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When hiring an employee for the position of database administrator the user expects to receive services for maintenance management systems. The main task of a specialist – ensure uninterrupted access to all your users to the desired information.

If a person is hired in order to build that base from scratch, his responsibilities included design, development of requirements, implementation, verification of operational properties and maintenance. In addition, the creation of credentials, their protection against unauthorized penetration into the base, and support the integrity of its structure.

Almost all the time the employee spends on the computer. More detailed information about what are the duties, rights and responsibilities of the DBA in the job description developed by the organization must be described in full.


Employee accepted for the position, is a specialist who can hire or dismiss only the head of the company. Usually from the applicant required the availability of higher education in the profession, namely, that it concerned mathematical, engineering, or technical direction. In addition, to qualify for this position should be reflected in the field of information technology for at least three years in relevant positions.

responsibilities the database administrator

Job description database administrator means that the process do its work would be guided by normative and legal documents, methodical materials, which affect its activity directly.


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It needs to take into account the items of the organization's Charter, the orders coming from superiors, as well as other rules and regulations of the enterprise and the relevant labour laws of the country.


According to DI database administrator, he must know all the regulations, instructional information and regulations pertaining to information technology, computer science, design, and systems development computing type.

He must know how to operate the equipment provided to him by the organization to perform work, what are the characteristics, what conditions it operates, and all policies regarding the use of its technical features.

Employee should be able to use in practice, different OS and AT that are aimed at data management, protection and prevention of access to information no access from superiors.

the roles and responsibilities of the database administrator

The Role and responsibilities of the database administrator include knowledge of data processing technology in a mechanized way. He should learn all modern types of media, the methods by which encoding takes place, data standards, codes and ciphers, the system software and its use in practice.

In addition, from a staff member requires knowledge in Economics, labour laws, management practices and other rules governing normal operation of the company. The specialist also needs to know how the technical documentation is issued.


The duties of the database administrator include performance of certain functions:

  • Maintaining relevance of the information stored on company's servers;
  • Database management, their organization;
  • Comprehensive protection;
  • Check system and prevent infecting it with viruses.

database administrator duties

Also among the functions of the employee should also mention the database maintenance, training on their operation for employees, the establishment and maintenance of the archive, which is preserved AT all and other background information. Also, the employee must ensure that confidential data storage that allows you to make professional, commercial and state secret.


In Order to properly perform the functions assigned to the employee, he must fulfill certain duties of the database administrator, including carrying out activities aimed at optimizing the use of resources information technologies of the company. To do this he must use the configuration of the operating systems installed on the equipment of the organization and basic features of the database.

job description database administratorHe Also needs to ensure the relevance of the information contained in the database, which is necessary for the company at the proper level. It organizes and manages access to the accounts, provides or denies access to a particular information for different employees. Organizes the transfer of information between different departments of the company, develops technical methods of protection and structuring data as well as is engaged in their protection and preservation in case of problems with technical equipment.
de DBA

Responsibilities of the DBA include the development and implementation of software that allows you to saveinformation and leave it complete, even with hardware failure.

He Also is required to keep credentials for all failures and malfunctions of equipment, promptly report them to workers specializing on repairing and Troubleshooting problems of this nature, and in some cases and independently conduct repair and rehabilitation work.

Other responsibilities

Duties of database administrator include maintenance, creation and preservation, backup, information, introduction the journals of the file system. If necessary, the employee recovers data, analyzes the information needs of various departments of the company, making adjustments and suggestions to the work and development.

job description duties the rights and responsibilities of the database administrator data

He Also must offer the user the modernization of technological support for improving management and storage of data, carrying out training activities to improve the knowledge of other employees so they can fully use the database used in the company, to provide advice regarding its competent authority.


Employee shall be entitled to make suggestions concerning improvement of conditions of fulfilment of his duties of the database administrator, to request information necessary for work and included in its competence.

In addition, the administrator has the right to raise their qualifications, to demand from their authorities assistance in the performance of his duties, if needed. He also has the right to a workplace and obtaining all necessary technical support to carry out its functions.


The Administrator responsible for the performance of their duties and if they are wrong or full default may incur liability under the legislation of the country. He is also liable for any offense of laws of the country which he had committed during the execution of their work. It can prosecute for causing the company material harm.

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