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Work is much easier when not only subordinates but also the heads themselves are clearly aware of their responsibilities. Most businesses usually are divided into plants, or areas that have definite direction, and perform specific tasks. The leadership of such a unit you can trust the man who knows how to organize the process. Therefore, the job description of the head area is especially important.

Basic requirements

For starters, it should be noted that the head of the section – is an expert who is the head of a team. At the same time, he is the face of the slave. Is employed such employee by the Director. However, solving production issues, he reports directly to the production Manager or a specific Department. Job description the head portion contains very specific requirements for the qualification and experience of the candidate.

job description the chief of a site

He may have a higher technical or secondary special education. In the first case, work experience in the specialty in the position of engineers should be not less than three years. And the second – at least five years. Job description the team leader clearly defines the tasks that should be run. Among them are the two most important:

  1. Organization of work thus entrusted to the unit was performed the mandated tasks on time and in a given range. This can be products, services or other work.
  2. Boost possible productivity. Efficient use of equipment based on its power, while reducing the complexity of the product itself.

All this can do only the person who owns certain knowledge. Their list is usually placed in the first part of the user.


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To achieve the desired results, it is necessary to organize the daily work of the team. Job description the head portion in the second part contains a detailed list of responsibilities and functions that a Manager must perform:

  1. Advance preparation of production. This includes verification of the equipment and placement of workers for operations.
  2. Monitoring compliance with all processes. In the event of an unexpected failure need to quickly determine the fault and eliminate it in the shortest possible time.
  3. Quality assurance of products (or services).
  4. The Use of advanced methods of work organization. Rationalization and certification of workplaces.
  5. Issuance of replacement jobs crews.
  6. Control the use of materials, equipment, tools, energy and fuel.
  7. Provide instruction in all areas of labor protection and enforcement.

All of these issues relate to production and economic activity. They allow not only to establish the rhythmic work, but also to increase the efficiency of use as working capital and fixed assets.

Features in the field of construction

Job description head of construction site similar to the standard version, but contains some clarification on the specifics of the profession. It, for example, to occupy such position can only be a specialist, which is clearly indicated in the diploma specialty “engineer”.

job description head of construction site

His work is aimed at achieving particular purposes:

  • Full guide entrusted to him the construction project;
  • Equipment of the materials for the timely commissioning;
  • Responsible for everything that happens on the object.

To do this, the head needs to have some knowledge relating to construction technology and organization of production. He must be able to handle project documentation, own building codes and know the technical conditions necessary for conducting of works on commissioning and start-up of the object. With regard to all the circumstances it is possible to allocate the main tasks set by the management head of the construction site:

  1. Organization of personnel work.
  2. Monitoring quality compliance.
  3. The Preparation and subsequent negotiation of production schedules.
  4. Compliance with occupational health and TB.
  5. Interaction in the process of working with customers.
  6. Documentation.

This way each job description head of construction site has a list of functional responsibilities that he must fulfill while in the workplace.

The Installation of electrical systems

Each site has its own peculiarities, and the chief, which they lead, needs to take this into account. The only way to properly build work and expect a positive result. Therefore, the job description of the chief electrical site primarily contains a list of all knowledge that should be possessed by the prospective candidate.

job description electrical land

In Addition to the current legislation, orders and instructions for the enterprise he shall be obliged to:

  1. Have a clear idea about the principleaction, device, design features and technical specifications of all electrical equipment which is on his site. To be able to organize repairs and to carry out mandatory preventive measures.
  2. Know the technology and rules of the organization of production in the area of electrical work.
  3. To Understand the mapping.
  4. Know all kinds of possible damage to devices and methods for their possible removal. That is what is expected from his subordinates.

The rest of the duties of the heads of various sections similar to each other.

Organization of the production process

Every enterprise has main and auxiliary sections. Their significance depends on the share of participation in the production process and influence the final result. This is understandable and clear to everyone. Therefore, the production area can be called any of the structural units of the company, which produced the finished product. In fact, it is a combination of jobs, which are combined on any particular basis, and together are part of a single production process. With this in mind drawn up and job description of the position as production supervisor. In accordance with her functions at the head remain the same. The only difference is the activity of the unit.

job description head of production unit

For example, in the dairy plant or that plant has a production area where there are several shops that produce different types of products. All this division is headed by a section chief. He oversees the work of each Department separately and ensures that all production has generally worked in a normal rhythm, fulfilling targets.

Manual installation works

The Work of installers associated with the Assembly of various structures or machines from the individual nodes. This profession is especially in demand in the construction industry. In most cases, this whole control that are in accordance with contracts perform work of a similar nature. They build constructions which will be used for its intended purpose. This unit also has its own head. And job description of the head Assembly area, contains all that relates to its activities.

job description of the head Assembly area

First, it States that in addition to the administrative and regulatory documents, the leader must know all the used Assembly equipment, its technical characteristics and operating rules. Under him is a team, in front of which daily it is necessary to put a specific task. To do that, you need to know about mounting everything. The chief aim of the work of the site based on the finished plan and ensures not to violate the deadlines. Subordinate to it are the masters and foremen, who perform along with rank and file workers, these same tasks.

Workers of municipal services

In public utilities – the same picture. The territory of any city is divided into separate sections. Each of them represents a completely independent unit and is equipped with the appropriate staff. Directs the staff of the head area. He coordinates the activities of subordinates and handles all issues related to the organization of work.

job description head of section housing and communal services

Job description head of section housing and communal services, as usual, begins with questions of subordination. All the chiefs ZHEU obey the head of the unitary enterprise of housing of the city. It decides on the appointment and dismissal them from their posts. The duties of the chief include:

  1. The Contents entrusted to him the housing stock in good technical condition.
  2. Organization of regular technical inspections.
  3. Monitoring the timely preparation of homes for the autumn-winter season.
  4. Providing all services necessary materials, equipment and supplies.

The Chief responsible for each Department (accounting, dispatch, crew of plumbers or janitors). He is extreme in case of a conflict. To avoid this, he personally oversees the hiring of new employees.

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