaries for selling things.

how to sell on Craigslist

Such companies you can find a lot of, so why is "Avito"? There are many reasons. The company appeared on the market in 2007. The website was originally conceived as analogous to Ebay, but the maker quickly realized that auctions will not go far. So since 2009, "Avito" was to position itself as a Craigslist for reselling things. Now he is one of the most visited sites of a Runet. Daily it sell products to thousands of people. And where, as not at him to pay attention when selling equipment, vehicles and clothing. "Avito" will help to do just that, quickly and efficiently. But the amount of time that you spend waiting for the customers, depends on how well you place your text and customize ads. How to quickly sell the goods on "Avito"?


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How to make announcement

The Mistake many beginners in the field of sales is an underestimation of the importance of ad text. However, how attractive will describe the product, will depend not only on sale but also its price. Better to spend an extra 20 minutes and write a good text than to explain it all a hundred times each of the calling person. What you need to do in order to quickly sell on "Craigslist"?

how to sell things on Craigslist

  1. Before you sell something, you must first carefully inspect it for possible damage. Maybe a long time she lay the back of your closet and you have to explain where did the crack on the glass of the smartphone. Also it is useful to collect all the receipts and documents you have left after her purchases.
  2. The Correct assessment of the product is also very important. View things of the same category on "Avito" and correlate with the quality of your product. But the final cost depends on how urgently you need to sell the thing. The faster – the lower the price.
  3. Take a picture of the product at its best. If you are selling clothing, be sure to ask someone “a photo” in it for the photo. If you want to sell arms to the car wash and clean it. The visual component is very important for a successful sale.
  4. After you go to "Avito" and click “ad”, choose the correct partition. Products listed in the wrong category, the moderators will simply reject.
  5. Create a concise and attractive title. The rule is similar to writing a book: a good name - already 50% of success. Among thousands of identical products, people need something “catch” look to open the link. The title should contain the product and some features. For example, instead of ‘Jacket b/u” you write “Very warm wool sweater”. Simple but capacious phrase immediately catch the eye of buyers.

How to sell things on "Avito" quick tips

If you correctly accounted for the ad, but calls still no, and the money is needed urgently, don't despair. There are several ways to quickly sell on "Craigslist". How? For this there are a few tricks:

how to sell items on Craigslist fast

  • Reduce the price a little. If your item or technique no one wants to buy, reduce their cost at $ 100. In the search box and they will appear with a discount that will attract new buyers.
  • Call to action. It is not enough to specify the parameters of things: add to the end of the ad something like “Call, selling is relevant only to the 27th”. Then will increase the likelihood that someone will call you.
  • Leave the opportunity to contact you not only by phone number. Modern people do not like to communicate with strangers on the phone. Much more comfortable for many to write a message on the website. "Avito" provides this service free of charge: most importantly, do not forget to browse the personal account.
  • Follow the seasonality. How to sell faster on "Avito"? Stealth has not been canceled. Sell winter goods is in December or November. Then you can sell at a higher price.

How to make a good photo of the product

More than anything "Craigslist" for sale clothes and shoes. Because of the high competition, this kind of used things for sale are the worst. But how to sell faster clothes on "Avito"? Take a great photo! Not suitable for it “dish” of 2003. Take good quality photos for a smartphone with a good camera or a cheap DSLR. Believe me, thesephotos noticeably stand out from the gray mass.

how to quickly sell items on Craigslist tips

How to write a sales letter

In Addition to good and eye-catching title, drafting quality of the text is also very important. How to sell shoes on "Avito" quickly, you can read the whole lecture. But you try not to weary readers with too long headers, and copied from the Network characteristics. It would be better if the description is written from the heart. Honestly tell me about dignity, little iron out the flaws. Be sure to include the reason for the sale. The text is better to split into small paragraphs with subheadings, which will indicate name, parameters, status and other important details. Write simply and clearly, in your own words.

Free or paid sale

Most of the ads on the site "Avito" are free. However, there are certain limitations. In some cities and in certain areas supply free ads may be limited to 1-3 ads. This is due not to the greed of the site, and increased number of shops, who literally flooded their duplicate products website. What are the advantages of paid sales?

  • Your ad will be seen at the top of the page.
  • Item will see more users.
  • Faster buy.

Paid services it makes sense to use when selling expensive items such as vehicles or real estate. If you own a store, you most likely also need this option. How to sell your fur on "Avito" quickly? Use VIP-ad. In other cases it will be sufficient and the standard of accommodation.

how to sell a fur coat on Craigslist quickly

How to make money by selling things

Now there are many ways of earning online. On "Avito" it is also possible to organize a small income and build a business. How to earn on this platform?

  • To be Used for its intended purpose. It's clear that things are more profitable to sell, not to throw. Maybe unnecessary in your view, the door is very suitable for another person. Set all the extra stuff on "Avito" – and earn money, and the place is cleared.
  • Resell – Yes, it's not exactly honest business, but it is very effective. At least once a day on the site there goods at dumping price, 1.5-2 times lower than usual. If you have time to buy such a thing, you resell it with a 50 or even a 100% benefit.
  • Buy in summer sell in winter. If you have a certain amount of cash, you can invest in a seasonal product. For example, buying a motorcycle in December and it slightly podremontirovat, you will be able to sell it in may several times more expensive. The product categories a bit, but enough to earn.

What products can I sell on "Craigslist"

To Sell on "Craigslist", you can all but buy far not every exposed thing. To learn how to sell on "Craigslist", you first need to identify the most popular categories of products:

how to sell clothes on Craigslist faster

  • Technology: computers, laptops, tablets. There is demand for things top manufacturers.
  • Household appliances: microwave ovens, small refrigerators, slow cooker. Such goods are always in demand and popular.
  • Baby products: strollers, Cribs, outerwear. Much worse than selling toys that can be purchased for a small price in conventional stores.
  • Furniture: sofas, cabinets, tables – it is also possible to sell quickly on the website.
  • Machine: "Avito Avto" became one of the most visited sections in the last year. Putting your car on this site, you greatly increase your chances of selling the car.
  • Outerwear: coats, jackets, warm clothes. The main conditions for a quick sale of such products are reasonable prices and good quality things.

how to sell on Craigslist faster tricks

Customer Reviews about sale on "Craigslist"

Since the three largest platform for selling used goods merged into one, "Avito" enjoys unquestionable popularity among the people. Why not just sell on this website, and you can find any thing at the price several times below market. People appreciate it and respond about the "Avito" in a positive way. Some, however, dissatisfied with his “greed” and point to the paid ads. But in fact, income from advertising is only 20% of the income of the company and limit ads aimed more at the usability of the site.

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