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To Open its own production with minimal investment everyone can: and a young mother on maternity leave, and student and retired. Neither the crisis in the country, nor the lack of initial capital may not prevent an aspiring entrepreneur, eager to have your business.

Production with minimal investment

What is production

The Production is the activity aimed at the creation of any product, and this product can be very different:

  • Created the household goods and services.
  • Covered services hired personnel.
  • Supply of goods and services between various agencies.
  • Building.
  • Any kind of repair.
  • Market services.
  • Rent of buildings.

Choosing the idea of production with minimal investment

To Start a business is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You only need to have the economic literacy and to have a clear idea of what trade to open with minimal investment.

All your doubts will vanish when you see faith in your own success. To do this, of the many ideas swirling in my head, to choose the one that will meet the following criteria:

  • Efficiency.
  • A fast Enough return on investment.
  • Demand in the market.

But perhaps the most important condition of success – interest in his future of an entrepreneur and the confidence that its production really need not only to consumers, but to him, it needs “burn” your business.

Production with minimal investment ideas

Ideas Internet business

To start production with minimal investment in the Network today is as commonplace as a business in any sphere of services or trade. The number of Internet users is growing daily, and this means that are growing in parallel and the possibility of earning on the Internet.


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  • Channel on "YouTube". Videos on how to cook delicious meals, make craft from scrap materials, to make a beautiful hairdo or makeup, etc. can bring not only popularity among Internet users, but also a very good earnings. And these things are interlinked – the more hits the video gain, the more income it will bring (if users will click on ad links).
  • Maintain your blog. If you know a lot of fun to write – blogging you will only be a pleasure. Many people like to read exciting stories, and if you find its audience, the favorite activity will begin to generate profits through advertising.
  • Copywriting Agency. Many webmasters, Internet shopping portals and are in need of competent professionals, able to efficiently write, edit or translate informational or promotional article.
  • The Provision of any services through the Internet. A freelancer can become a person of any profession. There are special exchanges and portals where everyone can find their remote work.

Sell online

The Internet is so firmly established in our lives, that without it impossible to live a single day. Selling various products online will allow you to create your own business, without leaving your computer.

  • Creating a mobile application. For people with skills in programming, creating your own mobile app – a great option for profitable production with minimal investment. The demand for small and convenient program is very high today, so their creators can sell them in your stores or just hand them to the customers.
  • Selling photos. Demand not only quality content, but good pictures that may be needed for their design. In photostocks (online stores specializing in the sale of photographs) can be profitable to sell a good image.
  • Online store. To resell the goods with the largest Internet auction, it is not necessary to have own or leased trade area, because customers can find on the Internet (more precisely, we need to make sure that they find you themselves).

Business-production with minimal investment


This will suit you if you are excellent cooks and reflect on what trade you can open with minimum investment. Popular today is not only tasty, but also natural and healthy food with delivery to any place.

  • Pastries. Originality and quality – the main criteria of success of a mini-bakery, which you can organize in your own kitchen. It is important to find a niche, and above this should work. Pizza and homemade pies, even the most delicious, are not as popular as, for example, gummies for kids, handmade or croissants in the traditional French recipe.
  • Cakes to order. No wedding or birthday is not complete without a centrepiece – cake. Presentable and interesting type of dessert will attract the attention of potential customers, and great taste make them to order again and again.
  • Mobile diner. This type of production involves organizing the food (e.g., food or similar variants snack) at major events.

open trade with minimal investment


Any service can be turned into production with minimal investment, but not any of them can generate a good income.

  • Design. High-quality landscape design or interior design can be quite popular, however, for starting your own business might collaborate with a firm that has enough experience in this field to have visual examples of their work.
  • Repair. Repair of household appliances, electronics or even shoes can bring a good profit if the service is of high quality.
  • Writing your CV. Especially this service will be relevant for jobseekers wishing to find work abroad.
  • Restoration of old things. Many people find it difficult to part with things that have already lost a presentable appearance. You can prove to everyone that you can give them a second life.

business ideas manufacturing with minimal investments

Services for business

Providing a variety of services for large enterprises – an example of another successful business idea of production with minimal investment. First of all, you need to understand customer requirements and know exactly how to satisfy the request efficiently and quickly.

