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A Car drives domestic production today are in great demand. This is due to their decent quality and reasonable price. The largest production in the territory of the Russian Federation in this direction is the company “Kick”. Its products are diverse. Almost every car owner will be able to choose the best option.

Before you make a purchase, it is necessary to consider features of Drives “Kick”. Owner reviews of the goods, as well as professionals in this field will help to choose the appropriate type.


Statistics show that between the discs “Kick” and “Scud” consumer's choice often falls on the first brand. This is due to the good reputation of the manufacturer, its responsible attitude to the production process.Drives Kik owner reviews

The Company “Kick” was organized in 1991. Almost immediately on the basis of the new enterprises were established in the laboratory quality. It tests how the materials sent to production, and finished products. Through this approach, the products quality is recognized not only by domestic machine-building production, but also foreign corporations.

Drives “Kick” get approval from companies such as «Ford», «Kia», "Reno", etc. presented Today, the brand is the largest such production in Russia. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of motor drives in the world. The company's production facilities are concentrated in the Krasnoyarsk metallurgical plant. OOO “Kick” covers an area of about 20 thousand m².


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Products Features

Feedback about the drives “Kick” Are experts and buyers. Products of the brand, according to experts, is of high quality. This confirms the fact that the company provides a lifetime warranty on the structure and metal of its products.comments about the bus Kik

Today, a large number of drive models. The buyer can select from more than 100 varieties of design. The rim diameter can range from 12 to 20 inches. This will allow everyone to pick up the product in accordance with the size of his car.

The Products of domestic companies are certified. It fully meets the standards of GOST. Also, when creating its products, the manufacturer follows the international standard ISO 16949:2009. All drives fully satisfy his needs and domestic products compete with many foreign companies analog.


Rims “Kick” made by special technology. They are obtained by casting. However, domestic production of disks is the application of low pressure. As a result, the workpiece acquires the exact dimensions corresponding to the size of the wheel. Such products are known for excellent balancing.Select disks or Kik Scud

Method of low pressure avoids the appearance in the metal structure of tension. The probability of occurrence of defects is reduced to a minimum. In the manufacturing process we use new high-tech equipment. First, a virtual calculation of the production cycle. The computer program tests have not made the drive to meet all standards and requirements.

The Disks are made of aluminum and crystalline silicon. Before pouring metal into a mold from high-alloy tool steel material add a special alloying, modifying components. Also is the refining of aluminium using argon.


Drives for different Tyres “Kick”, which is available from different sources, have a low percentage of defects. This is due to the modern approach to conducting a quality test at all stages of production. This ensures high security of wheels in use.feedback about the wheels Kik exterior tuning

The first is the control of the technological cycle of creating the model-specific wheels. The software allows you to eliminate errors, deviations and shortcomings of the process of producing discs.

The following is the control of the input material. Before pouring the metal additives in the form is spectral analysis. It allows you to determine the suitability of the alloy to the requirements of the standard. If the program confirms the required gas content and a set of components in the alloy, begins the process of pouring the material into shape. Completes the control measurement of the geometry of the finished product.

Painting Process

Rims “Kick”, according to owner reviews, demonstrate high performance. They do not deteriorate throughout the lifespan. One of the important stages of production is the painting of metal surfaces. This process is performed using the new equipment. It was established for the production and launched the German company Eisenmann. It is a known brand that provides equipment for the world's automakers («Ford», “Audi”, “BMW” etc.).Drives company Kik owner reviews

The Wheels are painted in 11 baths. With this unique technology. A layer of a special substance distributed on a surface. Thus it is possible to create a film thickness of just a single molecule. It is this layer provides extremely strong adhesion of paint to the surface of the workpiece.

Paint coating is applied using special machines. The process is mechanized. The staff only puts and removes the workpiece from the conveyor. In the paint camera special conditions. Here supported high pressure and constant temperature. Coloring is done with materials produced in Germany.

Selection Process

You Should choose the right type of product of domestic production, spending External tuning. Reviews about the drives “Kick” Attest to the great diversity of design. However, the correct choice of products depends on the safety of the driver. For each specific brand of car designers presented brand has developed certain modifications drives.Drives Kik 704 owner reviews

In Order to correctly choose the optimal type of products, you will need to consider a number of factors. You first need to pay attention to the brand of the vehicle, its model and revision. You will also need to consider when choosing the type of the car, and the year of issue. This information is extremely important.

The Manufacturer has provided a special program which is available on its official website. In the appropriate column you must enter data about your car. The program will provide a choice of several modifications of discs. Next, you will should choose just any design.


Considering The owner reviews on alloy wheels ‘Kick’, specify some technical details that need to be considered when choosing. Choosing drive options for your car, you need to relate them to existing dimensions and features of the machine.

The Company “Kick” indicates for each released product, the diameter of the rim and the seats are in inches. Figure ET is the distance from the center of the rim to the mating plane of the structure.rims Kik owner reviews

LZ Indicator indicates the number of mounting holes of the wheels, and PCD – about the diameter of a circle that passes through the center of each mounting hole. The diameter of the hole for the hub is designated by the letters DIA. To correctly select the disk you want to consider motor power. If the product is not intended for vehicles with such an engine, its installation will be unsafe. It is prohibited by the manufacturer.


Considering the feedback on the drives company “Kick”, it is possible to distinguish the preferences of drivers. The variety of designs allows every customer to choose the optimal variant. There are a few General recommendations to designers on the choice of the color disks.

If the vehicle owner wants to put their cars reliability, it is recommended to purchase product color dark platinum. Original look of the rims with the color wenge, binario. In the first case the surface gets a white color. The rays have the edges of the black borders. Of binario similar to wenge, but the tone in this case will be slightly darker.

The Manufacturer offers a wide range of shades in the category diamond. It can be black, white, matte, and also have a shade of dark gold and silver. Quality tuning can be done with the help of the transition from old wheel rims. Many of the most interesting, trendy colors offers a domestic manufacturer.


According to owner reviews, the drives “Kick” can be purchased at a price from 3 to 9 thousand rubles the cost depends On the size, performance, and style...

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