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The freight Market, despite its occupancy by different companies, continues to develop gradually. It is coming, then out go the old players and offering a range of services. Of course, the demand for transportation services and loading bulky items is always there. All people sooner or later change accommodation, moving out, checking in to new apartments and houses. The task of the movers — to help those wishing to transfer all their accumulated possessions (including large objects like cabinets and other furniture). The staff of the company «GRUZOVOZOFF» (St. Petersburg), by the way, performs this task efficiently.

GRUZOVOZOFF driversIn Addition, movers can cause, and in certain specific situations such as the sale of furniture and transport it to the new owner. Not everyone can carry a wardrobe with 6 floors or, for example, carry a set of furniture with your fuel-efficient car? Due to this and there are companies such as the company “GRUZOVOZOFF”. And, in fact, thanks to them, to rearrange the furniture in my apartment to make the move to a new place or just get your friends the gift of a new wardrobe, now there is no difficulty! Because such companies are primarily interested not only perform work efficiently and accurately, but to do everything for the most affordable price for the customer!

How it works “GRUZOVOZOFF”

GRUZOVOZOFF SPb“GRUZOVOZOFF” — is one of the companies that provide services for the transport and loading of any items. The company has its own fleet consisting of vehicles of different payload class, and the staff providing services to transfer the belongings of the customers. By carriage, “GRUZOVOZOFF” sends the location of the call team, usually of three people - a driver and two loaders. In General, depending on what needs to move, number of movers can vary. Taking a call, the Manager of the company tells the client the approximate amount that you will need to pay the staff. It is noteworthy that the work of the whole team is calculated on the basis of the time spent on the job. Thus, the client, ordering the transportation of your furniture should be ready for the growth rates of the brigade in that case, if the transfer and moving of things took longer than expected. It is no secret that, at times, can use unscrupulous movers on the job. To avoid this, it is recommended to carefully monitor how efficiently the staff is working, and what is their attitude in General to ordered and paid by you. In the event of any conflict situations, you should immediately contact the quality control Department of the company (you can contact him through the operator).

How to order moving services

the Moscow GRUZOVOZOFFOrder a team can be both online “GRUZOVOZOFF" (Moscow), and that you are willing to hear polite statements. And with the operator to agree the order should in any case - so, a technician will take your information (apart from the telephone, the name and the address at which the movers need to come, and that what the task to run). In addition, the operator will inform you of the approximate cost (although, to be honest, it can grow at the expense of delay in the process of moving, so just in case you will have to take a large sum to pay for). After the call, you can expect the arrival of teams of movers who will help you with your stuff. Work crews pinpoint: it is included as loading your belongings into the vehicle, and the passage itself, together with the subsequent unloading. Controversial is entering the tube - in this case, the customer is forced to pay simple for its own account. To avoid this, you should discuss the matter with the driver and find out if he “stop counter" at idle time, or he will guarantee travel on the bypass road is to speed up the process.

The quality of the services “GRUZOVOZOFF”

transportation GRUZOVOZOFF

That is, how well does this or that company, should be judged according to the feedback of her customers. Now there are many websites which have gathered the reviews of people on those or other firms, institutions and companies across the country from different fields. Are no exception and the company «GRUZOVOZOFF" (Moscow) reviews. If we analyze some of the most popular sites with such assessments, in General, work as stevedores anddrivers noted as satisfactory. Clients the cost of services is low, and the work itself, which is made quickly and quite accurately. Some even give examples of good faith personnel in those cases when it would not be able to think. This proves that among the employees “GRUZOVOZOFF” is quite adequate and honest people willing to do the job. But, of course, there is a negative assessment of the actions of certain employees of the company. That only proves that the staff does not consist solely of such people.

Studying the reviews about ‘GRUZOVOZOFF”

working in GRUZOVOZOFF

Among the negative assessments, which was delivered to the company, are comments of people writing about the theft and excessive overpricing by the performers. So many people say that after you agreed on the phone prices in, say, 4100 rubles per loading, on the site of the driver requires 6500 rubles without any clarification of the reason why the cost has increased dramatically. Another example of customer dissatisfaction can be called only when carried things was missing some values. In particular, this currency, jewelry and other objects that could fall into the hands of dishonest employees. Of course, to believe every written review about the company should not be. It is necessary to examine the maximum number, to compare and ultimately decide — whether to order the work of the company or not. In the case of “GRUZOVOZOFF" (SPb), probably the meaning is. Prices are cheaper in any case than the competition. But the value when loading is recommended to hide and keep near him. Do not provoke movers on theft. And reading about the company “GRUZOVOZOFF» reviews, drivers also should not be forgotten. People from driving which affects the quality dovesti of the product and the timing of the assignment. For the majority of the reviews - flattering. People writing about the company, confirmed that many drivers are going to make concessions, agreeing to go to avoid traffic jams. And go gently, realizing the value of the goods to the customer.