  • Consulting on questions relating to foreign markets. Some companies need information about the directions to export and import their products. People with knowledge about regions of interest to customers (e.g., Mexico, India, Malaysia), can earn a good income.
  • Conducting Internet research. Online stores are willing to pay good money for tracking clients ' interests, changes in the volume of market number of competitors. Competent experts are able to analyze and to systematize the obtained data, will certainly acquire numerous clients.
  • Remote services. Small companies not ready to have a specialist on IT-technologies or accountant. But they need the services of these specialists and prefer to work with them remotely.

How to open a trade with minimum capital outlay

Your hands

High-Quality handmade products highly valued among lovers of exclusive things, so making things with their hands – a very popular production with minimal investment.

  • Clothes. Clothing for children and adults, produced in a mini Studio, with all the desires of the client – a great idea for those who are well able to simulate and to sew.
  • Decoration. Designer jewelry is very popular among modern fashionistas. If you approach their creation with imagination, besieged by clients will not.
  • Knitted things. The original stuff of high quality yarn, can bring good income. Hats, scarves, toys, bags, blankets – this is not a complete list of what can be linked for sale.
  • Covers for furniture. Especially popular this service is families with children and animals. Case which is easily removable and washable, will save the furniture from dirt and damage.
  • Conducting master classes. If you have skills in any craft, have the ability to teach the case, the case remained for small – to find an area where you can conduct master classes and recruit its first group of students.

a production can be access with minimal investment

Health and Beauty

In the field of services for beauty and health you can always start your own production, and with minimal investment. To monitor their appearance, people will, no matter what, so just need to determine your niche and start their own business.

  • Yoga teacher. If you have the necessary resources (knowledge, preparation, teaching skills), then you need to find a suitable gym. You can offer specialized classes, for example, for children or pregnant women.
  • Consultant on healthy nutrition. The growing popularity of healthy lifestyles allows us to hope for success in such areas as advising on healthy eating. Be online consultatie and to communicate with customers in person.
  • Home or visiting a beauty salon. If funds to open a full salon is not enough, but the desire “to create beauty” is present, it is possible to provide services in their apartment or leave the house to customers. Thus it is possible to acquire regular customers, and to gain experience and save money to open a big salon.


Entertainment – an integral part of the life of any modern man. Without a full and comfortable rest it is impossible to work in full force. In the field of leisure, everyone can find his idea of production with minimal investment.

  • Aerial photography using a quadrocopter. The stunning beauty of the panoramic video can be rented for weddings, graduation or other events.
  • Organization of hikes. Develop your own tourist route and organize it Hiking or Cycling, maybe even for a few days.
  • Organization of events for children and adults. For holding mass events need extraordinary abilities of the presenter, writer and organizer. If you are the right person, in which everything is mergedtogether, you have the opportunity to stand out from the numerous event-agencies and the leading.
  • The recruitment Consultant wardrobe. People who have a sense of style and knowledgeable about the latest fashion trends can help you choose the right combination in clothing for those who want to look stylish, but has no such knowledge.

Own production with minimal investment

Practical advice

For Those who decided to start their own business-production with minimal investment, following tips will help:

  • Choose what you like.
  • Carefully calculate the costs required to start a business, be sure to add to the sum another 10-20 percent for unexpected expenses.
  • Advertising – an integral part of modern business, so you should learn how to promote their services or to entrust it to professionals.
  • Be prepared for difficulties and analyze every step in order not to miss their own failures.
  • Give enough time to their work; at first will have to work very much – up to 12 hours a day.
  • If you want to hire staff, be sure to monitor the activity of employees for the first time.
  • Invest a part of profit into production development.
  • Before thinking about expansion, it should automatically adjust to current Affairs.

Profitable production with minimal investment

Production with minimal investment can bring a good profit, however, little material has an enormous moral and physical contribution. So your business had success with clients that need a lot of work.

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