What is the starter gear? How to choose the starter gear?


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The Modern engine can only work at a certain frequency of rotation of the crankshaft. The internal combustion process cannot be started without external influence on the mechanism. So to start the engine using the starter.


Electric starters were used not once, although in the early 20th century, there was even the electric cars. First, the engines were started simply by rotating the crankshaft by hand. The first trigger device for the car were pneumatic and worked on compressed air. Such a device, for example, were equipped with the ‘rolls Royce" of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. However, a pneumatic diagram of the starter was cumbersome and capricious. And as soon as motors started on the dimensions and power suitable for the needs of the automotive industry, designers have moved the design of electric starter. They are used to this day.

What this is

Electric starter – it is an element of starting the engine, which spins the crankshaft to the speed required to separate the chain reaction of combustion. starter gearStructurally, the starter consists of an electric motor mated to the coupling and a movable plug that provides the intermeshing gears of the engine (the Bendix) with the teeth on the flywheel of the engine. The schema of the starter is as follows: on the pull-in relay is energized it pulls the plug and the shaft moves in the slots into engagement with the motor shaft. At the same time the brush motor is energized and the starter spins the Bendix, and that – the flywheel of the engine. As soon as the motor begins to operate, the retractor relay by means of the return spring moves the shaft in the splines in their original position. To rotate the crankshaft via the flywheel requires a great effort. So the starters have a capacity of about 3 kilowatts and above. To provide the power required not only more current but also the large size of the motor. At the same time, the dimensions of the hood space becomes more compact. in a smaller volume is required to fit more units. And here comes the starter gear. Reviews of motorists say that the device shows itself in action.


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Device geared starter

Element in design is no different from usual, except for one item – the reducer. This is a special mechanism that allows you to convert torque and rotational speed. Increasing the gearbox increases the rotational speed and lower torque, buck– on the contrary. In such a starter this node is located between the motor and Bendix. diagram of the starterPhysically, they are connected only through a reducer. Although in some designs they are arranged coaxially. In the rest of this starter gear is completely identical to the conventional.

Distinctive features

The Gearbox in such a device, usually planetary, compact and reliable. It constitutes a Central gear on the motor shaft, gears-pinions, which roll freely around it, and the toothed ring that is driven by these satellites. Thus, the ring rotates much slower but with more torque. In addition to the presence of the gearbox, the starter is much smaller and less powerful. Also some details of the plastic. This significantly reduces the cost of manufacture and reduces the weight of the device.

Advantages geared starters

The Main advantage of this starter – able to get the same return with much lower power of the motor. The second advantage – the great momentum of Bendix in his work and, therefore, a great chance to start the engine. Besides the starter gear due to the lower power consumes little current during operation. Device confident with the discharged battery. Finally, the compact size allows on-new to plan underhood space.


The Starter gear has one drawback. It is the complexity of the design of the gearbox. Such elements are usually applied a compact planetary gear, which practically can not be repaired and must be replaced entirely. gear starter reviewsHowever, this disadvantage is more than kompensiruet positive sides. Therefore, it can be argued that for gear starters are the future. Their development is limited only by the quality of components.

Where to use starter gear

The devices Are used almost everywhere, in all cars, trucks and even tractors. The small size and weight, high efficiency with reasonable power consumption makes these arrangements are almost universal. Another advantage of this design is that these starters can be installed on older models of the engines of VAZ "classics”. So, very often, motorists install geared starter on the VAZ 2106. the starter gear for MTZ-80 featuresIn this engine it is most in demand. New gear devices are available for many engines and fully interchangeable with the old, classical mechanisms to places of fastening and switching.

Gear mechanisms on different cars

In Addition to that, you can install a gear starter on the VAZ-2106 and VAZ other models, this item is also available for other types of equipment. You can buy it at any market. So, for example, produced and steady demand the starter gear on the GAZ-53. the starter gear gas 53This name is, of course, outdated, but still in Vogue. This starter is on the legendary engines of ZMZ-402, which were set to “Volga” and then ‘gazelles’. Of course, their owners have a desire to replace your starter for a more perfect, with which the engine start in the cold as easily as in summer.


Is worth mentioning the installation of geared starter motors for agricultural machinery. To run diesel tractors established a special starter motors. For example, in the popular tractor MTZ-80 was installed starting engine (“of puskach”) PD-10. He filled up with petrol mixed with oil and worked until, until will not start the main engine. geared starter VAZ 2106Its Main drawback was that it required the same maintenance as diesel himself – repair, adjustment and refueling. So it makes sense to establish a more perfect technically the starter (gear) MTZ-80. The specs say that it is quite a worthy replacement for “puscasu”: power from 3.5 kW to 9 kW and the required battery capacity is 190 Ah corresponds to the engine MTZ-80. Depending on the modifications of tractor starter motors adapted to 12 or 24-volt electrical system. But overall this decision – very profitable and just as easy as for cars, as in the commercially available plate-adapters for installation of the mechanism instead of starting the engine and all the necessary switching.

Gear starter: reviews

Why is it so popular are they? Car owners who installed the starter on the VAZ geared, in one voice say that nothing but pluses, such revision shall not bear – a confident start in the cold, easy start, even with another battery, small size and weight. starter on the VAZ gearedThe Resource at these starters is pretty big. Maintenance they do not require and trouble-free work in any frost. The price is a bit higher than conventional direct drive model. But this difference is completely repaid. And choosing a starter, you should focus on the acceptable and optimal power comparable to the power a regular, old model.


Thus, the starter – the current stage of the evolution of the starters, which firmly established reputation for reliable, convenient, and effective devices designed to make life easier for the driver of the car. Install the starter on the VAZ gear – a very useful improvement.


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