Axlebox nodes: description, faults, construction and repair


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Axlebox nodes are used to transfer the pressure of the car, which he creates by acting on cervical wheelset, and also to limit longitudinal and transverse cross-section of this pair.

Device node

If we talk about the structure of the axle unit, then it is important to note that it is the most important part of car wheel pair. The installation or dismantling of this element is also in conjunction with installation or replacement of wheel sets. In addition, as described above, the node is also designed to establish a strong connection between the pair of wheels and a bogie frame. Engagement is via netbooklive for suspension. Another task for which it is intended axlebox node of the car became a storage of lubricant for roller bearings. In other words, this part is a kind of container. This element also restricts unnecessary movement of the pair of wheels relative to the bogie frame and transmits the load weight of the car on the shaft.

axlebox nodes

Part of host

The Axlebox node of the freight car consists of many parts.

The First part is a housing with tides, which are intended to be for suspension.

The Second element of a node is a labyrinth ring. The location of the parts - back housing cover bushing. It pressed in on predpochteniy part of the axis.

The Following element is roller bearings. The node element consists of an inner ring, the separator has a cylindrical roller and has an outer ring.

Next, small detail, which is called the thrust washer and is located between the roller bearings.

Another device that is designed to install the outer bearing is a Circlip.

Cup washer or castle nut is necessary in order to carry out the mechanical fastening.

Axle equipment also has a mounting cover, felt and rubber gaskets between the parts and the inspection cover.

faulty axle unit

All these elements are connected in a single node, which received the name boxes.

Connection Method

Currently there are two types of attachment node to the truck. They are called jaw and jawless.

If we talk about the second embodiment, in this case, the body of the node, for example with a passenger car will have two brackets, which are designed to implement such procedures for installing node as nadmuchowe spring suspension. Mounting parts of a node have holes through which they are attached to the frame of the truck using such details as spinoni. In such cases, the installation of the labyrinth part of the bushing is cast, together with her enclosure and forms a one-piece design.

what kind of malfunction axle unit

It is Very important to monitor the temperature of the bushing during the movement, but because the top of the case has a blind hole which is specifically designed for mounting SCNB. SCNB abbreviation stands for the indicator control of heating books. I should add that when mounted this way the labyrinth ring adpressed and is only installed on the preliminary heating of this part to a temperature of 125-150 degrees Celsius.

What kind of malfunction axle unit may occur?

As this item has many parts as well as parts that move, their wear, abrasion and damage are quite logical. And for the reason that passenger or freight cars carrying a large number of people or valuable material, failure of the node would entail almost a catastrophe.

Symptoms may include the following:

  • The destruction of the bearing. This files most often is due to the fact that the roller gets jammed, and it ceases to do a rotational movement.
  • You May experience such problems as the violation of the butt holder. This files most often is due to the fact that the nut coming off the axle or break the head bolts.
  • Possible such a failure, as the rotation of the inner ring of the bearing or fracture the neck axis.
  • The Fault is considered to be the point at which the temperature of heating of axle unit exceeds 70 degrees Celsius.

repair axle unit


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Symptoms of a node

There are a number of signs, which can determine that the performance of this element of the wagon is broken and require inspection and repair. Such signs include a grinding or tapping, which periodically becomes audible during the movement of the whole.

As the bearings inside metal boxes, the sound of these items peresypaya when driving, is also a sign of the failure of a node. Incidents such as the escape of grease from the labyrinth ring, scale or color tint on the bushing, the presence of smoke from a node or its smell after stopping the car, are also signs that Bush is malfunctioning and needs repair. Symptoms axle unit applies also a too high temperature in the upper part of the element. Notice this sign is easier than others, as is the control over this parameter, it triggered an automatic alarm.

bearings axle unit

Traffic Safety

Traffic Safetythe entire train strongly depends on the correct operation of this node. Due to the fact that the composition develops a fairly high speed, the temperature of the heating bushes can grow very fast - up to 20 degrees Celsius per minute. Because of the strong overheating increases the chance for such damage, as the crank ring or jamming the entire part. The occurrence of one of these two faults axle unit will entail the gathering of the wagon with rail.

axle equipment of wagon

Bush locomotive

To Carry out repair work is necessary or for a term set by the technical documentation, or when a breakdown occurs. The differences between the structures of this item freight car or locomotive is almost there, but because of the example repair axle unit can be seen on this model of the electric locomotive VL80 as.

Parse the node starts with the fact that the nut turns, and then knocked out the bolt. It is important to check his thread. It should be noted that wash all parts of the boxes is also an important part of the repair, as pollution will cause the bearings to stop rotating. But here we must consider the fact that after washing before disassembly item must not occur more than 6 hours. It is argued by the fact that a longer presence of moisture on parts will lead to a too rapid corrosion.

Things to check when repairing

A Very thorough inspection must be subjected to the bearings of the axle unit and eyeliner. The liner, which is recognized suitable for further use, send on a magnetic flaw detection. Those that are considered more unserviceable, dismantled and transferred to the place of inspection, Assembly, and formation of connections.

Roller bearings are subjected to a very thorough wash. First they are washed with soap emulsion, then once washed in petrol, then wipe them dry with napkins. After they also undergo procedures such as inspection, measurement and fault detection.

During the inspection of these elements is very important to pay attention to the presence of defects such as traces of overheating, cracks that often occur on rings, cages or rollers. It should be noted that almost 37% of all faults in axle-box assemblies arises from the fact that fatigue failure occurs or the wear of the centering surfaces of the separator.

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