Breeding nutria in the home. The business plan for the breeding of nutria


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Many people mistakenly believe that the breeding of nutria, the prices of fur coats of which are constantly growing, need only for their high quality fur. But this is not true. The value of nutria, in addition to the skins, lies the meat of the animal tender and tasty, but the main diet.

That is why today the breeding of nutria as at home is becoming more popular. The fertility of this small animal to ensure its meat is not only his own farm but also to sell the surplus.Nutria care and breeding


I must say that the breeding of nutria in the home as a profitable business in our country appeared relatively recently. Moreover, many people still have no idea how this wonderful valuable fur animal. Gradually, however, the army of nutriiveda increases. Some owners who have farms for the breeding of nutria were able to achieve very high quality skins with a smooth, silky pile and very different colors.

Some time ago at the state level have increased the purchase price to them. That is why the breeding of nutria as a business at home has become a very profitable business. Because the meat and use the fur for some time now very much in demand. In addition, those who will be involved in the breeding of these animals will be exempt from tax with the amount that they receive for the sale of skins. However, there is one condition: they will need to sell specially existing procurement organizations. Not levied and sold on the market nutria meat.

Care and breeding

nutria Breeding in the homeThis fur animal came to us from the hot South America. He lives near the water, which periodically cleans the skin. Therefore, beginners who are just starting the breeding of nutria in the home, always wondering whether obligatory pool or other body of water for them. Of course, experts say that this beast will be able to do without a daily bath, but then the high quality of its skin will not have to dream. After all, he will not be able to look after it correctly.


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And the health of animals living near the pool, much stronger than “land” nutria. Care and breeding of this fur-bearing fauna - class is not particularly difficult. But the main thing - it is very beneficial and profitable. Because skin wearability including as close as possible to the mink or Fox, fur, fur coats, hats and collars. And the meat for its nutritional value and demicheli not inferior even to a rabbit.


Nutria loves carrots, cabbage, apples, etc. She eats only vegetable foods. Despite the fact that this animal belongs to rodents, and he has very large teeth, fear is not necessary. He very quickly gets used to humans, experts believe that he even responds to his nickname. Worth it to call, as the animal then runs up and takes food from the hands.

The Breeding of nutria in the home has its own characteristics. If the number is small, then the feeders need to be placed so that the owner comfortable. Do not forget that this is a very strong animal that can carry the equipment wherever he pleases.

Therefore, the best option feeders are a narrow trough that you want to mount latches to the wall.

Breeding nutria prices

Organizational issues

The Business of breeding nutria would be best if you pre-calculate all the anticipated costs for their content, including the rent of the farm and the landscaping of the enclosures. To care for these animals is incredibly simple, and food for these herbivores is accessible. And to hire for breeding nutria have a minimum number of employees.


The Business plan involves the use of animals for these special houses with holes, through which it will be easy to get out to walk around. It is best to place them in special farms for the breeding of nutria, which are divided into two zones: for hot and cold. The dog run should be covered with a wall having one meter in height. Additionally it is necessary to equip the pool, the water in which you will need to change on a daily basis, since only in this case, the fur is nutria is an external, luxurious and attractive.

Farm for the breeding of nutriaGood to breeding of nutrias in cages with wooden or tin partitions. Inside on the floor you need to lay a layer of hay or sawdust. The size of the kennels or houses must be 1.5 x 1.5 meters. While the wooden parts needed to upholster an iron or a fine mesh, otherwise these animals will nibble.

In addition, with the onset of cold weather in the room will need to maintain normal for these animals the temperature — about eighteen degrees. Nutria — rabbits, their naked tails and the soles of the feet are frostbitten very quickly.

As the pool fit any container in which the animals can splash around. It will be possible to dig into the ground. Only it is necessary to think in advance how to change the water.

Farming nutria

nutria Breeding in cagesBest farm build near the pond, onwhich grow reeds or water lilies. In this case, the businessman will be able to save considerably on feed in the summer, spring and autumn. The nutria would be sufficient to gather up the vegetation. Animals even eat the stems, but they eat and rhizomes with leaves, so waste will remain. One individual on average weighs about five pounds, while during the day she consumes feed almost a third of his weight.


For the care of the nutria will need more workers. They will have to reside on the farm, but because they needed to create the conditions for normal living. The staff have to be a vet-professional, whose responsibilities will include a careful study of the health status of nutria and prevention of various diseases.

Where to buy nutria for breeding

Nutria as a business

This source of tasty meat and valuable fur quality can be a good item of income if, of course, to carry out breeding. Nutria, the business plan for the cultivation of which requires a fairly precise calculation of the costs, it is necessary to put in the cages. Caring for these small animals is simple, and for their cultivation fairly inexpensive feed.

And high fertility and resistance to diseases make a very profitable breeding of nutria.

Business plan

Initially, it is better to buy not a lot, but only a few pairs of nutria. Each female every 2 months brings about twelve kids in turn, they have six months could be clogged.

A List of initial expenses for the month ahead based ten pairs of the following:

  • The rent of the farm – 30 000;
  • Buy houses for nutria and redecorating the premises – 70 000 rubles;
  • The salary of staff – 50 000 rubles;
  • Purchase of feed – 20 000 rubles.

The business is run will pay for itself in about six months. In the process offspring will be continually added, and this means that it will be necessary to actively implement fresh meat and fur.

At higher speeds the profit can reach up to three hundred thousand rubles per month. But the main thing – know where to buy nutria for breeding to the livestock was healthy.



What are they? Breeding of nutria in the home has several positive aspects. The organization and arrangement of their dwellings or site can be done in a short period of time. Moreover, the nutria feeds on grain and plain grass that are not only easy to reach but also to save to prepare for the future. These small fur-bearing animal breeders do not cause much trouble, because they rarely get sick.

Comparing the breeding of nutria and rabbits, you can immediately feel the difference: the latter is very often sick, as a result, most livestock is killed, that means the loss of not only money, but time.

Another advantageous feature of the nutria is their rapid growth. These rodents for a very short time required to reach slaughter size.


nutria Breeding as a businessThe Population of nutria should not be on the farm closely, so each individual should have no less than one square meter. In each cell, as a rule, should be planted not more than four, maximum five animals. In addition, cages should be clean, they should thoroughly clean at least twice a day.

For animals it is necessary in advance to prepare bran, grain, cake, hay, and root crops. Nutria must be fed twice a day, and in the summer need to give a maximum of vitamins, i.e. grass or greenery.

Need to know

The Young, and the population prepared for mating, it is better to be in a special paddock - fences, inside of which should be not only the pool, but also shelter and concreted area for feeding.

Particular attention is recommended for the breeding of nutria to bring order and cleanliness, as these fur-bearing animals their nature tidy enough, and therefore do not tolerate on its territory the presence of debris.

Animals in any case is not recommended to overfeed. Fat nutria are very bad mate, besides, they can give a bad pripady or just sick.Pool for nutria

Characteristics breeding

With these animals is not rude to ask - they may cease to gain in weight or breed. The cage should have to put straw or even sawdust.

It is Impossible to keep nutria in the draft, this leads to colds. In hot weather, if kept in the sun, the animals can happen sunstroke.


The Cost of every living adult on average reaches fifty from. that is, They usually buy young entrepreneurs who decided to breed in the home. The cost of one kilo of meat nutria ranges from five to eight have. E., with the butchered carcass, the output is four to six pounds.nutria Breeding business plan

The Price of a skin (depending on its size, coloring and quality of fur) comes to twenty dollars. Most valued by wycinanie onfactory technology. This skin is thinner and more elastic, stretches well, so is bought at a good price, and the demand for it is constant.

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