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Yaroslavl – glorious one of the oldest cities in Russia. It was founded in the XVI century, and in 2010 the city celebrated its Millennium. On the streets everywhere highlight the major milestones of Russian architecture of XVI-XX centuries.

Currently, the pace of construction of houses and buildings in the city only increase. Implemented new projects, reflecting modern trends in architectural thought and technical progress.

Construction companies of Yaroslavl was recognized as the best in the country for 2015.

construction companies of Yaroslavl

Construction in novosilky interregional wholesale and logistics center

In the industrial Park “John” will be erected a large wholesale center, which will be stored and prepared for sale in the first place, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products region. Each of the producers in the region and neighboring regions will be able to take their products and visitors to buy. To implement the project will be the first in the ranking of construction companies of Yaroslavl, ZAO «United building service company”.

The Land for the construction is ready, it will soon erect a storage building, also build a platform for wholesale, offices, additional facilities and Parking lots.

Planned to complete the construction of the new center by the end of 2017. Investment amount - 2.4 billion rubles.

LLC construction company Yaroslavl

New art hotel in the city center

A Group of construction companies in Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl), called “citadel” plans to build an art-hotel in the Central area of the city. 7-8 will be built six-storey buildings with a total area of 43.3 thousand m2, and the area around them will be appropriately landscaped.

The buildings will house apartments with free planning, ranging from 54 to 126 m2, with balconies and loggias. There are modern stained-glass Windows, the elevators will go to the parks. Underground Parking in two buildings will accommodate 180 cars.

This year, a construction company in the city of Yaroslavl will be put into operation body 2. On the other 4 buildings being designed. According to the study of the hotel market in Yaroslavl is considered one of the most promising cities in terms of tourism.


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The Format of the art hotel is functioning successfully in large cities. He began to develop actively in many regions, as it meets all the requirements of comfort for tourists, while being economical. It is convenient for those who arrive in the city on business trips.

The Buildings will have its own infrastructure: the boiler room, Parking, retail space for the sale of consumer goods and services.

construction company Yaroslavl list

In Yaroslavl are going to print… the house

It is now possible to realize thanks to a 3D printer. Besides the necessary equipment need not be transported from afar - it is produced in the city and, according to experts, it is unique and is considered a technology of the future.

As it is unusual to hear: “Go print a house”. Nowadays, this seems absurd. But the citizens prove otherwise. Already underway, the construction of this extraordinary home.

Such a construction is unlikely to disturb the neighbors. 3D printer for construction has a volume of washing machines and the consumption of iron. This was told at the factory advanced equipment. Only instead of ink the printer works with cement and construction compounds. The mechanism causing them evenly in layers along the contour of the building. So to build a house and two people. One-storey house with area of 80 m2 with a high roof can be printed on this printer for 10-14 days. Moreover, the training of one employee may be just a couple of hours. First is the drawing translates to, then click the button “start” and the printer prints.

As they say in the company, I had to start small, and of all the mechanisms of to develop your own. In Russia, this company was the first, since such printers are not produced. And the first such house was built it was the latter. The tests are carried out on a small architectural structures.

A Construction company of Yaroslavl in winter, plans to hold the first of a serious of tests. How will be firmly bonded layers in such difficult climatic conditions, such as frost and temperature changes? And if testing is successful - in the construction market will be a revolution. As the new technology to build low-budget housing. In China, for example, already build such cheap houses.

reviews of construction companies of Yaroslavl

Construction of the new building of the Ministry of internal Affairs

Large-Scale construction of the new building of the Ministry of internal Affairs turned around in the Frunze district of the city. It is going to finish by 2019, LLC. Construction company Yaroslavl planned the building for six years. The current building was erected in 1937 and over the decades out of date. Design a new building designed according to the latest standards. Under one roof will house a standalone city Department, and each employee is provided a comfortable workplace. Also the building is located in a place convenient transport hub.

The Interior will beequipped with advanced technical equipment, the building will be located a sports complex and a shooting range. In addition, build an Assembly hall for 240 seats.

Project of a residential neighborhood “eco-city"

Every house here is special. Its construction takes into account previous projects. This means that the architecture and construction company of Yaroslavl "New Home" brings to life the wishes of residents their homes and include them in future buildings. And because here everything is done for maximum convenience and comfort. It houses a new type of modern architecture, eco-friendly, and has affordable price.

Construction company Yaroslavl construction leads in the center of Zavolzhsky district of the city, and fringed by pine forest. Every house on the block – a three-story. The buildings have a unique geometric shape and design, and the vertical glazing creates the impression of a futuristic reality. This project plan provides residents the opportunity to enjoy the sunset and a pine forest and provides a comfortable atmosphere at any time of the year. The facades are decorated with ceramic bricks with four colors, making each one different and unique.

Internal furnish of apartments

The Linear layout of the quarter also embodies interesting solutions architects for the project. The internal passages are divided into two types - streets to cars to houses and just avenues for pedestrians, where cars don't drive. On the road sections of the road to leave the car is not provided, and Parking are placed on the outer side of the passage. Boulevards will be located sports and children's playgrounds, places for recreation of older persons. Every street and Boulevard leads to the pine forest. All recreation areas have their own original design – lawns, shrubs that separate residential areas from Parking lots and roadways streets. Garbage collection will also be eco-friendly. Trash cans, made in the form of houses, are located in remote areas.

project and construction company Yaroslavl

Federal pilot project

The city Authorities have decided to participate in the project for the construction of a new school building with a special modern architecture. It is planned that the project will be carried out on the street Chernoplodnoj. The new school is a three - storey building, which will learn almost a thousand students. Elementary, middle and high school will split up among themselves. Each link will have its own cafeteria, gym, locker room. Common for students of different ages will lobby and library. But the Ministry must confirm the participation of Yaroslavl in this project.

construction company g Yaroslavl

Two new kindergartens will be opened in the Frunze district

Construction companies of Yaroslavl, a list of which is long, encouraging residents of new architectural forms. Two kindergartens will open in the streets Chernoplodnoy and Academician Kolmogorov. In each kindergarten will be able to go 125 children, and in total there will be 6 groups. The first floors will be equipped with warm floors, they will be placed younger group and the games room. The construction of the walls has been completed and is almost completely stacked the roof of the building on the street Chernoplodnoj. Currently, the installation of flooring, there is a process of glazing and wall insulation.

Objects must be commissioned before 1 January 2018.

YASK Yaroslavl

On-site long-term construction will build two high-rise buildings and office center

The Restored building of the complex «Yarsiti” at Moscow Avenue, which is the project construction company of Yaroslavl. It is planned to build two houses – one 25-storey building with 191 apartments and split-level house with 17/6 floors. You will also build an office center with underground Parking for vehicles and additional space for trading.

A 17-storey building will have eye-catching 2-storey building. It is planned the construction of another 25-storey skyscraper-the twin. The facades of new buildings will preserve the architectural traditions of the Moscow prospectus, but will be equipped with modern stained glass of the system. Two twin houses are the highest in the city.

Reviews of construction companies of Yaroslavl, both from people and authorities only positive. Design firms execute orders of any kind and any architectural forms. Customers will find what they like. And the price of the room will certainly appreciate the purse buyer.

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