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Japanese compact «Nissan Sentra» reviews gets mostly positive. Especially the last model, the third generation. This machine has earned the trust. We should talk about what we are told about it by the owners because reviews usually help to figure out what car to use.

Nissan Sentra reviews

Advantage # 1: price

The crisis In the country, but people still need cars. There are, of course, used-the options at an affordable price, but many prefer to buy a new car. It is much more expensive. But not “Nissan Sentra”. Reviews of people who own this machine, usually start with admiration about its value. The price of the model starts from 1.1-1.2 million rubles. For the money a person buys a new stylish car with a 1.6-liter 117-horsepower engine under the hood and automatic transmission.

And if the person still makes the choice in favor of a used model, then it pays even less-about 700-800 thousand rubles. No wonder why such good gets “Nissan Sentra” the reviews, because the cost is really very attractive.

Advantage # 2: aesthetics

Cute exterior and cozy interior – two important criteria. Every man like to own a beautiful and stylish car. And this definition clearly fits the ‘Nissan Sentra”. Reviews of people who own this car, contain the fascination with car design. Much like his dynamic appearance and elegant lines.

But the more attention the owners pay to its cabin. Due to its size and considerable wheelbase (2700 mm), Nissan boasts internal space. The rear seat can accommodate three people. And they have enough space in the legs and over the head. No one will feel cramped.


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Nissan Sentra owner reviews


Naturally, each driver will feel the comfort and convenience – to the inside as much as possible useful and necessary equipment. It boasts a new “Nissan Sentra”. Reviews of people who bought this car, really inspiring. They argue that for the price the car was equipped with all that you may need.

These are two airbags, stabilization system ESP, air conditioning, working flawlessly. Works perfectly and heated seats, which only helps in the cold Russian winter. Individual attention owners say the adjustable handlebar easy form. You can configure it as you want, which can not but rejoice. Also has electric Windows and heated mirrors. And the onboard computer is very convenient in terms of use.

The Most expensive equipment bought by those people who are a little above. For an additional fee they are getting leather interior, 2 zone "climate" of the airbags in the amount of six pieces, xenon and led optics, and rain and light sensors, rear view camera and navigation system. In General, the filling solid. By the way, all the owners talking about how stylishly decorated the interior – similar to the one in which different models of business class.

Nissan Sentra 2014 owners reviews


“Nissan Sentra” in Russia is very popular. This machine really has many benefits. What can you tell the owners about electronics and the quality of equipment? After all, on many models it breaks down.

The First thing owners say the climate system. It works very effectively, but a bit noisy. Manage is extremely simple – just need to set the temperature, speed, and fan mode. That's about it. "Climate" helps to feel comfortable even in the winter -25, even in the summer heat of +35.

A Very convenient light control. And the headlights, by the way, have washers – quite a useful feature. Interestingly, for inclusion in the cabin there are a separate button.

And many more pleased with the illumination of the controls. Even in the salon mirror integrated led. By the way, in the first and in the second case, the light has a nice orange color, which doesn't hurt the eyes. In General, no special complaints about the operation of the system owners does not arise.

new Nissan Sentra reviews

Technical part

Features – this is the criterion by which people most often and choose a suitable machine. The 1.6-liter 117-horsepower engine-that's what the motor is installed under the hood of the car «Nissan Sentra”. Owner reviews about the power unit is different. It all depends on what the car people moved to Nissan. Some love its high-torque, and others not enough horsepower.

But all agree that this motor is time-tested. Really reliable and trouble-free atmospheric unit. After a little break in a brand new car, the dynamics becomes much more tangible. On the highway is confident to overtake.

The Transmission is also many note. The CVT works fine. He's at the right time, shifts gears, gives you the opportunity to move and immediately start the set speed. He works very smoothly.

The Consumption is small, which is also pleasing. The manufacturers claim that the model consumes 8.2 litres per 100 city kilometres. In fact, out of about 9 – it's not so far from the truth. On the highway, as they say owners, it takes approximately 7.8 L.

Owners say the attention the suspension. It is simple, but, nevertheless, the car with her is quite comfortable and soft to manage. In any case, holds the road confidently even at higher speeds. By the way, max, which can reach the vehicle, is equal to 192 km/h And acceleration to “hundreds” takes 11.3 seconds.

Nissan Sentra photo


Another important aspect. For the driver comfort while driving is influenced not only comfortable seats and good suspension. An important role of insulation. When in the cabin while riding quietly is a big plus to the car. Succeeded in this model “Nissan Sentra 2014”? The owners claim that Yes. Many say that the insulation in this car is much better than “Camry 40” (of course, those who have something to compare). Acoustic comfort is accompanied by not only in the city but on the highway. If you do not raise the number of revolutions above 3000, the engine is not audible. Just seems like the car is rolling on neutral speed.

However, if the machine is to go against the grain, then let me know the wheel arches. Noise will be heard. But that's the only caveat.

Speaking of acoustic comfort. In a good “music” is all the people who like to ride with audio accompaniment note. No interference – those 4 speakers that are installed inside, pleasing sound.


Many owners explain in detail how the behavior of this car on the road. And if to be more exact, about its handling. New “Nissan Sentra”, says the majority, is designed for comfortable driving. Ride it – a pleasure. If a person needs a car, at the wheel which he will be spending a lot of time, you should make a choice in favor of this model. The owners assure that even after a thousand miles straight, nonstop, tired will not work. This car just does not want to go. The driver does not leave the feeling of unity with the machine. But on the highway it rides like a train on rails.

However, some say that at first it seems like there is no clear feedback. The wheel becomes like cotton wool, but at higher speeds becomes heavier. However, here all individually. Over time, this could adjust.

Nissan Sentra in Russian


Each car has its advantages and disadvantages. Model “Nissan Sentra”, a photo of which is presented above, is not an exception.

Owners noted relatively modest ground clearance – only 15.5 cm of Course, for the city's normal rate. But if the call to “Nissan” in the area where there is off-road, you have to reduce the speed to low, not to “meshing” pits and bumps.

Another shortcoming – lack of pronounced lateral support of the front seats. Also, owners say the attention weak head light and poor quality fabric seats. Basically, the more complaints there. The other negative comments already left by the owners, comparing their purchase with more expensive cars.

new Nissan Sentra

Who is this car?

Nissan Sentra – this is the ideal machine for those people who need a budget car for driving around town or for travelling. It has everything that will provide comfort for the driver and passengers. It is moderately economical, the service is also with no problems. Often this car buying newbies...

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