Fuel filter: where is the change frequency, the quality of gasoline at the pump


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Power supply System – one of the most important in any car. It includes various tube lines, pumps, fuel filter, rough and so on. In today's article we'll consider the structure of one of the nodes of the system, namely the filter. How it works and where is located? The answer to these and many other questions will be given in our today's article.


The fuel filter clears fuel from various impurities. fuel filterThey can be dust, rust, water. All of this, he literally “absorbs” in itself, preventing the contamination of further elements – injectors or carburetor (depending on the type of car design). These elements have small diameter through holes, even small particles can cause blockage. Because of this, the mixture ceases to flow into one of the cylinders and the engine starts troit, unevenly to work.

Degree of purification

Power supply System of a modern car includes several levels of filtering. First – it's rude. On the grid with the passage of fuel remain the major particles that previously fell into the tank. The following degree – fine processing. It performs the fuel filter. The choice of location depends on the specific brand and model of the car (which we will discuss later).

At the moment there are three types of fuel systems:

  • Carburetor. At the moment the cars with such a system is no longer manufactured. It is believed that this design is less reliable and requires little maintenance (carb tuning, cleaning, nozzles, etc.).
  • Injection. Is a more advanced system. Now fuel injected cars produce all the world's automakers. For Russian automakers, they have become mandatory for almost 10 years ago.
  • Diesel. Its design is virtually unchanged since the development. The only thing that should be noted “new” is a system of direct injection “common Rhyl”. But as our article about fuel filter, in detail this system will not be considered.


In this fuel system working principle is as follows. The fuel tank is sucked by a pump (usually mechanical, which often basks in “classics”). Next on the highways it is in the process of cleaning through the fuel filter. Vases with carburetor supply system is designed for fuel consumption with the degree of pollution up to 20 microns. Already cleaned the fuel safely enters the carburetor where the mixture with further combustion in the cylinder chamber. The filter is for carbureted cars made from nylon (transparent) case, which is a big plus.fuel filters for gasoline engines After all, to control the degree of contamination can be visually, without removing and parsing.


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In contrast to the carb, this type of system is more demanding on the cleanliness of the fuel. On injection cars the throughput is up to 10 microns. And if the power system to provide the desired degree of purification, it can cause rapid clogging of nozzles and their nozzle. This worsens the jet is spraying fuel, which leads to unstable operation of the engine on the move and idle.


The Injector operates under high pressure. The indicator wires in the fuel can reach 4 bar. Therefore, fuel filters for gasoline engines with injection injection cannot be manufactured from nylon & ndash; under pressure it will simply break. All cleaning items for these cars are made of durable metal housing. In an extreme case, allowed the use of thick high quality plastic. Item consists of two parts. This case and the filter element itself. The latter may be made of porous paper.

How to determine wear?

Every detail in the car has its inherent manufacturer life. Most often, the figure is 100 thousand kilometers. But since the quality of gasoline at the pump, the CIS leaves much to be desired, this value can safely divide by 2. If it is a fuel injected car to determine clogging of the element, just by looking at him, impossible. Even polyurethane case always painted.

where is fuel filterA Characteristic sign that the fuel filter clogged, – the behavior of the car. Power and the dynamics of dispersal drops significantly. At the same time fuel consumption increases. When driving the car can twitch – this means that the fuel enters the pump smoothly. It prevent the free passage of dirt particles that the filter was detained on their walls. The unstable idle is also indicative of his blockage. To ride on such a filter is not recommended. Under pressure these particles can penetrate through cleaning a paper element and clog the nozzle.

Where is it?

The simple answer to this question is impossible. On cars with fuel injection and a carburetor power supply system, where 80 is filled with gasoline, the member can be different. But in any case it will be between the tank and engine. In gasoline vehicles the fuel filter is under the hood, and just before the carb. The location is very convenient.

what fuel filter is best

Due to the transparent body can be easily seen, this element is clogged or not, examining the floor of the car or going down into the pit.

Where is the fuel filter on the injector units? Here, due to the use of atomizers, this element is under the bottom. Most often it is the rear passenger door. It can immediately be seen by several fuel highways that stretch on the bottom through the entire car.

Replace petrol filter

First consider petrol cars. The device filters them – the simplest, so with replacement, you will not have difficulties. It is enough to disconnect the two pipes going to the inlet and outlet. But the replacement procedure on the injection cars are more complex. replace diesel filterFor this you will need pliers, a screwdriver and a set of heads or wrenches. After we find the location of the element, Unscrew the clamp on the fitting. Next, remove the incoming and outgoing fuel pipe. In some cases, they can be attached with plastic “chips” (quick couplers manufactured by). For their separation we need a minus screwdriver. Gently pushing down on the chip, the extracted element to the side. Be careful-of the tubes will spill a small portion of gasoline. Use rubber gloves and do not remove the fitting with force – a spray of fuel may fall on your face.
http://fb.ru/misc/i/gallery/12663/1511518.jpgIf the design of the car suggests the location of the cleaner in the tank, it is necessary partially to disassemble the interior. Where is the fuel filter? Often it is in the tank along with the fuel pump. Fuel before you get to the pump passes through the mesh element containing the larger particles of dirt. Over time, this detail is black. So, we need to disassemble the rear seat. Here we will need a head 12. So, tilting the backrest of the rear row as far forward as possible, so that between it and the lower cushion has a small slit. There will be a retaining bolt seats. Using the extension and ratchet 12, Unscrew it with the right and left sides. Then, display of the slots locks the seat belt to passengers and raise the lower part of the seat by pressing on the clamps. The filter element is mounted on the right side of the seat – to ignore it is very easy for existing plastic hatch. Open it and disconnect the terminals going to the fuel pump. Then remove the hoses and take out the entire fuel station. Mesh has no fasteners, so it can be replaced without tools. After that, we put the fuel station in place and produce the Assembly in reverse order. If the ignition is on the pump stopped humming (3-5 seconds while it pumps up fuel), check the connection terminals.


What kind of fuel filter should I choose? Reviews of motorists called the following manufacturers:

  • SCT.
  • Bosch.
  • BIG.
  • Fram.

For domestic cars is great "Nevsky" filter. If you have no car, in no case do not buy “German” with ‘Bosch’ and SCT. Think about it purely logically: unless the Germans to develop and establish mass production of filters for your “eight” or “dozens”? Even if they do, then the cost of such items due to customs and other duties will be comparable to «Mercedes». quality of gasoline at the pumpThe advice of experienced motorists: if you need a filter to domestic car, choose only Russian manufacturers. Everything else – Frank China.

How to Samos...

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