When is the best time to buy a car? When it is cheaper to buy the car?


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When is the best time to buy a car? Do this for a specific time period in which the acquisition will be most beneficial and least costly? What cars are best to buy? And how to do it? A lot of questions. And the topic is very relevant. In General, you will want everything listed, to tell, at least briefly.

when is the best time to buy a car

Recent years

So, before talking about when to buy a car, you should bring an example of statistical data for the previous year-2015. The fact that was observed a strong decline of interest in the new products. That is recently released cars were a little unnecessary. And experts say that in 2016 will be the same. Accordingly, from all this it can be concluded that we can observe today. People begin to show interest in cars budget segment. Or used cars that are much cheaper than new. In this regard, the manufacturers decided to start getting rid of unpopular models and to reduce to a possible minimum price.

In 2015, Russia had sold about half a million cars. Say that in 2016 the figure will be even less. Now on the market in the lead cars of “AVTOVAZ”, “KIA" and group "Hyundai". Well, the car premium, business and Deluxe class are still popular – and all because the people who can afford it, not really noticed the growth of prices for cars.

when cheaper to buy a car

When the “season”?

So, now, more detail about when is the best time to buy a car. The best time – this winter. But not before the New year holiday. Because in this moment the prices only grow. After all, many wealthy people want to give your loved ones a great gift-a new car. And sent this to the dealership. And the dealers are not averse to earn at convenient time, so raise prices. Wealthy people will not give global values but a person who wants to become the owner of the vehicle “budget”, this option is like is not necessary. So it is advisable to wait until January or February. The most successful period. The holidays are over, but it's getting colder – few people with such weather conditions is going to choose a car, which then have “change” in winter tires. In General, to buy a car which is in February or January, because consumer demand is minimal. That's all.


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“Age” instances

Talking about when it is better to buy a car, not to mention one very tricky thing. And it lies in the years. So, here's the thing. After New year, cars become a year older. And the age here is the key factor if we are talking about the cost of the car. That is why many car dealers in a hurry before the new year to quickly sell the new product. Because from 1 January it will cease itself to be! And all the rules will have to reduce the price.

Well, therein lies another answer to the question concerning when it is cheaper to buy the car. Of course, after the arrival of the New year! If the person is not much to be confused by the fact that he will be awarded the “last year's novelties", then you can safely go to the dealership. This will be a good idea to save – and at times 100 and 200 thousand rubles.

how to buy a car with it

Important details

So, where are you buying the car? Today most with it. But this will be discussed a little later. Now learn more about acquiring a car in the cabin. What can there be “pitfalls”? A lot of them. And therefore before you make a deal, you need to check a lot of nuances.

In the showrooms, of course, was not a bad light, but to inspect the car you want to buy, should still day. If the model, which person is in the room, it's even better – will be able to examine her fully and completely, without omitting the slightest detail. And, by the way, show cars has certain advantages. Chief among them is the fact that such machines are always in perfect condition. They have no defects, they are completely new, without even a kilometer.

Small tweaks

What else should I consider in deciding when to buy a new car? There is another point, which is called “seasons”. It is better to come to the salon at the end of the month, quarter or year. The fact is that sellers need to fulfill a certain plan. And if you are already coming to the end of their established term, and the number of sales has not reached the required numbers, there will be discounts. They do not advertise, because it will not be beneficial to the sellers and the cabin. But it is possible. The main task of the buyer – to show interest in the car, to show that he's definitely ready to buy it. That would only be discounted… it is possible that the seller "will make an exception". Is it profitable to buy a car in this case? Of course. Only it is necessary to calculate the moment and take advantage of them.

where to get

Design b/models

A Few words should be said about how to buy a car with it. Now used cars are much higher popularity than new. They are cheaper and often better. The fact that they already have the mileage. Sometimes the model is in perfect condition, which in the cabin will cost $ 2 million, you can buy with hands on 300-400 thousand cheaper. Just because the former owner on it a while go, and in fact it is not new.

How to buy a car with it? There is nothing easier. You first need to find ad. Then – to meet the seller, inspect the car and agree on price. You should not hesitate to bargain-you can sometimes bring down the price. As soon as the conditions are discussed, the seller and the buyer enter into a contract. The good thing, the form can be downloaded today from the Internet. You will need to make 3 copies. There, indicate the name of the seller, buyer, their passport data, as well as all the information about the car. The buyer then gives the seller the money (this can be done either before or after the transaction – here's someone who as agreed), and he has 10 days to issue a car to the traffic police themselves.

the best selling machine

What is required for registration?

An Important question, so answer it. So, to design a car for myself on the proverbial contract, its own passport, title, insurance, and diagnostic card. It is also important to pay the legal costs and then provide a receipt, which is evidence that the future owner of this plan there are no debts.

By the Way, is to return to the topic of when it is cheaper to buy the car. This is best done on Sunday or Monday. Because after signing the contract, you'll have to run – draw on the insurance policy, to make a diagnosis (if this has not been done by the previous owner), pay the duty, etc. this must be Done within 10 days, but better not to delay. Will be able to meet one day.

is it profitable to buy a car

Most sold models

Many Russians are interested in the question of what today are the best selling cars in Russia. Well, in 2015 the leading position occupied the domestic “Lada Granta”. It sverhrazdutaya machine. She looks good, rides fine and, overall, meets the needs of any average driver. “Grant” ousted from the market “Lada Kalina” – its sales fell in the year by as much as 42 (!) percent.

Followed by the car “Hyundai Solaris” and “Kia Rio”. Another popular French “author” – a budget, comfortable, convenient, functional. And inexpensive. The company "Reno" is really able to please available machine.

Another good option – “Skoda rapid”. Roomy and affordable car quickly became purchased in Russia. Same as “Skoda Octavia A7” and “Toyota Camry". Only it is possible to say that the old-timers of the Russian market.

when is the best time to buy a new car


Well, a lot has been told that when to buy a car for its design. But how to choose? Many believe – at a price. Indeed, unfortunately, now is the time that people buy those cars, which are smaller. But still need to take into account other facts. Firstly, the FACT. Second, the cost of parts. Whatever the car may seem good, it can break and need repair. It is important that the details are not cheap.

And finally, consumption. The machine is usually operated every day, and that requires gasoline. Or diesel. It is better to choose cars that have under the hood is a diesel engine. It is much more economical and durable, unlike gasoline. If the diesel car consumes 7 liters of diesel by 33 rubles per 100 kilometers, the gasoline can "ruin" your hostess...

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