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The Rabbit was tamed by man a long time. Mentioned in the written sources of Roman history. From that time to the present time, the breeders had created many new breeds. Bred rabbits to obtain dietary meat, furs, and fluff. Fur products have a high durability, and fluff their quality prevails over wool Merino and Angora goats. This article will present the breeds of rabbits with names and photos.

rabbit breeds with pictures and names

Some General information

Rabbits belong to the class of mammals, detachment of their living relatives, but are significantly different from their congeners: do not change fur color during moulting, the offspring of rabbits are born naked and blind. Young hares are born with open eyes and fully furred. A distinctive feature of rabbits is the precocity and fecundity. To breed rabbits are capable of all year round. The average nest is 8 bucks, but there are the girls that bring in a litter up to 16 cubs. These animals become sexually Mature in 4-5 months.

Rabbits Pregnancy lasts only a month. Very often breeders allowed to breed females a few days after kindling. Due to this, a single individual can have several kindling within a year and get a larger number of rabbits (over 40), which allows to significantly increase the volume of production. The main conditions for successful rabbit production is compliance with sanitary and technical standards, animal health, breeding technology.


In the rabbit rabbits are divided into the following species:

  • Meat;
  • Fur;
  • Down;
  • Decorative.

The largest breeds of rabbits: with the names and photos

Rabbits-giants mostly bred breeders with experience. Animals are quite large, they require special conditions. Popular among them are skins and meat.


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The Beginning of this breed is tracked from the XVI century, from the time when the territory of Flanders was seen a large rabbit with grey fur – the Belgian giants. By the end of the XIX century the breed was brought to Germany. Taking it as a basis, in 1937, the German breeders are bred and registered the breed Deutsche-Riesen, which translated meant the German giant. Among the breeders and breeders often there is a dispute: some of them believe that the risen – just a larger variety of the Flemish giant, other experts argue that it is a separate breed. Formally, the rocks are different, but very similar.

the best meat breed rabbits

Characteristic of the breed and conditions

Currently, the breed is risen is considered the largest in the world. The body in rabbits, massive, very muscled, the chest is quite wide, the torso is elongated, thick legs. Color skins – agouti, yellow-grey, sand, dark grey, black and blue. Can weigh 6 to 10 lbs. Meat has high taste qualities valued and the skin of the animal. It is recommended to buy rabbits in breeding farms, at the age of 4 months. Manufacturers are allowed to breed at the age of 8, and breeding males – after the age of 10 months. Large animals, therefore they must be given a comfortable cell to live. Rabbits breed risen a strong immune system, but it is not necessary to prevent the animals from freezing. Adequate ventilation in the room where the rabbits live. In warm time of the year their diet consists of green fodder and vegetables, to give a mixture of cereals with vegetables. Rabbits poznaniya, the first breeding should be planned when the female is 10 months. The nest is usually from 8 to 12 baby rabbits, which the female nursed well.


Belgian Flanders – the breed of these rabbits is considered the most the oldest. According to one theory it is believed that this hybrid, which is obtained by crossing Flemish rabbits, Argentine and Patagonian species. The first rabbits were brought in the nineteenth century in North America, where they received special recognition. In 1916, established the national Federation, consisting of breeders, the Belgian giant. The breed is named after Flanders, this area was part of the state of Belgium in the sixteenth century. It is believed that from this place they came to America.

Belgian Flandres

Characteristic of the breed, the contents

The Rabbits Flemish giant – big-muscled, broad chest, strong paws. Rounded head large, wide cheeks and large ears. Weight rabbits can reach from 7 to 10 pounds. They can be the following okrasov:

  • Ryzhevato-sery;
  • Svetlo-Seriy;
  • Temno-Seriy;
  • Cerny;
  • Serebristyy;
  • Golubovtsy;
  • Pesochny;
  • Belly.

Rabbits need to provide complete care: the cells need to be kept clean, animals to feed high-quality balanced diet. It is recommended to make timely preventive inoculations against infectious and viral diseases. Rabbits become sexually Mature at 8-9 months. Cases of rabbits all year round, but experts advise not to breed in the fall. At this time animals actively shedding, and the pregnancy will have an additional burden on the female. Pregnant females should be fed quality forage and to ensure that the drinker was fresh water. The female usually carries and gives birth to 7 to 8 rabbits inrare cases 15. If the first breeding DOE brought a small litter, take the time to cull – is a feature of the breed.

One of the leaders

A Very popular breed of rabbit, the grey giant. Imported into Russia in the early XX century, the Flemish giants are poorly adapted to our climate and grow poorly. It was decided to cross these two rabbits with the locals. In 1952 in Poltava region it was bred breed rabbits grey giant. Color animals color agouti, a so-called Bunny. Body length can reach 66 inches. Weight ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 kilograms. One breeding female bears up to 8 pups, sometimes up to 12, which is good nurses. Tolerate drops in temperature, and the contents in the cells. Particularly appreciated by animal skins.

grey giant


For more of this domestic rabbit breeds – white giant - bred Soviet chinchilla, Belgian and grey giant. The animal has a completely white coat color (albino) and red eyes. The length of the body – 60 cm. Weight rabbits breed white giant reaches 5-6 pounds. Has skins very good quality – thick fur with a dense undercoat. In the nest there are 9 rabbits. This breed of rabbits is not recommended to keep in close cells. Basically contains for their fur.

white giant

Meat breeds of rabbits: with pictures and names

Rabbits of these breeds are quite precocious and unpretentious. Many of them can be kept at home. Their meat has a delicate taste, is what they call a broiler.


