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The Summary can be called the basic document of the applicant the position. After all, the employer is not interested to Dating with you nor your diploma or diplomas or certificates, with all the documents he had read in the case if you are interested in.

samples summary chief accountant

Therefore, the task of everyone who wants to get the desired place to work previously on compiling your CV. In this post you will see the best samples of summary of the chief accountant and learn how to make such a summary to be considered a worthy candidate.

Can I apply for the position of accountant normal accountant?

Before you consider decent summary of the chief accountant, will understand what it needs to do this fairly important person in the company. What distinguishes the ordinary from the chief accountant? The distinction between these two positions is thin. In another company a regular cashier can be more experienced and professionally more qualified than the accountant on the other. All in executable responsibilities and workload, which makes employee. It is for this reason we can safely complete summary of the chief accountant and a regular accountant if you are confident in your abilities.

Responsibilities for the office

It is Known that the usual accountant must keep a record of primary documents, engage in mutual settlements with suppliers, reconciliation of transactions, to prepare and submit the reports to the appropriate authorities, produce reports for management, to deal with accrual and payroll employees.

summary chief accountant

Sometimes it's all run by one person, especially if the company is small, and the volume of transactions of a small – when he is the chief accountant. If the organization is big, the work is divided into several sections. Depending on the volume of transactions can even create entire departments that have multiple employees. For example, «payments” or “material”. The person who will coordinate the work of these sites, in this case, will be the chief accountant.


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Reducing the tax burden

example summary chief accountant

So, all of the above points shall be the responsibility of the chief accountant. Resume that you will create, must necessarily include these features.

Also, remember that the goal of any business – pay less taxes in a legal way. It is often imputed to the chief accountant in one of the main responsibilities. Therefore, in addition to records management is also very important knowledge of tax laws.


As practice shows, the accountant does not have to be a specialized higher education, although encouraged by the employer. Meanwhile, you can learn one profession, and then to reveal a accountant in special courses. Anyway, use the truth in summary. Very well, if you are further trained on any of the workshops or courses.

Resume Samples chief accountant: what you need to know and be able to the accountant?

So, you can safely apply for the position chief accountant, if you have experience. Even if your previous position, you were just an accountant, but feel the strength to lead the division, why not?

In summary the chief accountant identifies your knowledge and skills under the heading “skills”. This includes an understanding of the tax code, the ability of accounting and tax reporting, knowledge of the programs.

What programs must possess an accountant? In most enterprises today use "1C" also popular software Accent. If the company is small, it is quite possible to do MS Excell.

Example summary of the chief accountant

Let's Consider what this looks like in practice. The most successful resume samples chief accountant contain the following mandatory columns: personal information, experience, education, professional skills. For example:

Ivanova Svetlana Vasilievna.

Date of birth 21.09.1980.

Address of residence city of Ivanovo, ul. Bazhenova, 11-11.

Phone: 8(989)23 23 233.


Objective: seeking a chief accountant.


November 2005–Jan 2015 - chief accountant of OOO "barnyard". Sphere of activity of the enterprise – trade in construction materials wholesale and retail.

Responsibilities: management of tax and accounting in the Accent, reconciliation with suppliers and buyers, settlements, banking operations, preparation and submission of reports, working with primary documentation.

the duties of the chief accountant summary

January 2005-November 2005 – accountant of OOO "barnyard".

Responsibilities: working with client-Bank analysis of arrears, preparation of reports for submission to authorities.

Education: Russian national University, financial faculty, speciality “Accounting and auditing" 1999–2005, master.

Additional education: 2005, September, seminar “Working with the Accent" center "further education" of the city of Ivanovo.

Personal qualities: punctual, attentive, responsible, resistant to stress, good organizational skills.


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