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In a constantly increasing number of cars sensors becomes one of the essential car accessories that allows you to easily find free space for car Parking and steady progress in traffic or a confined space. Parking sensor ParkMaster shows all the lumps, bumps slopes and other obstacles on the path of the car. The range of the radar lies in the range from 0.1 to 2 meters.

Basic sensors

In the markets of automotive accessories a wide range of PDC ParkMaster, which mostly have the same equipment:

  • Several individual Parking sensors ParkMaster.
  • Camera features rear view image.
  • Led display or monitor.
  • Connectors with protection from moisture.
  • Mirror with built in display.
  • Sound signalization.

Depending on the specific model Parktronic ParkMaster-BJ, ZJ, DJ, or other — can change equipment. The scope of delivery also affects the cost of the equipment. The manufacturer offers a model PDC with a ParkMaster Parking sensors are of different color and diameter.

Parking sensor parkmaster

Features of the structure of PDC

From the efficient and uninterrupted operation integrated sensors depends on the successful operation of the Parking assist. Depending on the specific model DJ ParkMaster Parking sensors can be of two types — mortise and overhead. Regardless of the modifications they are attached at both the front and rear of the vehicle. At the heart of their work lies the principle of radar, catching reflected by the obstacle signal.

The distance to the object is determined based on a time elapsed between sending and receiving signal. The number of sensors Parktronic ParkMaster DJ can vary from 4 to 8. In some models the sensors can be fastened directly to the rear view mirror that is mentioned in the instructions. Parking sensors ParkMaster-specific models of medium and luxury price categories can be placed anywhere in the salon.


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  1. Parking Sensor ParkMaster broadcasts an ultrasonic signal which is reflected off an object and is transmitted back.
  2. Electronic control unit processes the returned signal and analyzes it.
  3. The Processed signal is transmitted to a driver in visual or audible form to the windshield or to display Parktronic 4BJ 006. ParkMaster Parking sensors warns the user about the obstacles in his way.

Parking sensors parkmaster-dj

What determines the value of PDC?

The Price of these gadgets varies from 60 to 80 dollars. Models with broad functionality offered by established manufacturers, can cost anywhere from 300 dollars and above.

The final cost sensors is affected by different factors:

  • The radius of the blind zone.
  • Number of Parking sensors ParkMaster in the kit.
  • Availability of the secondary camera.

The Advantages of Parking sensors with camera

For a Long time parktronics manufactured for vehicles not equipped with the cameras, alerting them to the obstacles, only an audio signal. Rear view camera drivers bought either separately or initially used it instead of a full PDC. Modern models ParkMaster combine the functionality of both Parking sensors and rear view cameras.

When equipped with this gadget camera can eliminate the possibility of damage to the vehicle by objects caught in the blind spot. Sensors such facilities not always can see, while the camera records them and notifies the driver.

Parking sensor parkmaster separately

What model sensors the best?

In some parts of the model PDC has a 4, 6 and 8 sensors. Included with many gadgets comes with a spare sensor — Parkmaster ZJ Silver such sensors, for example, silver color. The more sensors, the smaller the size of the blind zone. When selecting sensors it is desirable to rely not only on its technical characteristics, but also on their own resources.

  1. Model PDC with 4 sensors to choose experienced drivers who feel the dimensions of your car and is able to control the situation on the road only on the mirrors. Attach the Parking sensors ParkMaster two front and back.
  2. Model with 6 sensors can be purchased for both experienced and novice drivers. Install them on the front and rear bumper both in the same and in different quantities. The option of placing the two sensors in front and four behind the most profitable and convenient for those drivers who have little experience or are unsure of your riding skills.
  3. Models with eight sensors involve placing them in four pieces on the front and rear bumper. Such parktronics choose new to driving or those who rarely sits behind the wheel of a car.

parkmaster bj

Features of wireless PDC

The Advantage of wireless Parking sensors with camera is the option of placing the device almost anywhere inside the cabin. Today you can pick up affordable options for wireless gadgets with 4 sensors. Such models allow to avoid damage to the walls of the salon with the purpose of layingcable.

Band Parktronic

In these models, PDC as sensors use metallic tape, which is attached along the entire length of the rear bumper. These gadgets allow you to unsubscribe from the sensors and to avoid drilling the bumper to install them.

Selection of sensors depending on the car

When choosing sensors, experts recommend to rely on the features of the product, including its height.

Despite the fact that experts suggest to purchase a model with applied Parking sensors ParkMaster, more popular still use options with embedded sensors. Preferable options with patch sensors, since they allow not to drill the car's bumper, which is especially important for used vehicles.

Band variant sensors can be used as a substitute for mortise model. To install such gadgets on cars of all makes and models. Despite the fact that to mount sensors can be better to contact the service centers for professional help.

review on Parking sensor parkmaster 4 a 46

How to choose the right sensors?

When selecting sensors suggest to pay attention to a few basic parameters:

  • The Quality of recognition of obstacles and the number of sensors.
  • Videointerface or audible notification method.
  • Easy installation on the front and rear bumper.

The Fundamental criterion in the selection of sensors is not the presence of video or sound alerts. If the preference only budget models, it is best to choose options with a sound alert — it is not recommended only in case, if the driver prefers to listen to loud music.

For maximum security, it is best to choose a model equipped with a video camera. It is desirable to pick up a camera, having a maximum angle of 120 degrees.

Model PDC ParkMaster

The Manufacturer offers various models of PDC with broad functionality and at different prices. Below are reviews of Parking sensors ParkMaster 4 46 a and many others who use among motorists the most popular.

spare sensor parkmaster zj silver

Model 4 BJ-06

The Standard model sensors, combining low cost, minimal equipment and a fairly wide functionality. The kit includes four Parking sensor, locating obstacles at a distance of 30 centimeters. The range of distance at which objects are located, displays a special indicator, and about their appearance in the area of the Parking assist, the driver is notified with an audible signal. The price of this model of the sensors is low and is only 1600 rubles.

Sensors 4-ZJ-50

Functionality is similar to the previous model, but there is no display. The driver is notified only beeps. Minimal cost 1900 rubles.

Model 4-BJ-40

The LED receives alerts from 4 sensors of any on the road car obstacle. Sensors mounted on the instrument panel. The cost varies from 1950 to 2300 rubles depending on configuration.

Sensors 4-DJ-45F

Car dashboard mounted LED indicator which is information from 4 sensors. The minimum distance at which the sensors register items — 0.1 meters.

Parking sensors parkmaster instructions

Model PDC 4-DJ-28

A Distinctive feature of this gadget is the original rectangular screen on which broadcast information with 4 displays and sensors. Quite a large range gives an opportunity to assess the space at a distance of 0.1 meters. The minimum cost of this model ParkMaster is 3250 rubles.

ParkMaster 6 BJ-09

In completing this sensors includes six sensors, which transmit all the obtained information to the display. The minimum price for the model - 7500 rubles.

Sensors ParkMaster model 8DJ-27

8 sensors flush type and elegant display with a diameter of 2.7 inches. The choice of sound and videoindia. Inhibits false triggering of the sensors. The minimum cost model is 15 thousand rubles.

Manufacturer and authorized dealers Parkmaster provide motorists and other models PDC — no less efficient and easy to operate. All the gadgets can be set independently, but specialists recommend to visit service stations for the correct installation and configuration of the equipment. Experts properly select the sensors for a particular vehicle and install it in accordance with all wishes of the client.

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