Shipping Cost

Studying the site where the company offers “GRUZOVOZOFF» transportation (SPb), prices can be found very different. They are formed by what kind of car you need to submit and also due to the fact how heavy and dimensional cargoes must be shipped. This forms directly the number of people that will be involved in the work. The logic is simple - the more movers, the more expensive the move. Although people who do not know how much they pay, it is recommended that a parallel study in addition to “GRUZOVOZOFF" (Moscow), but also the sites of the competitors that provide similar services. This is not so difficult. Most likely, you'll be pleasantly surprised, it's no wonder the pricing is so good about “GRUZOVOZOFF» reviews. Drivers even they gain more experienced, trying to improve the service as a whole. By improving the quality of services, in turn, a growing number of customers who contact the company that increases sales. In turn, with a constant and growing stream of customers, “GRUZOVOZOFF” able to grow and evolve, developing its staff, bringing it to higher standards of service. Again, we win customers.

How to save money

In Addition to apply for more services available to the company, reading about “GRUZOVOZOFF" reviews of employees, with whom you communicate should also ask about the shares that are held. Because it so happens that in the company are temporary discounts in honor of some holidays or events with which you can pay less. Moreover, who is not the operator, can you help with this? For interest, of course, one can study the company website to make sure the truth of the words of the employee. For example, often in cargo taxi “GRUZOVOZOFF” “cut” price, exposing the cost of services is lower than in normal mode. Do not forget to clarify whether the stated event Manager, directly in communication with the driver and loaders. Maybe they do not know or pretend not to know about these special offers. In this case, your task is to insist on. After all it is your money which may remain in the crew.

How to make money with “GRUZOVOZOFF”

The Company “GRUZOVOZOFF”, which was discussed solely as a firm, to which you can apply for help in moving and loading heavy things, can also help to earn money willing. Mostly it is, of course, for strong men, because of the specifics of the company. And, as you know, work in “GRUZOVOZOFF” may be, not only in the profession of a porter, but the driver of the car. We know even thatthe company on an exclusive basis cooperates with well as owners of trucks, suitable for transportation. Thus, having such a car, you can also work as a driver. The scheme of work is very simple - orders are doing to the managers of the company, processed by them (the specified information), and then transferred to the staff of “field”. Those are the movers and the drivers of the vehicles in the company. They accepted a reservation, you must immediately move at the specified address, ready to get to work. There they will wait for the customer, which will indicate what to take. According to the rules of work in the company, all things must be moved by the loader; the customer can help in the transference only on their own initiative.

Some feedback on the work in “GRUZOVOZOFF”

According to the feedback about the company left its employees work in “GRUZOVOZOFF” is a great way of earnings. The fact is that the essence of the tasks set before porters and driver is simple enough — is the transfer and transportation of things as carefully as possible. In this case the payment is hourly, which to some degree protects the interests of the loader. Because in that case you have to carry heavier things, people will be forced to run slower, and therefore will receive more. In addition, the work in the company more praise for the fact a large number of orders that arrive regularly in “GRUZOVOZOFF”. The feedback from the drivers who are already working here more than a year, confirm this. The most important thing is that the company is ready to provide a constant flow of customers, and that means constant, stable earnings. No taxi service will not give you the same flexible schedule with such a large flow of orders. In addition, unlike conventional taxis, the transportation of cargo to “GRUZOVOZOFF” is paid hourly, and not depending on the number of kilometers. It is obvious that the form of payment for wasted work time is more advantageous for the driver.

More about us


By the Way, in addition to transportation services (in fact, the services of a cargo taxi), “GRUZOVOZOFF” also offers services familiar to us by taxi. This company “Taxationof”, which operates similarly in the two largest cities of Russia - St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is, in fact, associated in one of the brand service that provides passenger transportation. If you are a client and you need a car to explore the city beyond it, or for men, you better go here. As for work, if you want to earn, but you have no cargo, and passenger car - this service will suit you more. As noted on “GRUZOVOZOFF” drivers running in "Taxationof”, in company with freight customers to order more due to greater recognition and, perhaps, somewhat less competition than in the taxi. Well, to test it in practice is quite difficult, so if you are a driver and you are really interested in this issue, we recommend you to work in both companies to compare themselves. Actually, a lot depends on the personal qualities of the employee and his car - how he is adapted for such work.

Work in “GRUZOVOZOFF": jobs

If you are interested in working in the companies organizing cargo transportation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, do not have to have a car or be a loader. There are plenty of vacancies, which is set periodically of new personnel. For example, employees of call centre (operators, who communicate with customers and take orders from them) or the managers involved in company development, sales promotion, and others. About when “GRUZOVOZOFF” is gaining new people, it is reported on the company's website in the relevant section.feedback on work in GRUZOVOZOFF in Addition, different regional and Federal websites for job search you can find information about the post exactly who is recruiting and what requirements are put forward to the candidates. Who knows, maybe some position in the company is waiting for you? After all, “GRUZOVOZOFF” is not only a good salary and a lot of orders, but also the opportunity to develop and grow as the company grows. It is no secret that having a reputation among Moscow and St. Petersburg clients, the firm continues to build momentum. It is not excluded that someday the company will also be released on the Federal level, with offices throughout Russia. If this really happens this turn of events would be the best confirmation of the high quality of services provided in “GRUZOVOZOFF”. Now, in addition to the two branch, the company is also in Naberezhnye Chelny.

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