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«Hyundai» - a fairly common brand in Russia. Largely "Koreans" has earned fame because of “Solaris”. But today it's not about him. In 2015, the company presented a new subcompact car, the Hyundai Creta. The crossover sold in Russia officially. Assembled near St. Petersburg. What is Creta Hyundai owner reviews, advantages and disadvantages? All this and not only – further in our article.


The Reviews say that the car has a stylish look. The body – slightly angular shape, the optics include lenses and running lights. However, the xenon. Minimal equipment «Hyundai Cretu” includes halogen optics and 16-inch alloy wheels. The wheels look too small in the huge arches of the SUV. hyundai creta reviewsThe Front of the car look like “Solaris” the same angular grille and slanted headlights. The bumper has a short overhang, and the lower part is not painted, which is quite practical – the reviews say. Hyundai Creta received dynamic silhouette, but the aggressive lines are not available.

Dimensions, ground clearance

In the class of SUVs “Hyundai Creta" - the most compact. Thus, the length of the car is to 4.27 meters, width-1,78, height-1.63 m. Note that for the Russian market «Hyundai Creta” has received increased ground clearance. Clearance is 19 centimeters on the standard wheels.

The Manufacturer claims that the body is “Hyundai Cretu” has undergone additional anti-corrosion treatment and is ready for Russian winters. There is also a new package called "cold options”.


The interior Design "Crete" is very similar to a younger model «Hyundai» - the same form the front panel with the smooth and slightly angular lines, a center console with a small radio and three-spoke multifunction steering wheel. creta hyundai owner reviewsThe Plastic is harsh to the touch, but in additional noise machine does not need. On the instrument panel has a digital trip computer. Finish – predominantly dark tones. Options skinned available. The rear row of seats able to fit two passengers. In the back of a switchblade armrest. The rear seat is quite flat and hard – note the reviews. hyundai creta crossoverHyundai Creta can be equipped with electric front seats, but it is available only for a fee. Also in “minimal” there is no air conditioning-it's a huge disadvantage even for the subcompact crossover. The same "Duster" is equipped with them already in the base set.


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As for Luggage capacity, it is designed to carry 400 litres of Luggage. The rear backrest can be folded in the ratio 60 to 40. But a flat floor do not succeed. The spare wheel is located in an underground niche. Nearby is a set of basic tools.


In the Russian market «Hyundai Creta” is available with two petrol engines. Thus, the base is a 1.6-liter unit with two camshafts and multiport technology. Maximum engine power-123 horsepower. Torque-151 lb.

This power unit can be equipped with manual or automatic transmission 6-speed. However, all the torque will be sent only to the front axle. Version 1.6 all-wheel drive is available only as an option. creta hyundai owner reviews disadvantagesIn the luxury trim levels are available in the power unit of a 2 liter. This engine is equipped with multipoint power and develops 149 horsepower power (parameter specifically “confined” at a lower vehicle tax). Maximum engine torque-192 Nm. Motor be the only machine in 6 steps. Whether to have this Hyundai Creta 4WD? Reviews say that in a two-liter versions available selectable four-wheel drive with multi-plate clutch. On the roads it automatically connects the rear axle. And on the highway (and any asphalt coating) is only front-wheel drive. It can significantly save fuel consumption.

Operational characteristics

According to the reviews, Hyundai Creta 1.6 MT – not the most dynamic crossover in its class. So, acceleration to hundreds of takes 11.1 seconds. With the same engine, but automatic car rushes up to a hundred in 11.5 seconds. The maximum speed in both cases is the same – 170 kilometers per hour. According to owner reviews, Hyundai Grand – pretty economical car. On versions with an automatic transmission, the car spends 7.2 liters in mixed mode. The mechanics of this parameter barely reaches seven, which is an advantage. hyundai creta 1 6 mt reviewsWhat they say about the two-liter version of Hyundai Grand owner reviews? This car will be more nimble, however, to attribute to it a racing car before. Disperse hundreds is 10.4 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 187 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption depending on the mode of operation ranges from 7.6 to 8.2 liters per hundred.

Specifications and prices

In the Russian market «Hyundai Creta” available in four trim levels among which the basic “Start” available at a price of 750 thousand rubles. This price includes:

  • Power steering.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Stability.
  • Fabric upholstery.
  • Mechanical adjustment of mirrors, and steering column (reach and height).
  • Daytime running lights.
  • 16-inch stamped wheels.
  • Two frontlinie airbags.
  • Audio system with four speakers.
  • Help System at start uphill.
  • Four electric Windows.

The Average grade “active” available at a price of 885 thousand rubles. In addition to “Start” the buyer will receive:

  • Heated and electric side mirrors.
  • Central locking.
  • Alloy rims.
  • Extra organizer and shelf of the trunk.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Electric front seats

The Version of “Comfort” available at a price of 965 thousand rubles. There will be:

  • Two-liter engine and all-wheel drive.
  • Climate control.
  • 17-inch alloy wheels.
  • Leather steering wheel.
  • Front fog lights.
  • Head optics with static lamps.

hyundai 4wd creta reviewsTop of the range ‘Comfort+” available at a price of 1 million 5 thousand rubles. In addition to the above, the buyer will receive:

  • Six airbags.
  • Control System tire pressure.
  • Heated rear seats, windshield and washer nozzles.
  • Rear Parking sensors.
  • Multimedia system.

It will be a version with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. Spare wheel - full size, 16 inches.


So we found out what has Hyundai Creta reviews, features and specifications. The machine has a meager equipment – it's a fact. But as noted by reviews, the Hyundai Grand is one of the most affordable cars in its class. This is the main advantage. The same «Renault Duster” will cost about a million, not the most powerful engine. To talk about off-road characteristics "Crete" is not necessary. Need to accept the fact that this is a purely urban crossover. This is his main drawback. The rolled on primer the way it is contraindicated even with all-wheel drive. But with a winter snow machine to cope “excellent”. If you purchase such a crossover, it is only in the version with 4WD and air conditioning.


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