Black-brown crawl – this breed by crossing three types: Vienna and white Flemish giant. The body reaches a length of 61 cm, breast wide, girth 37 inches. Rabbits are extraordinarily beautiful: the fur is thick and fluffy, black and brown in color, down slightly blue. Back and head of a rabbit in black, while the sides are brown and painted unevenly. An adult animal weighs 5-7 pounds. DOE brings to the breeding of 8 or more cubs. Especially appreciated the beautiful skins.

black brown Krol


One of the best meat breeds of rabbits. No less valuable and her silver-blue fur. In 1913, Soviet chinchilla became famous. Breeding animals with such a color was doing in France. In 1927, a few individuals were brought to Russia and started breeding. Breeders for several years worked on the creation of this breed. As a result of crossing imported chinchilla and white giant were received breed Soviet chinchilla. Finally, the breed was formed in 1963.

Soviet chinchilla's description stands out among other breeds with its silvery-blue color and very thick fur that is second only to fur-black-brown rabbits. Color breed sable, uneven transitions, moire, the fluff is blue. On the back of the head must be light wedge. Bright shade is the bottom of the tail, paws on the inside, the abdomen. Eyes brown, supplied with a white border. Ears to 15 inches, framed in black, tail tipped with the same hue. The body of the chinchilla's large, muscular, long – up to 66 inches. The croup is rounded, broad back. The weight reaches 5 kilograms, but some animals can weigh up to 7.

Soviet chinchilla description

Care and Maintenance

Soviet chinchilla is a pretty undemanding pet. The main conditions that should be followed when caring

  • It is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the cells;
  • Feed balanced feed;
  • Provide continuous drinking regime;
  • To prevent overheating in the sun;
  • Securely to protect from drafts and frost.


For the purity of the breed need to conduct some breeding lines, it is impossible to prevent sibling mating. The sexual maturity at these animals comes at 6-7 months. The bunnies chinchillas are very developed maternal instinct. Females give birth to 8 babies, different milk and fertility. In the year the breeders get from 30 rabbits, with more frequent coverage of their number could grow to 40. Males are good manufacturers.

Rabbits for breeding in the home

Consider Pets rabbit breeds with names and pictures. These rabbits can be kept outside and in the room. Animals of these species contain some of the owners in the apartments.


The Soviet Marder is the rabbit, which was the result of crossing such breeds as ermine and chinchilla. Colour brown, usually the muzzle, the tail, back and paws a darker color. Animals of small size, the body has a length of 50 inches, bust is 31 inches. Imagoes 3,0-4,2 kg In one breeding is usually about 7 bucks. The fur of this breed is valued for its high content of fluff.

Soviet Marder

Endangered species

Vienna blue – rabbits of this breed are on the verge of extinction, it was obtained by crossing the Moravian blue and Flemish giant. The torso is medium in size and proportionate. A neat head is small size. The ears inside is painted in a tone lighter than the color from the rabbit, they are small, slightly rounded at the top. Rabbit fur gray-blue color. Averageweight - 4.5 kg. In breeding the female is up to 9 kids. Appreciated for the quality of the fur pelt is very soft with a high content of fluff.

Vienna blue

Description of the breed Rex

Among a large number of breeds the fur of these animals is leading the way. It is used for high-quality fakes of more expensive furs.


This breed is bred in the 20-ies of the last century in France. It got its name for short fur. In 1924 they appeared at the rabbit exhibition in Paris and immediately drew attention to themselves. Appeared in the private sector by intraspecific mutations in Belgian giants.

Description and characteristics

Of Particular value are the skins of rabbit Rex. Description of the breed: they have the body oval, slightly elongate. The head is well set on a strong neck. Legs not very long, not thick, small tail. Head slightly elongated, broad forehead. Ears of small size, rounded, length up to 12 inches. The eyes are dark brown. The mass of adult rabbit is up to 5.5 kilograms. Depending on the color observed more than 30 subspecies of this breed.

rabbits Rex breed profile

Care and Maintenance

The Main purpose of breeding animals skins. Why should rabbits be kept in high purity. It is also recommended to hold regular preventive vaccinations and veterinary inspection. It is prohibited to keep rabbits of this breed on the mesh floors. It is better to use for this purpose a floor of slats or just to cover the surface big layer of straw.


In Winter you should feed the rabbits with grain, hay, dry forage, root vegetables. Summer to the basic diet it is necessary to add the dried grass. It is necessary to provide rabbits with pure water in unlimited quantities, especially in the summer.


The newcomers to farming, the animals must undergo quarantine. The female of the breed Rex brings when breeding no more than 5-7 bucks, which is quite low. Survival kids, too, leaves much to be desired. If breeding in a cage must be water, otherwise the rabbit can eat rabbits. You should pay more attention to the breeding of this breed. But despite some difficulties in the maintenance of the animals, breed them, no doubt, worth it.

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