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Many young people, especially students and graduates that want to start their career with work in the well-known retail chains. Some of them in this regard, actively interested in how to pass an interview to “Connected”.

What attracts this place?

This network for the sale of cell phones and other electronics – one of the largest in Russia, working more than one year on the market. Accordingly, potential applicants are attracted primarily a stability and confidence that they will not become victims of employer fraud.

How to interview in a coherentOf Course, most of them understand that in financial terms means “Messenger”. Wages in such places, especially for beginners, will not be too high. But even this does not stop boys and girls to become part of a large company. Moreover, most of them were her clients and they were satisfied with the service.

Where to begin?

So, how does one get a job in “Connected”? Go to the nearest store provider and refer to the senior Manager, tell me what you want to get an interview. You then must provide a form to fill where you must specify information such as:

  • Name;
  • Phone;
  • Your address.

vendor liaisonThe Manager will give you the phone number you want to call. You will be invited to interview and appoint the date and the exact time of the interview. You can get it to anyone who has expressed such a desire.

Visiting the training center and introduction

As mentioned over the phone the personnel Manager of the company sets the date, time and place of the interview. As a rule, it is conducted at training centres, on the facade of which hangs a plaque with the inscription «the Messenger”. The company is only after a long interview. According to reviews, audience is going to the first meeting a large number of people.


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How does the interview in a coherentBefore the event, staff, guests include videos about the company. Then the lecturer comes and talks about what will be the meeting. Interviewed in “Connected” is preceded by a story about the existing vacancies of the company and the screening of the film. Then applicants will be given a test in the questionnaire, and after each of them will have to tell about yourself in a motivational form.

Reported at the meeting

In search of jobs, many people wondered how is the interview «the Messenger». Reviews on the Internet are often very frightening, but a number of those who attended the introductory meeting, noted that there was nothing there.

The Story includes information about the following points:

  • The employee's duties;
  • Schedule;
  • Wages;
  • What is the process called "infusion" of the team.

Liaison workOf Course, the employee's duties depend on his position. What should the seller do? “Messenger” provides a list of tasks:

  • Consultation store visitors;
  • Contracts;
  • Cash;
  • Receipt of money in cash and cashless settlement;
  • Inventory;
  • Providing additional services to customers (setting your phone or tablet, sticker on the screen of the gadget protective film);
  • Offer services for insurance and credit;
  • Shop window decoration and more.
  • Taking part in the window dressing salon and so on.

The List is quite long, it is worth noting that direct selling is about 10 percent of the total workload.

How long is the event

A Lot of people asked about how to pass an interview to “Connected”, they note that it lasts a very long time – around five hours. The Manager of the company, as a rule, this prevents immediately. Although there are reviews noting that this is not the case, and the speaker got through in about 60 minutes or less.

Interview in the connected reviewsThe secret Reviews the applicants indicate that information about the long interview is available on arrival. And the Manager assures the audience that they had to notify by phone.

Naturally, not everyone is willing to spend on an interview such a long time a go. If you want to know how to interview in “Connected”, be sustained. Is the key to your future success.

However, according to reviews, the information could be provided much faster.


How is the interview «the Messenger"? It all starts with watching a video presenting the company. In it there is a speech about personnel training, corporate culture, career opportunities and motivation of employees.

After viewing the employee answers questions on the content of the film. He also wondered what the position expects each applicant.

Working Conditions

The Speaker reports what are the benefits of working in this company, about the requirements for future employees, training and time of training.

He says that the training lasts a little over a week and is not paid out either side. Daily have to go to full time in the showroom, but the salary they get is not necessary.

It is important to consider not only how to pass an interview to “Connected”, but also successfully pass the training period. When it is over, the person goes on probation. Within two weeks, excluding weekends, you will need to visit the office for 10 hours a day. In the future work schedule remains the same.

the Messenger wagesAs for free time, the recruiter said that during the day a person has the right to leisure, which include:

  • 40 minute break for lunch.
  • 8 "smoke breaks" with a duration of 10 minutes.

Possible earnings

What else could it imply in the interview «the Messenger"? Reviews say that it also involves a conversation about the financial issue. The sales Manager receives a fixed salary, it is not too high.

And here is extra bonus can be obtained through the following:

  • The successful collective sales in a single compartment.
  • High turnover;
  • Quality of service;
  • Technical knowledge base;
  • Interior design and more.

It should Also be noted that the cleaners on points do not exist. All the work of this plan are performed by the Manager. From how clean the salon, depends, whether he will get the bonus or will be fined.

How to behave at the interview in a coherentKnow how to interview in “Connected”: you need to be a team player, and the Manager needs to see in applicants is the quality. The prize will be divided at all, the liability in the absence of identifying the culprit of the situation is also collective.

No matter how much money the Manager a month including all bonuses, all funds received are subject to taxation.

Test the task

How to interview in “Connected”? After the applicant has listened to all the information requested to complete the questionnaire and take the test.

Sheet to fill in, more like a check on security. Also remember that previous experience and achievements of the person here do not matter. There is a focus on what you will be trained all over again. If you want to know how to interview in “Connected”, then you need to be ready for anything.

Given a test very interesting. There are more than 10 situations that can happen on the spot in the course of work. Next to each situation, there are several answers, you must choose the most optimum for yourself.

Paper after filling in give up to them.

Business games

The Next stage of interviews – this is a special game. Between the paperwork and the start is just under an hour. In their feedback, the applicants note that such intervals – increased disrespect for the time of the applicant.

During the break are encouraged to review the list of documents that you will need to bring in candidates, if approved.

How is the interview «the Messenger” at this stage? Present I suggest we split into two groups and pay on “first” and “second”.

A number of situations that need to collectively discuss and make a decision that would suit everyone. Many people ask how to pass an interview to “Connected”. So: you need to be active, enterprising and communicative, not to stay away from the discussion.

The Situation such: the Manager incorrectly added to the room (not client phone and the other), the person is asked to describe the characteristics of the device, and many others.

Then the recruiters have to offer to change places. In each group...

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