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The most Important criterion by which every man judges any car – technical specifications. Mazda CX-7 is a very stylish and presentable crossover, which was manufactured by the Japanese concern from 2006 to 2012. However, in addition to the interesting appearance, it has some of the features that you need to talk.

technical characteristics of mazda cx 7

Start production

CX-7 is a vehicle which combines a bold, sporty design with high level of comfort and outstanding dynamics. The developers of the Japanese company managed to create a car class SUV, which pleased the fans of fast driving.

In General, appearance – the main highlight of this car. The grille flows into the hood, expressive front fenders, swamped back windshield, tapered side Windows, nice optics - all this creates a unique image. And large located at the bottom of the intake, is not only exterior, but also an item that helps to cool the powerful engine.

In a sports nature are made and interior. The gear lever and steering wheel are upholstered in leather, and the instruments are housed in deep wells. By the way, if the panel consists of two levels. One is the instrument panel, and the second – a screen on-Board computer.

More individual attention should be noted of the seat. They are all very comfortable, moderately soft and comfortable. And the front seats are equipped pronounced lateral support. Yet they are separated by a high Central tunnel. The rear row can be folded in proportions 60/40, making way to free a lot of space for Luggage.


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mazda cx 5

Under the hood

It is Now possible to tell you more about the technical characteristics of Mazda CX-7. The first models under the hood was a 4-cylinder 2.3-liter engine equipped with direct fuel injection, intercooler and turbo. He has developed a capacity of 244 horsepower. And, thanks to this Assembly, the machine was overclocked to “hundreds” in less than 8 seconds.

The motor is driven by a 6-speed “mechanics”. But Mazda CX-7 2008 proposed even with the “machine”.

It is Worth noting that on the Russian market this model was offered in two trim levels. This version of the Sport and Touring. Such models can boast of having 6 airbags, "climate" ABS, “cruise”, the stabilization system, by using emergency brake assist function and brake force distribution. But this is the basic equipment. In the above trim offers leather interior, xenon optics, powerful sound system, and a system of access to salon without a key.

mazda cx 7 price

Future production

Time passed, technology developed, and released an updated version of the model. Expanded the portfolio of engines, has improved the previous specifications. Mazda CX-7 was offered with a more powerful engine. Its volume was 2.3 liters, but it produces 260 “horse”. Driven this unit for 6-speed “mechanics”.

What version was the weakest technical characteristics? Mazda CX-7 2.5 became a model. Its capacity was only 163 horsepower. But I completed it “machine”. However, lasted only a year – from 2011 to 2012.

In Addition to these versions, there were two more – with the engine at 173 HP and 238, respectively.

Other updates

Models produced from 2009 to 2012, had more extensive standard equipment than the previous cars. They could boast a refreshed instrument panel, the LCD display is 4.1 inches, good stereo system, "climate", Central locking, electric mirrors and Windows. Even the front seats were installed with heating function, what to say about the presence of a radio and a trip computer. By the way, the driver's seat features memory settings.

How much is Mazda CX-7? The price of the AWD model in 2012 will be approximately 800-900 thousand rubles. It will be in good condition and with powerful 238-horsepower engine under the hood. Of course, the maximum grade is also included. Model earlier model years can cost about 400-600 thousand rubles. The final price depends on the configuration, engine and vehicle condition.

mazda cx 7 2008

End of process

In 2012, the CX-7 was discontinued. The demand for it fell. The more that got a new one – Mazda CX-5. This compact crossover immediately captured the hearts of tens of thousands of fans of Japanese concern. Interestingly, this car – the first car released in the series, the design of which was created in accordance with the ideology of “spirit”.

The Russian buyer is provided with 9 models to choose from. The most powerful Mazda CX-5 is offered with a 2.5-liter engine producing 192 horsepower. By the way, this motor is put only on AWD models. But there are versions that use only the first wheel.

I Must say that this new product quickly became popular. This is not surprising. Fast, dynamic, attractive car that received 5 stars in safety tests Euro NCAP, simply can not go unnoticed. By the way, the cost of the new CX-5 with the most powerful engine is around 2 million rubles.


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